Winter Sports & Background Checks

Winter Sports & Background Checks

It seems that every year when we are in the midst of our wonderful Winter Sports activities, we have parents ready, willing and able to participate but who have not had their background checks done.

This is a friendly reminder to get fingerprinted or go to and have your check done.  That way, when it’s time to skate, ski, board or sip cocoa in the lodge, you will be ready.

Right here, on the Horizons website, there is ample information under Volunteers so that you can have your background check done.  And remember, once again, if you are driving, you will need to fill out a drivers form (BVSD form), and bring in the declaration page of your policy as well as your drivers license.  The snow is coming…be prepared!

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A Tale of A Tiger

In light of recent events concerning our teacher Elizabeth, we wanted to assure everyone that this fabulous performance will still be taking place as planned and we hope to see you there. Capture

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More info on the Upcoming Scholastic Book fair

Check out books and crafts that make great holiday gifts!

Every purchase benefits classroom libraries.

Shop Horizons’ Bookfair in 3 ways:

— Afternoons in the Hub: Tuesday, Dec 1 through Thursday, Dec 3 (2:30 4:30 p.m.)

— Artastic Fair on Friday, Dec 4 (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

–Online (Best selection!) from Nov 26 to Dec 9 at RAINBOW-BOOKS

Questions? Contact Judy Florian at

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Executive Committee of the Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 5:45 p.m. in Jim’s room.

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Our Dear Elizabeth

Hello Horizons Community,

It is with much sadness I inform you that Elizabeth Hershoff has been moved to hospice. She did great through six weeks of treatment and another week post-treatment, but took a turn for the worse last weekend. She is now in excellent care and resting comfortably with close friends and family nearby.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your overwhelming generosity and support of Elizabeth and her family. The GoFundMe page raised over $25,000 and, in effect, took a huge burden off of Elizabeth’s shoulders. The money has been or is being used to pay medical bills, hire medical care personnel, and prepay some living expenses. I really can’t convey with words the peace it brought to Elizabeth and Sam to know there were funds available to help cover these costs.

Thank you also for the wonderful meals you all made for Elizabeth and Sam. They enjoyed each and every one of them. At a time when grocery shopping and preparing meals took a back seat, your homemade meals made their days special.

Finally, thank you most of all for your notes, cards, pictures from your kids, the beautiful quilts, and your thoughts and prayers. The most difficult thing for Elizabeth has been how much she misses the kids. Your stories, notes, and pictures have made her feel cherished and loved, and have made the ache from missing Horizons easier to bear.

Please continue to keep Elizabeth and her family in your thoughts.


Karen Wilkinson

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Artastic Fair Volunteer Sign Up

is ready for you…

Please consider signing up to assist with this important and lovely event.

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Drivers Forms Required

If you will be driving on any school-related field trip, and will be driving children other than your own, it is required that you fill out a BVSD Drivers Form and submit the declaration page of your insurance policy as well as your drivers license.

Please remember that we hold these forms for one school year (August-May).  A new form and accompanying information must be submitted every school year.  Thank you for your assistance!

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Horizons Council Meeting Thursday, Nov 19, 2015 6:30 PM

Horizons K-8 Council
November 19, 2015, 6:30 PM

Hospitality provided by: Chris Chandler and the K Team with Special Ed. and Literacy support!   Thank you!
Child care is provided in the gymnasium.

Need a minute taker for Council!  See John if you are interested.

6:30 Introductions/Check in
6:40 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes
6:45 Open Forum/Announcements
6:50 Discussion/Presentation Items

  • Unified Improvement Plan Goals for 15-16
  • Unified Improvement Plan school climate goal workshop

7:50 Committee reports as needed

  • Board Update
    • Development Committee Update
    • Council budget update
  • Community Group: Brooke Bell
  • Summer Camp Committee update: Anne Hudson
  • Diversity Committee: Erica Baruch
  • District Parent Committee: Micah Schwalb
  • District Advisory Committee: Denise Washburn
  • Green Team: Marti Matsch, Aaron Johnson

8:30 Close

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Safe2Tell Information from BVSD

To access, click here:  Safe2Tell

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Grades 7/8 Project Week Summary

Grades 7/8 Project Week Summary
The 7th and 8th graders immersed themselves in relevant, hands-on, problem solving and collaboration during their first project week this year. If you are wondering why we are so excited about project-based learning as an approach, please see the attached top ten list or go to for more information.

7/8 Project Week: October 23 – 29


This week we set out to find answers to the questions: What is journalism? What is the duty of a journalist? As a journalist, what actions should I take to tell my story? We traveled to CU Boulder to meet with a professor of digital media, Pat Ferrucci. We participated in the national #whyiwrite campaign by adding our individual reasons for writing to a national conversation board. We identified a community to which we belong, then wrote an opinion article that shares a “truth” about that community. We set out as photojournalists to document small truths of Boulder that disrupt common stereotypes, and completed a My Hometown photo essay.


Garden as Classroom:

In this project we looked at the following big questions: Why do people garden?  What are the benefits of accessible local and healthy food?  What does it mean to live in a food desert and how does this compare to our situation in Boulder? And finally: What does it take to design and build a garden?  We took a few walking field trips to neighboring schools to get some ideas.  We traveled to a non-profit indoor farm in Denver to get some insight on just what it means to live in a food desert and how communities are coming together to tackle the issue.  We visited another non-profit in Denver that, among other things, provides opportunities for people who are homeless to become actively engaged in their community through gardening.  FInally, we designed and built a four raised bed garden inthe courtyard on the west side of the building.

78gardenb 78garden


In this project, we set out to explore the questions: Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? What conditions would life elsewhere in the universe require? How can we identify and learn about other planets in the universe? What is the value of searching for life beyond Earth? We had guest speakers from the Southwest Research Institute share about requirements for life and exoplanet detection. In addition, we visited Fiske Planetarium and had an engineer from Ball Aerospace present details about his work on the Kepler Mission. Throughout the week, we had discussions about the implications of searching for life on exoplanets and created our own light curves as we modeled planet transits. At the end of the week, we participated in a “Pitch Summit” with scientists from our community as judges. In our pitches, we presented the value of investing in research in search of habitable exoplanets.



In this project we investigated these questions: What are the purposes of building bridges?  How do science, math, engineering, safety, and aesthetics combine when designing and building a bridge?  How can I apply the learning I have been doing in school to solve real-world problems.  During the week, we investigated the type of bridge designs and the forces that need to be accounted for in the design.  We walked to nearby bridges, took measurements and drew sketches of them to help in our design process.  We took a trip to CU and talked with engineering students to be inspired by what problems they were tackling.  As a culminating project, students worked in teams to design and build a model bridge that would solve an engineering problem somewhere in the world.

78bridges 78bridges1

Personal Geographies:

This week we sought to answer the essential questions,“How does a person’s life experiences impact the way they look at the world?” and “How can we ‘map’ our life experiences?”. We were fortunate enough to have Kara working with us, so we were able to combine an investigation of cartography and human perspective, with mixed-media art. Throughout the week, we explored the history of cartography and various forms of mapping, viewed case studies of multiple people with unique life perspectives, visited a map store where we saw and learned about maps through time, visited “Two-Hands Paperie” on Pearl Street to select paper for our own maps, and spent many hours crafting multiple mixed-media personal maps. Students created abstract route maps, showing the route from home to a place of personal significance; “maps” of their hearts, which expressed personal loves and values; and our week culminated in the creation of personal utopias, which allowed students to fully express their perspectives and experiences in a mixed media map.

78personalgeo  top10

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