Please save your Box Tops

Did you know that Horizons receives 10 cents for every box top that it receives?

Hello Horizons Families,

Please save your Box Tops to help support Horizons! Deposit Box Tops in the box near the first cafeteria door.

Ten cents might not sound like a lot, but it adds up.  Last year we raised almost $100. Kids love collecting box tops and being a school contributor. Box Tops for Education are found on many common items (Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese, Kleenex, cereal, granola bars, etc.).

This is an easy way to help contribute to the school.

Please feel free to alter as necessary!  Kirsten Heckman will be taking on the Longmont Dairy caps this year.



Julie Alhowik (mom of Lilah & Reba Hoaster)

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PayBack Books Are Coming Home

Your student(s) is going to be bringing home an envelope and in it, is a PayBack coupon book. Last year, Horizons raised about $1500 from the sale of these books! One book costs $20.00.  You will make this back in no time with savings on dinners, coffee, skiing, cleaners, etc., etc. If you haven’t tried Pizzeria da Lupo  yet, you’re in for a treat and a free pizza ($13 value)! Take a look through the PayBack book and then order one for your mom too!

And…every time you purchase a PayBack book, Horizons makes $10.00.  When your student bring the book home in an envelope you may keep the book and return the envelope with $20.00.  If you feel industrious, and we encourage this, ask your friends and neighbors to buy one as well.  You can record your sales on the envelope.  Or, you can simply return the book.

Thanks to this wonderful crew for kicking off our PayBack book fundraiser!


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Horizons Garden Gives and Gives

Hungry for a cucumber, squash or a tomato?  Please visit our garden and help yourself.  Many thanks to the parents, teachers, and students that have tended our garden.

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Horizons Middle Schoolers Fund-raise for Hurricane Harvey

Please consider helping our Middle Schoolers fund-raise for Hurricane Harvey.  The fundraising container is in the office. Thank you for your generosity!

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Grocery Card Fundraiser- Join the Profits!

Grocery Card Fundraiser- Join the Profits!
Local grocery stores are participating in a program where they donate money to Horizons K-8 on your behalf just by you doing your normal grocery shopping. By using the grocery card tied to Horizons K-8 to do your shopping, the grocery store will give a percentage (3%-25%) to Horizons. It’s an easy no-cost way to earn money for the school. Forms are available at the front office. Email with questions.
Please get your grocery cards and effortlessly make money for Horizons!
Reloadable Grocery Cards (all done at checkout, no need to go to customer service!)
Lucky’s Market: 7% rebate
King Soopers: 5% rebate
Safeway: 3% rebate
Prepaid Grocery Cards (pay via check or credit card at Horizons, pick up at front desk):
Glacier Ice Cream: 25% rebate
OZO Coffee: 15% rebate
Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts: 5% rebate
Whole Foods: 3% rebate (check only)
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Bake Sale for Harvey!

Bake Sale for Harvey!

Some of our 7th graders have organized a bake sale to raise funds to support the Red Cross and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Students are asking that any interested families please donate baked goods to help support their efforts. Donated goods can be dropped off in either Teran or Jim’s rooms on Thursday or Friday. Peanut-free goodies only, please!
And then….come enjoy some goodies on Friday, September 8 right after school!
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Save The Date!!

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Board Meeting Agenda - 9/7/17

Horizons K-8 Board Agenda

September 7, 2017

Our mission is to guide K-8 students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful and caring learning environment.

Our vision is to share a commitment to educational excellence that supports parents, students, staff, and community members in creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment. At Horizons, students and adults work together to strengthen their skills and maximize potential.

Timekeeper: Kelly Garrison  Process Observer:  Kate

  • Preliminaries

6:00 Welcome to board members:  C, C, C’s

           Welcome to guests

           Process observer invites Public Comment: guests, faculty, staff x 2 minutes speaking per guest

  1.        Consent items

6:20     (2) Approval of agenda

           (5) Approval of minutes:  August 17, 2017

           (10) Approval of Board Committees Board committee charters; Board committee jobs

Executive committee: Chair – Lauren Tracey  Co-Chair Frank

Faculty Chair: Peter Hegelbach  Vice Chair: Monica Fitzgerald

Finance Committee: Lauren, Jaime, Traci, Joan, Denise

Development Committee: Need 1 faculty director; Teran Sitner, Kelly Garrison

Faculty Committee: 5 members incl. Principal; Jim Freund, Lauren Tracey, Peter Hegelbach, Shannon Reid, Kate Grant

