Are you a potential Board member?

If you are interested in serving on Horizons’ Board of Directors, please write a quick bio and plan on introducing yourself at Thursday’s council meeting. Short biographical sketches should be sent directly to Lauren @ for publication in Skylines. Thanks for considering serving in this important role, and a HUGE thank you to our outgoing board members, Frank Bruno, Jill Siegel-Stone, and Kelly Garrison. If you have questions, our current and outgoing board members would be happy to be in touch, as would Lauren. Feel free to contact returning board members, Julie Dye, Jaime Schlomberg, or Monica Fitzgerald.

Horizons governance structure includes a Board of Directors whose duties include managing the business and affairs of Horizons. Board members also serve on various subcommittees including: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Compensation Committee and Development Committee. The Board works with faculty and Council to incorporate many voices and perspectives into our school’s present and future work. The next two years present the opportunity for much growth as we renew our charter, and make renovations to our building using bond funds. Parent board members need to have been in the Horizons’ school community for at least two years to serve. Terms are for two years.

Board members meet once per month for approximately two hours, and lend many more hours in service to our school through committee work. Please consider lending your talents and passion to public school governance. You’ll learn volumes, have fun, and be proud of your contributions.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of our open board positions, please provide a very brief bio introducing yourself to the Horizons Community. Please include answers to the following questions:

How do you hope to contribute to Horizons’ mission and vision considering our current and future needs? What are the skills and characteristics you will bring as a board member to help Horizons practice sound governance?


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