PayBack Books Are Coming Home

Your student(s) is going to be bringing home an envelope and in it, is a PayBack coupon book. Last year, Horizons raised about $1500 from the sale of these books! One book costs $20.00.  You will make this back in no time with savings on dinners, coffee, skiing, cleaners, etc., etc. If you haven’t tried Pizzeria da Lupo  yet, you’re in for a treat and a free pizza ($13 value)! Take a look through the PayBack book and then order one for your mom too!

And…every time you purchase a PayBack book, Horizons makes $10.00.  When your student bring the book home in an envelope you may keep the book and return the envelope with $20.00.  If you feel industrious, and we encourage this, ask your friends and neighbors to buy one as well.  You can record your sales on the envelope.  Or, you can simply return the book.

Thanks to this wonderful crew for kicking off our PayBack book fundraiser!


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