we heart volunteers webIn honor of our many (!) volunteers without whom, we could not do what we do, please save the date:

Friday, April 22, 2016

8:30-9:30 AM in the Cafeteria

Please come, and let us celebrate you!





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Tale of A Tiger...fundraiser for Horizons

In Celebration of Nobel Laureate Italian Playwrights’ 90th Birthday!

Maya Productions,  in collaboration with The Catamounts present – 

By Dario Fo (Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature) 

Freely Adapted and performed by Ami Dayan

“His storytelling powers can make the blind see….Brilliant!”   The New York Times

April 9th and 16th at 3PM

At The NOMAD PLAYHOUSE  – 1410 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Celebrating Nobel Laureate playwright Dario Fo’s 90th Birthday, Maya Productions in collaboration with The Catamounts  are bring the internationally acclaimed show A TALE OF A TIGER back to Boulder.

Appropriate for families and children aged 5 and up, A TALE OF A TIGER is a celebration of storytelling and theatre.

“A Tour de force for versatile Dayan. A parable about the human condition told as a cautionary tale, filled with humor and insight, about the corrupting influence of power and exploitation. Blending charismatic narration and colorful character work he plays everything from a spiritual husker to an operatic tiger, swings like Tarzan, seems serene as Buddha. And like all truth-tellers, he leaves us with a tale that resonates.” The Denver Post

Dayan’s free adaptation of Italian playwright Dario Fo’s play is based on an ancient Chinese theatre folk tale with roots in an Indian myth.  Left for dead on the battlefield, a Chinese soldier in Mao’s army is seized by a tiger and her cub.  A unique relationship, both terrifying and hilarious develops between man and animal as the tigress nurses him back to health.  His life regained, the soldier must return to the world and determine by which personal and moral standards he is to live.

First performed in Israel in 1994 as a parable for healing and reconciliation, A TALE OF A TIGER has been performed to great acclaim around the world, and is scheduled for performances in Deli and Mumbai this year. It has been running for over 22 years at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel since it won the prize at the prestigious Theatrenetto Festival in 1994.  In America, TIGER has been performed with great success at locations such as Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Theatre, the Acoma Center (Denver), Lida Project (Denver), the Nomad Theatre (Boulder), the Capitol Hill Arts Center (Seattle) and the Rorschach Theatre (Washington DC).  Its run at the Edinburgh Festival was a huge hit, generating outstanding press and audience response.  The Scotsman, Edinburgh’s premiere newspaper, called TIGER “a theatrical wonder drug”, and The Seattle Post Intelligencer called the show an “entrancing piece of storytelling.” A TALE OF A TIGER is appropriate for all audiences aged 5 to 105, and is a wondrous family outing.
“A Tale of a Tiger is about physical, moral and artistic healing. It’s a theatrical wonder drug….!”
The Scotsman
“A physical feat and an emotional tour de force. It will leave you breathless.”
Washington Jewish Week
Ami Dayan is a Boulder based Israeli-American playwright, director, actor, and instructor. He has studied, and worked professionally in the United States, Europe, and Israel.  His play The End received the 2002 Westword Award for Best Original Script. His production of MASKED garnered him the 2006 Westword Award for Best Actor in a Drama, before transferring Off Broadway were NY Magazine noted it as one of the three Theatrical Events of the Year (2007). Other Off Broadway credits  include THE MAN HIMSELF, CONVICTION (subsequently developed into a film by director Steve Klein), and A HAPPY END, by Iddo Netanyahu. His Colorado productions include MASTER CLASS, REASON, and BETRAYAL. Recently Ami was seen in the role of Tevye in a revival of Jerome Robbins staging of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, and he is currently in the cast of The CATAMOUNTS production of FUTURA, by Jordan Harrison.
A TALE OF A TIGER Tickets are $15 adults, $10 Seniors/Students, 2 for 1 ($7.50) for children under 12


By Nobel Prize Laureate Dario Fo

At THE NOMAD PLAYHOUSE  – 1410 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

DATES: Saturdays April 9th, and 16th, at 3PM

TICKETS: $15 adults, $10 students/seniors, 2 for 1 ($7.50) for children under 12



In celebration of Mr. Fo’s 90th birthday, I  will be presenting Tiger at the Nomad Theatre  on April 9th and 16th at 3pm, and subsequently nationally, and later in Mumbai and Deli, India. This is very much an outcome of the fundraiser we held in honor of Elizabeth.

I am inviting the Horizons community and offer a donation of $2 per ticket purchased with a special discount code (i.e. “Horizons)

Tickets to the show are at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2526514.

