Community Input Sought for Boulder Valley Super High School Grant Proposal

Join the Boulder Valley Super High School team as they gather ideas and begin to create the ideal “super school” for Boulder and surrounding areas.  The team is hosting three thought-provoking and highly interactive community input sessions.

  • December 10thfrom 5:30 to 7pm at Summit Middle School (4655 Hanover Ave, Boulder)
  • December 16thfrom 6:30 to 8pm at Mackintosh Academy (3717 So Boulder Road, Boulder)
  • January 7thfrom 6:30 to 8pm at Horizons K-8 School (4545 Sioux Dr, Boulder)

Space is limited at these sessions. To register (it’s free!), please visit:

Learn more about the XQ Super School project

(Boulder could be selected to receive up to a $10m grant to support the creation of a new High School in the Boulder Valley area).

You can also visit the Boulder Valley Super School site  to learn more.

If you have questions or want to help out, please email Martha Lanaghen or Amanda Avallone at:

Kind Regards,

The Boulder Valley Super High School Team


Register for community forums:

XQ Super School project website:

Boulder Valley Super School site:

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Special thanks to....

Zach, our evening custodian made a special request that we publicly thank Chloe and the girls basketball team for assisting in setting up for our open enrollment meeting on Dec 3rd.  He found their assistance & support invaluable!

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Fantastic Artastic

The Artastic Fair featured beautiful snowflakes, lovely holiday music and vendors aplenty with amazing things to purchase.  It also provided a time for the Horizons community to come together- buy some, talk some, buy a lot, talk a lot, and raise money for our school.  Heartfelt thanks go to Manzanita (Manzy) Fine, Allyson DeHart, Julie Alhowik and Moe Rose for organizing this event down to the last detail.  It was a huge success and these ladies breathed new artistic life into an annual event.  Thanks too, to the many volunteers who set up, cashed out and cleaned up, and as always to Zach & D for carrying it all.

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Jane Goodall's Speech


A special thank you to Beth Woller for capturing Jane Goodall’s speech in September and creating this video for our community to enjoy. Photos and this video from the event can be found on our website by clicking here.

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Horizons Memorial for Elizabeth

Horizons Memorial for Elizabeth

Dear Horizon’s community,

Everyone is invited to remember and celebrate our dear teacher and friend Elizabeth Hershoff on Sunday, December 13 from 2-4 p.m. at Horizons.

Elizabeth loved the life she led and we hope you and your family will join us to remember and appreciate her. At this time when we are grieving we are so grateful for the opportunity to come together as a community. And our sincere gratitude and condolences extend to her family as well.

Here is a link to her obituary .

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Did you know that every time you shop at Grand Rabbits toy store, Horizons gets money?  When you check out, tell the cashier to credit Horizons K8.  A percentage of your sale goes to the creation of “Bunny Bucks” and our teachers can use them to purchase classroom supplies.  Thanks!

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2016 Horizons Auction Kick-off Meeting - Tomorrow morning 8:30 am

Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 3, at 8:30am

Make the 2016 Grand Auction one to remember! We will be meeting in the Cafeteria right after drop-off. Meet your new Auction Co-Coordinators, Barb Verson and Connie Jagolinzer.

There will be opportunities to sign up for committees with various commitment levels. We are looking for people to help with Technology Support; Advertising; Decorations; Solicitations; Catalog Design; Special Events; Set-up/ Clean-up; and other Night of Help.

Best of all, those who show up get to help choose this year’s THEME!

Come and VOTE:
Hollywood  – Lights, Camera, Action – stars with our kids hand prints on a red carpet
80’s – Prom and Prep. (balloon photo booth)
Mardi Gras – Mask making party and feathers (green, purple, gold)

If you can not make the meeting there will be a signup sheet on the boards in the hallways. And, one of us will contact you.


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Hungry while holiday shopping?

Come support your school and a Horizons parent-owned business!  For two Saturdays this month (December 12th and 19th), Organic Sandwich Company will donate 15% of their total sales to Horizons K-8.

Marcy P. Miller
Organic Sandwich Company
1500 Pearl Street, Suite F
Boulder, CO 80302
www.organicsandwichco.comOSC Christmas truck 11.15

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All you need to do is use a calculator and have a good time.....

Yes, that is really all being a cashier at the upcoming ARTASTIC Fair requires.  We are short cashiers for the 11-noon shift and the 1-2 PM shift.  Come join us, please.

Sign up here: ARTASTIC

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