Lost & Found - displayed and then donated

Next week, we will be displaying all Lost & Found items on tables in our main hallway.  When you come in for your conference please take a look and claim your student’s lost items.  Any leftovers after this week will be donated.  We will not be displaying or donating any items left at Adventure Days.

Thank you!

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Lifelong Learning- Something for Everyone


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Shop while raising funds...


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Standardized Test Scores Are Available


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Last spring, elementary, middle and high school students participated in the Colorado Measures of Academic Success, or CMAS state-mandated tests.  Third through ninth graders took mathematics and English language arts tests that were developed by a multi-state consortium, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers or PARCC.  Fifth, eighth and eleventh graders also took a science test.  Additionally, fourth and seventh graders took a social studies test if their school was selected to participate.  This was the second time the students took the new math and English language arts tests and the third time for science and social studies, based on new content standards.

Your child’s score reports are available from their teacher.  As you read the report, you may notice that the performance levels established for these tests are relatively demanding.  The new terms for the student’s performance are Did Not Yet Meet, Partially Met, Approached, Met and Exceeded Expectations in mathematics and English language arts.  For science and social studies, the four categories are Partially Met, Approached, Met and Exceeded Expectations.  Because the content standards are intended to be more rigorous than in the past, the benchmark for successful performance on each test has been set at a relatively high level.  Therefore, student achievement scores are lower initially than on previous tests in the same content area.

To provide some context for your student’s performance on this new measure, the enclosed report shows your child’s performance compared to other students in the same grade in their school, the district, and our state.  For math and English language arts there also is a cross-state comparison including other states where PARCC math and English language arts tests were administered.  

  • Remember, test scores are only one piece of information.  These scores give a snapshot of academic performance and should not be interpreted as the ultimate indicator of a student’s academic success.
  • Interpret the results carefully, considering they are from relatively new state-required tests that were given online.   

We will use the assessment results to plan professional development for educators, refine instructional strategies and foster student understanding of mathematics, English language arts, science and social studies content.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child’s teacher.


John McCluskey

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Directories are here!

The 16-17 Horizons School Directory is available in hard copy in the office for $4.00.  We ordered enough for everyone that requested one on the Directory Survey plus a few more.   Please feel free to come into the office with cash or check for $4 and purchase this year’s directory.

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Lice doing the happy dance....

Several cases of lice across grades have been found in Horizons.  Please take a look at your child’s head under a light, and keep aware of kids scratching their scalps.

If you find lice, please shampoo immediately with a lice pesticide shampoo, and start pulling dead nits out   If your child has lice, they will need to have their heads checked before re-entry into the classroom.

This is a  very time consuming procedure but your house will never be as clean :-).

Thanks for your mindful participation!


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The "Why" Of Horizons K-8


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Community Group Project Meeting

Want to meet other Horizons parents and share ideas and projects?  We would love for you to join us.  Come to the Horizons Community group Project Meeting on Friday, 10/14, at drop off time, in the Cafeteria.

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P.S. from the Carnival

The Carnival was lots of fun.

And… $55 kicked back to us in donations from the Farmer Girl food truck.  They donated 10% of the profits back to the school.

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Shoe Drive – If you have not yet noticed, there is a box in the front of the school with a sign that says DONATE OLD SHOES HERE.  Please donate to this worthy cause.  Slightly worn (no holes please) are appreciated!

PAYBACK BOOKS  It is time to return or buy the Payback book(s) that your student brought home.  For $20, you will make your money back quickly with amazing coupons for restaurants, retail stores, movies, recreation and skiing.  Horizons gets 50% of the profits.  If you would like to keep the Payback book send in a check made out to Horizons K8 for $20.00, and, if not, please return the book.

SCHOOL ON MONDAY.  While BVSD will be taking Monday, 10/10 off, Horizons will have a good ole’ regular Monday with all regularly scheduled classes.  See you then!!!

Making A Difference.  Horizons students in all grades will be participating in this special learning time, on Fridays, focusing on how we make a positive difference.  A number of the classes involve cross-grading so the students get to work along older and younger buddies.

Please ask your child(ren) what MAD class they are in. Some topics are: PeaceJam Juniors, The Green Team, Celebrating Our Differences, Protect The Animals and Worms!Worms!Worms!

Arts & Sciences continue.  Grades 1-4 are enjoying movement-oriented Arts & Sciences in the afternoon.  Ask your student about what they are taking and how it is going.

Finance Review Committee.  The Horizons Finance Review Committee meets monthly, with the next meeting being Tues 10/11 at 4 PM.  If you are interested in attending, this meeting is open to our community.

Horizons Board Meeting.  Horizons Board is comprised of faculty and parents. In these monthly meetings, members discuss topics pertaining to school operations and goals. The next meeting will be Thursday, 10/13 at 6 PM. If you are interested in attending, this meeting is open to our community.

Horizons Community Group- Project Meeting.  Come to the Horizons Community Group and share in fun projects and great ideas with other parents.  Next meeting:  Friday, 10/14 at drop off in the Cafeteria




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