When purchasing, at the final stage there is a Questionnaire asking “How did you hear about the show?” In the dropdown, our community should select the answer “Horizons K8.” It is a required question, so folks buying tickets must make a choice. They just need to make sure they answer “Horizons K8.” Note, this questionnaire question unfortunately does not appear if they buy their tickets via a smart phone. (Brown Paper Tickets’ limitation.)

These questionnaires are recorded in the box office report, and so I will be able to track the sum, and once the shows are over the Catamounts theatre company will send Horizons a check.

….Ami Dayan


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Leftover Items from MS Dance

There are a number of lovely bowls, candles, stands and lights in the cafeteria that are left over from our recent MS Dance.  Please come and pick them up.  After-care plays with balls,etc. in that area and we would not want to see them broken.  Thanks!

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Tennis, Anyone?

Our 1st & 2nd graders learn tennis as part of our Winter Sports program.IMG_7296 IMG_7300

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March 2016- Principal's Report


Principal’s Report

March 15, 2016

  • Capital Improvements

This year our school will receive over 40K in capital improvement monies from the State of Colorado that will be added to the almost 40K in additional monies that we have as an overage in FY16.  I have gathered a group of faculty that will be meeting as a temporary “Resources Committee” to investigate the needs we have in regard to capital improvement of our facility.  Our main focus will be to determine air conditioning solutions for the north wing of the school as these rooms have proven to be quite hot in the summer months.  After this, our spending options range from new furniture to additional key fob access on a few exterior doors.  Stay tuned for details as this group works to decide on items that will best impact the student experience here at Horizons K-8

  • 2016-17 Hiring

The following is our timeline for hiring for our three open positions going into the 2016-17 school year:

February 11:   Present job descriptions and FTE to Board

February 22 Post open positions widely and on charter fair site

March 12:   Participate in Charter School Job Fair

March 14-18:   Create hiring committees via approved Hiring Process

March 25: Application Deadline

March 28-March 30: Hiring committee does paper screening to choose candidates to interview

March 31-April 1:   Set up interviews

April 4 : Job Interviews

April 6 : Job Interviews

April  7-12: Follow up sample lessons with top candidates

April 12-14: Reference checks of candidates recommended for hire

April 14: Final Committee deliberations

April 14: Hiring recommendations to Board for final approval

We will be interviewing our candidates for all three positions as one large pool.  As a reminder, our openings are one at ½ and two at ¾.  

In addition, I am excited to share with you all that this year several teachers and I attended the Charter School Job Fair on March 12th. At this event, we had the opportunity to pre-screen many potential candidates and let them know about our school and our current openings.  This is the first time Horizons has participated in the fair and it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our school while meeting potential teachers.

  • Professional Development

Due to the generous donations of our parent community the Horizons K-8, faculty will have an extra paid workday on June 1 to continue our work on curriculum alignment K-8. In addition, we are taking full advantage of the monies that were allocated for the remainder of this year for professional development.  Many faculty and I are attending various workshops and conferences between now and the beginning of next year.  We are so very grateful for this support and you can be assured that what we are learning will directly impact your student’s experience here at Horizons K-8.  I will provide a detailed list of the workshop titles in the fall at Council.

  • Garden!

Details and timeline are coming into focus for construction of our Community Garden this spring.  We will be hosting a community meeting on March 16th beginning at 6:30 PM to fill in our neighbors and get their input on our garden effort.  Please plan to join this meeting if you had to miss Council last month and are interested in this effort.  We are currently in need of “lead” people in the following areas:

  •          Building concrete block walls
  •         Laying brick pavers
  •         Carpentry – ability to cut and drill timbers

If you have any landscaping/gardening contacts, I would be happy to follow up with them.  Volunteer build days will be held over several weekends in April and May.  We would love to have board member presence at these events.

  • Friends School Teacher Interns

For many years, Horizons K-8 has taken advantage of partnering with the Friends School Teacher Preparation Program.  Nichole Houser and I spent two days last week observing and interviewing over forty potential candidates.  We work hard at this event to find candidates that are a great match for our school.  Each year we have two to three interns who spend a full school year with us as they learn the craft of teaching.  This is a significant commitment on the part of the mentor teacher and we have found this to be an invaluable experience for our interns, our students, and our teachers.  

  • Open Enrollment

At this point in the process we know that Horizons K-8 will be welcoming a full new group of families into our Kindergarten along with students into sixth grade and seventh grade.  These numbers reflect a typical year of “ins and outs” for us and, as difficult as it is for folks on the waiting list, we are grateful that our school continues to be a very sought after setting at every grade level with full waiting list for each.

  • The “Why” of Horizons K-8

The faculty and I have been working over the past several weeks, on our school’s vision for the next several years.  Our main focus has been to look deeply at why we do what we do here at Horizons K-8.  

