Things You Need to Know!!!

Dear Horizons Families

What a truly wondrous year.  And, to incoming families…welcome!

There are several links in this email that will be of interest to you.

First, have a look at next year’s calendar.  It is an in-process calendar and we will be adding dates for Council meetings, Committee meetings, etc.

Next, have a look at our school supplies list.  This document will offer a list of needed supplies by grade level and a guide for budgeting for school costs throughout the year.

Here is a list of immunization requirements.  Parents who wish to exempt their students from vaccinations are required to sign a personal exemption.  Our health para will be sending these out periodically.

Did you know that all parents working with students as volunteers are required to have a background check?  There are two ways of doing this.  Please go to the VOLUNTEER page on our website to learn about Tclogic as well as fingerprinting.  We will have a ‘finger-printer’ in the school to make it easy for parents on our first Back to School Night on August 23rd.  This would be a convenient time to get this done.

—Hope Nelson-Roohr

Lastly, our Principal Lauren Tracey will be sending out an end-of-year letter, including staff updates.

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