February 10 is a SCHOOL DAY for Horizons

Although Horizons tries to sync up with the BVSD calendar, sometimes we are in school having regularly scheduled classes when BVSD is closed for classes.  This is mostly due to the extra time we take with hour long conferences, which are of great benefit to parents and students alike.

Horizons will have a regular school day on February 10th.  Thank you!

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Drums Needed

The 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th grade teams are looking for a variety of small and medium sized drums to use in classes mid-February through mid-March.  Possibilities include (but are not limited to) 0523-music-djembe-deepcarve2-600x600, Bongos, and Conga drums.

Please let Aubrey (aubrey.demmon@bvsd.org) know if you have an instrument you can lend.  We promise to be careful and return them after March 10th.  Thank you!

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An Invite From EcoCycle

Thinking about Valentines’ parties or maybe your school has a Zero Waste event soon or you’d like us to participate in your Earth Day activities?

We will provide an information table, help at your waste station(s), provide an activity supporting the environment for students and we even offer face painting.

Please book at least two weeks or more in advance to have our staff help you out at your Zero Waste event.

Attached are some Zero Waste party tips, compostables guideline and tips for purchasing materials for your Zero Waste event.

Thanks for all your support of the Green Star Schools!

I look forward to hearing from you soon about your Zero Waste events!

Michele Melio

Green Star Schools® Project Manager

P.O. Box 19006

Boulder, CO 80308

(303) 444-6634 x 118






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Game Night This Friday

game-night-flyer copy

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Dear Families,
You should have recently received a communication from Boulder Valley School District with a letter explaining the timeline for state testing this year along with procedures for opting out of this test if you so desire.  Tracking these for the school last year was very time consuming and BVSD has come up with a solution for this that is outlined in the letter.  Please take the time to read this letter and follow the instructions as it will make a big difference for us here internally.  HERE is the link to the letter in case you missed it.
This communication is not meant to advocate one choice or the other, but to simply let you know about the process so that we can save time internally tracking all of this.
If you have questions, please let us know.
Thanks so much for your attention to this,
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Last Call For Payback Book Money

Friday February 3rd is the deadline to turn in any remaining Payback Book money. We have hit our deadline to settle up with the company and would appreciate a prompt response to our last call! Thank you so much for your efforts to support the school.

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7/8 Culinary Arts Class Cook for the Homeless

20170125_131122 20170124_135002

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Low on Pancakes, Low on OJ....High on Love

How do close to 300 people come together and eat pancakes and have a love fest? The Horizons community does it with ease.

Please thank the following people for making our 2017 Pancake Breakfast a huge success:

John McCluskey, Karen Wilkinson, Cathy Davis, D Carlson, Zach McGough, Kris Miller, Kim Obert, Brooke Bell, Julie Alhowik, Alicia Potter, Callie Gartner, The Mollborn Family, Alli Angulo, Jen Chatel Rose, Bobbi Jakopin, Mike & Michelle Belochi, Tim Heiman, Travis Durocher, Susan Fey, Sam Flaxman, Kody Meinert, Janessa Berggren, Levi Brown & Sarah Brown, Laura Shaffer, Rachel Clionsky, Maria Toscano-Leary, Jill Siegel-Stone, Sara Michaels, Claudia Lively and the other folks who pitched in to clean up.

Sitting here, looking at my juice stained pjs and feeling very grateful!  See ya next year (when we actually won’t run out of food!)FullSizeRender


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Spring Wing-Ding


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After Care is Fun!

IMG_2144 IMG_2145 IMG_2147

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