Walk or Bike to School Rescheduled for Wed, October 17


Walk (or Bike) to School Day 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Very Important Pedestrians!

Get out your walking shoes and walk any part of the way to school tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17!

(Hint: You can even just park and WALK IN from the side streets without going through the driveway!)

Walking the short distance from the anchor on the east end of the park to school counts toward Trip Trackers (see more below)!

Sign your student up for Trip Trackers if you haven’t already! 

Start the school year off right by signing up for Trip Trackers (you’ll be just in time to report September’s trips)!

Trip Trackers is a fun program that encourages students, staff and families to carpool, bus, walk, skateboard, skip or find any other alternative means of transportation to and from school.

You KNOW you carpool to after-school play dates and activities!! Sign your student up and they will be part of the fun when Trip Tracker “dollars” are handed out at school. “Dollars” can be redeemed at many participating businesses in Boulder County. Simply go to the BVSD Trip Tracker website to register and to view a list of participating businesses accepting Trip Tracker dollars. Even ONE carpool per month counts!

Time to report Trip Tracker trips for September (deadline is October 8)! 

It’s time to report your child’s Trip Tracker trips for September! Click on this LINK no later than Monday, October 8 at midnight.  September’s reward dollars will be distributed during the week of October 15.

Click HERE  for the full set of tracking calendars for 2018-19.   These are supplied for your convenience in keeping track of trips.  You don’t need to use them.

Thank you for helping us reduce automobile congestion and pollution around our school for the sake of our children and our communities. Please contact (peter.hurst@bvsd.org) if you have any questions about this program.

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