Our mission is to guide students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful learning environment.

We have specifically been focusing on self directed learning and community contributors. This work has led us to clarify how we do these things and what students experience as a result. Our work now is to clearly define these terms for ourselves and then to unpack the instructional practices and curricular pieces that bring these concepts to life. In the end, we plan to tie our funding priorities, over the next several years, to supporting these two core values of our school.

Please join us at Council on March 31 at 6:30 PM for an overview of this work and to give your input to this exploration.  This will be a critical community input time as to how the school will direct parent fund raised monies over the next few years.

  • Frasier Meadows Art Exhibit and Performance

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to catch up with some of our band students to watch them perform for Frasier Meadows residents. Between the beautiful artwork and music, I know the residents were truly touched by our presence there. Thank you to Kara and Alice for all the work they put in to make this such a special event. With my own 89 year old father facing tough decisions at the the end of his life out in Arizona, this was a particularly poignant visit for me. I sent him a video of the experience and I am sure there were tears on the other end of the phone line. What a gift it is to have Frasier Meadows as our neighbor!  

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LUNCHES for 7/8

As you know this Wed, Thurs & Fri the K-6 graders will be having conferences.  Hot lunches from BVSD will STILL be available for 7th & 8th graders!

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ADVENTURE DAYS – note Wednesday is now POOL DAY!

March 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2016

Full-days will run from 8:30am-5:30pm.

During full-days children need to bring a water bottle, lunch, and two snacks.

Please let us know if you are opting for hourly or full-days.

Space is limited to 40 students per day.

Please prepay with registration by March 16th to reserve a spot.

Due to enrollment restrictions, there will be NO drop-off care provided.

Wednesday March 16th is Pool Party Day! *OFF CAMPUS FIELD TRIP

Today we will be going on our big field trip @ the East Boulder Community Center Pool from

10:00am-1:30pm for a Pool Party. After lunch at EBCC, we will walk back to Horizons at 1:45pm.

Once we get back from our field trip, students will participate in a variety of team-building games in

the gym and outside from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  Students will then have free-choice time from

4:00pm-5:30pm to wrap up the day. Students should bring a bathing suit, a towel, and $4.50 for

the entry cost of the pool.

Thursday March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day

Today we will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with lots of hands-on activities and art projects. We will make green silly puddy and leprechaun traps!  We will also go on a treasure hunt for golden coins. In the afternoon, we will

play Saint Patrick’s Day themed games. We will end the day with some free choice art projects.

Friday March 18th is Nature DAY!!:

Today is all about exploring the world around us. In the morning students will participate in a nature-walk

scavenger hunt. Before lunch we will be playing a game of Predator and Prey and Eagle Eye in the

big field. After lunch, students will work together to create a nature-themed mural in the cafeteria.

After our group art project is finished, we will head outside for a water balloon toss competition (weather

permitting). In the late afternoon, students will watch Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest (G) in the cafeteria

on the big screen! Popcorn will be served!


March 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2016







Emergency contact name/



Please check days for registration:

___Wednesday, March 16th

___Thursday, March 17th ___Friday, March 18th

Adventure Day Fees

Full Day: $70/day for one child or a discounted rate of $56/day per child for


March 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2016

Hourly: $9.00/hour for one child or a discounted rate of $7.65/hour per child for

* Checks are preferred. Prepayment required to register for

-Attached is a check for $_____________

-Check -Full Day________________ or -Hours per

To register for Adventure Days, fill out the attached registration form.

Please prepay with registration by March 16th to reserve a spot.

Due to enrollment restrictions there will be NO drop-off care provided.

FYI-Space is limited to 40 students per day.

Any questions or concerns contact Alex Ostrum and Xandra Coombs


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Garden Meeting

Please come to our Garden Meeting on Wed, March 16 at 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria.  All Horizons parents are invited as we collaborate with neighbors about our upcoming garden plans and activities.

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Last Moolah Drawing- Date Change

The Horizons Development Committee has changed the Last Moolah Drawing of the year to May 15th.  It was previously April 1st.  Make your Moolah donation and be in the running for an OhMyBag purse, gift coupons for Gateway Park and martial arts lessons at BoulderQuest.

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Garden Construction!!  Want to help!!

As we finalize our plans to build our Community Garden here at Horizons K-8 we are in need of some “lead” people with expertise in the following areas:
·         Building concrete block walls

·         Laying brick pavers

·         Carpentry – ability to cut and drill timbers
Please email John, Pat, and Adam by March 11th if you are interested or can connect us to people who would be open to volunteering their time to this effort!
Please stay tuned for further announcements for how you can help with the garden!
Thank you!!
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