Approval of Secretary

Approval of new board member – Shannon Reid, Kate Grant

Approval of resignation — Beth Coleman, Julie Cohen

  III.    Reports, Actions, Discussion items

6:37   Principal’s report – prior reading: questions from board


  • (10) Proposal for Board 101 training – 3 hours additional board meeting – volunteer to schedule
  • (10) Proposal term limits for faculty-
  • (5) 2 hour limit approval (moved & approved) – motion required
  • (20) Proposal for formation of Principal Evaluation team- rules, procedures, name, objectives & responsibilities
  • (5) Introduction of team drive; proposals and approvals document
  • (5) Discussion: BVSD emails for board members – website contact info
  • (5) Horseback riding & Insurance – this year
  • (10)  Compensation committee – needs to meet Jim Freund, Frank Bruno, Jill Siegel-Stone, and Lauren    Tracey; invite to Denise Della Rocco
  • (5) Proposal for sub-committee employee handbook
  • (2) Copy of Bylaws distributed & Board President’s Handbook (CDE publication)

7:58 (10) – Finance Review Report

  • FY 18 Working Budget
  • Audit cycle has begun
    • Budget Talking Points


  • Proposal Employee Handbook Approval postoned pending – review by committee
  • Board hiring policies – review by compensation committee – draft & approval for subsequent
  • 5 Hiring updates
    • Recommendation to hire: Jeff Bushnell, Spanish K-8 (exposure)
    • Recommendation to hire: Sophia Krauth, 3/4 Para
    • Recommendation to hire: Stephanie Landrum,  Long term Spec. Ed. Elementary Sub
    • Posted: ⅞ paraprofessional


  • (5) Ok action items
  • (5) Process observer comments
  • Board training scheduled for TBD – Frank to schedule
  • Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday,
  1. Executive Session Personnel CRS Section 24­6­402(4)(f); none planned

8:23 V. Adjourn


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Congratulations to Jim Freund!

Each semester, the Superintendent’s Honor Roll recognizes individuals and groups through out the school year for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Boulder Valley School District. Our spectacular math teacher and 7/8 advisory teacher, Jim Freund, will be one of the honorees for the fall semester to be recognized by the Board of Education, and the Superintendent.

Jim is being recognized for his work to craft, pilot, refine and norm the new Algebra 1 End of Course Exam. He and a group of five other math educators “put in exhaustive hours to create this critical component of instruction – moving our entire district forward by supporting common assessments.”

As an excellent and dedicated professional, our teachers work inside and outside of our charter school walls to ensure we bring the very best practices forward for students.

Please thank a teacher, (and Jim if you see him!) for working on behalf of excellent learning opportunities. It really adds up! (That’s a little math pun for your weekend)

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Staying Safe and Healthy at Drop-off and Pick-up

Staying Safe and Healthy at Drop-off and Pick-up

Dear Families,

As we enter the new school year and re-establish our routines of pick up and drop off we wanted to offer a few reminders and suggestions.  Thanks for taking the time to consider these as we work together to help make the beginning & endings of our school days safe, and as stress free as possible!

#1. Ditch the car and walk, bike, or bus to school. And remember, you can earn            Trip Tracker dollars for your efforts!

# 2. Start or join a carpool. If leaving the car at home is not an option, consider carpooling to help reduce the number of cars coming to school. Because Horizons draws families from across Boulder County (and beyond), and is not served by school buses, many of us travel to and from school in cars, increasing the risks to our health and safety. You can go to BVSD’s Transportation Network to find a carpool.

# 3. Park nearby and walk to campus.

Car exhausts have been linked to health concerns, especially in children. Let’s work together to keep the air we breathe toxin free. Reap the health benefits and find some hidden family time and get some exercise too! Consider parking at the Meadows Shopping Center and take a nice stroll into school in the morning.  Studies show that walking to school increases academic performance, and walking just ¼ mile – the distance from the anchor on the north end of beautiful Burke Park – counts for Trip Trackers! Take the opportunity to teach your children to be responsible neighbors and travel safely by using crosswalks (please do not cross mid-block), and being careful not block driveways when parking.

# 4. If you do drive all the way to school, please avoid using the driveway. This is a primary source of “near road air pollution” to which kids are extra susceptible*, and a likely location for a collision.

# 5. But if you must use the driveway, please remember NO parking and NO idling is allowed! Please no stopping or standing in this lane, which includes queuing up prior to the doors opening in the morning, or before dismissal at the end of the day. If you arrive at early, please find a parking spot on the street. The curbside of the driveway is fire lane and in the event of an emergency, emergency vehicles would need immediate access to this space. While using the driveway, drivers should remain in the vehicle, and students should enter/exit the car on the right side and in a safe but timely manner. Let’s try to limit the time stopped to less than 30 seconds! If we can keep the cars moving all goes well, but in our short drop-off / pick-up window, just a few cars stopping can have a significant impact on the flow of traffic.

#6. Please slow down while in the area.  We have worked hard to have additional stop signs installed at the intersections on Sioux, but the City of Boulder does not agree that it is necessary. So, at least for now, it is up to us to keep our kids safe as they come and go from the school yard.

Thanks for your help in keeping kids safe and healthy!

*To read more about the nation-wide concern regarding near-road air pollution and more ways to reduce it, go to

Submitted by Aaron Johnson, Horizons parent

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