The Mini Marathon

On May 19, Horizons students ran, walked, jogged and a couple biked the .71 mile course we call the Mini Marathon.  This is a tradition at Horizons and we were not going to let the Corona Virus get us down.  Students completed the course in their own neighborhoods.  Congrats to these kids for participating:

Edie Coddington   Kavi Naik   Keya Naik   Gia   Abbott  serayan   Willa   Adalynn   juliette
Francesca Verson   Tischer Bauer   Jack Forbes   Violet Forbes   Lylah Janke   Judah
Syler Knappe-Butler   Siana Knappe-Butler   Vivian Glosband   Niko Escobar
Graham Shaepherd   Kaeli   Violet Coressel   Violet   Jackson   Claire   Bea Hoops
Asher Hoops   Lisa Kihn   Talia Gartner   Finley   Belle   Will Lutt   Brynlee   Amelia
Faolan   Kara Dougherty   Lilah Baruch   Zeke Akos   sage ann akos   Clara Currie
Margot   Banneker Hall   Elias Severns   Kate Nelson   Jacob Buckley   Dylan Sambur
Sydney Sambur   Anders Coddington   Corablle Bargo   Madeleine Gillespie   Elsa Twetten
Theo Parady   ruby   Andesh Trout   Ken Tilton   Wylie Mackey-Casson   Lila Storch
Liam FOLLINGSTAD-Hyde   Elliot Mackey-Casson   Leah   Anora   Adrian Vis
Leonard Rivers   Leo Vogeli   Edan Pieper   Kieran Pieper   Forest   Sawyer
Now for some times:
The fastest elementary students were Serayan Knappe-Butler and Reuven Gitter coming in at a flat 5 minutes.
The fastest MS student was Andesh Trout coming in at 4 minutes and 2 seconds.
And, the fastest kindergartner was Clara Currie crossing the finish line at 6 minutes and 56 seconds. WOW!
The Horizons record remains at 3 minutes and 38 seconds.
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