We Are Restarting Our Mask Fundraiser!

We are restarting our fundraiser to provide all HK8 kids with free, reusable high filtration masks. 

With the fundraiser, we hope to raise $7500 to provide high filtration masks school-wide for the spring. 

We hope every family will contribute what is reasonable for them. Masks cost about $2 a piece and one child’s mask needs for a semester runs about $32. Please consider donating more to provide masks for more children.

HK8 Mask donations link

If you would like your student to receive masks, please fill out a Mask Request Form. If you have ordered before, you can change your order or put in a new order. We will be ordering KF94s and earloop-style N95s; they perform very similarly when well fitted.

If you want to order masks, links to suppliers are in this Mask Info Spreadsheet. We have used wellbefore.com,
behealthyusa.netkollecte.com, and kmact.com to place mask orders. All of these sites have good prices and products.

Reminder that vaccines and Covid testing continue to be important; community transmission is high. Find a vaccine or booster. BVSD offers free testing. Test often to keep your loved ones and community safe!


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