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We are planning our first summer Rots & Shoots club meeting this Wednesday at 6;00 PM — at Gombe Grove in Burke park behind Horizons K8 school in Boulder.  All are welcome (pets too) and it’s FREE.
At this first meeting we will spend about 25 minutes learning about each other, a bit about Jane Goodall with some stories, and what Roots & Shoots is all about.  And then we will do a trash pick up all around Burke Park Lake walkway (adjacent to our meeting site).  The entire meet-up will be 1-hour.
Weather:  We will be meeting rain or shine, so come prepared with jackets and mud-able shoes.  We will NOT stay if there is lightning, however.
We plan to continue meeting every other Wednesday evening at 6:00PM, starting June 7th.
We will be following the Roots & Shoots model, of:
1. Learning about Jane and her work
2. Creating needs maps of our community
3. Devising a campaign (or 2) that benefits people, animals, or the environment in our community
4. Celebrating our efforts as we all learn to become more compassionate leaders
Although R&S clubs typically include kids 8 to 14 years old, there is no age restriction, especially for this summertime group —  and we encourage families to participate together.  This is not a Horizons school group or in any way officially affiliated with the school — it’s just a fun summer club that works to make a positive difference in the world.
Teresa and I currently serve on the United States Roots & Shoots leadership committee for the Jane Goodall Institute Board of Directors, so we are intimately familiar with the program and will do our very best to facilitate and maybe even bring in some special elements.
And here is the link to Jane’s visit to Horizon’s school:


Brad McLain, Ph.D. | Co-Director

DIRECT: 303.819.6917 

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