Class Placement- Please Read!

Dear Families,

As we move into the spring, I want to share with you information regarding our class placement process, as this is often the time when questions arise for families.

Shortly after spring break, teams will be carefully considering class placements for the 2017-18 school year.  

While we are in this process, we want you all to know:

During the class placement process, each student is considered individually, including special education and advanced needs of students, academic data, 504s, social emotional needs, learning styles, and other considerations, in no specific order.   Each team passes this information forward to the next team through a series of meetings.  Teams then look carefully at the overall balance of the classroom including gender, grade levels, and leadership qualities of students.

While we are not able to honor specific teacher requests, if a family has specific information about a student that is pertinent to the placement process, we ask for a written explanation to be sent to me that includes specific comments on a student’s learning style, learning needs or specific structures that support a student’s learning. I meet with each team and share this information with the grade-level team as appropriate.  This information is then considered during the placement process. Please send this information by May 1, 2017.

For students who are supported through special education services, the special education team consults with grade-level teams for placement considerations. Both teams collaborate and consider classroom balance and specific individualized education plan goals.  

Sibling placement is dependent upon all the above considerations as well.

And a final note, in response to a change in BVSD policy last year, which we continue to follow, Horizons families will be notified of their individual class placement in the third week of August 2017 via email by their homeroom teacher.  In addition to the individual placement, families will be sent their student’s class list.  All-school class lists will no longer be available publicly via the back to school packet, website or Skylines, as the new policy requires that we not post class lists publicly.

As always, please let me know any questions you may have.




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Horizons K-8 EV Club


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Lauren's Class of Gum Drop Teeth


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Principal Hiring Process

Dear Parent Community,
We will be hiring a new principal this spring through a reflective and thorough process to find a leader that best fits the needs of our school community. Our first step on this course was our council meeting last night and a similar forum with the faculty today in an attempt to gather ideas, needs, and information. Both were conducted through a consensus model that provided an opportunity for all voices to be heard and also to inform our transition and processes.
If you missed council and wanted to send me input the guideline is: one sentence about your worst fear and one sentence about your greatest hope in hiring a new principal. The information will be compiled and will inform the job posting and shared with the hiring committee.
A vital component of this process are the efforts, observations, and wisdom of the members of the interview committee. The committee is composed of faculty and parents and involves a time commitment of at least four days. If you are willing to serve the school in this way, please e-mail me at by Monday, March 20.
Once we have our pool of interested parents, three will be chosen at random (as per the Horizons bylaws)  by me and representatives from each teaching team will volunteer for this hiring committee.  After this, we will inform the parents who will compose the interview committee and announce a timeline to hiring our next principal.
Thank you for your participation in the process.
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The 7/8  Team is looking for adults who live part of their lives in service to come speak with our 7th graders during our service week, April 24-28thMonday, April 24th would be ideal.  We’d love to have you come talk about what service means to you, what inspires you to live a life of service, amazing service opportunities for young adults, … Please contact Jim, Pat, or Stacey if you are willing to come be inspirational!,,


Thanks in advance for your consideration and time!

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Spring Is Almost Here


Our garden is thriving. You can find students most days gently picking a piece of spicy arugula or fresh herbs to chomp on as they walk back to the playground. Stay tuned as we continue to visually delight you with offerings from our garden.

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This workshop will be facilitated by high school students from the Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project for Elementary age students and parents to attend. Through intergenerational storytelling and facilitated dialogue, all participants will engage in a workshop to teach understanding, acceptance, and awareness. The workshop will take place at the Lafayette Library on Saturday, March 18 from 2:30pm-3:30pm. Below is the link for registration.
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Ready for a Movie?

Mark Your Calendar

Friday, April 21st Family Movie Night.  Showing My Neighbor Totoro
Join us for dinner before with BVSD food truck at 5pm.  Movie starts at 6:30
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Horizons=Iron Chef Winners

Come to the 8th annual BVSD School Food Project Iron Chef Competition to support our Horizons team! Four of our 7th graders are finalists in the competition and will be cooking live on Wednesday, March 22 from 4-6 pm at Casey Middle School.

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