Buy Gift Cards Now!

Gift cards are a wonderful way to say thank you! 
What a great gift for teachers, students, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or just because….
Horizons has the following cards available for purchase now.  Email or
Pre-loaded Gift Cards:

Sprouts: 27 x $25

 Vitamin Cottage: 3 x $25, 1 x $50, 2 x $100
REI: 2 x $25
Papa Murphy’s: 5 x $10
Safeway: 2 x $100
Noodles: 8 x $10
B&N: 2 x $10
JoAnn’s: 3 x $25
Cinemark: 2 x $9.50
Michael’s: 3 x $25
Gap: 4 x $10
Glacier Ice Cream: 25 x $5
Reloadable Cards: you can use them to earn money for Horizons all summer long and into the new year!
King Soopers
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Feeding Families! Can you help?

Once again, students in Peter’s homeroom are partnering with Mt. View United Methodist Church’s social justice program (across the street) to assist those in need. With summer vacation less than a month away, some students and their families in Boulder County need some food assistance when the school free and reduced food programs are closed.

We would like to support the Feeding Families program through Community Food Share and create booster boxes for kids so that they have snacks during the summer months. Specifically, they are requesting items like:
-whole grain granola bars (Cascade Farms is a good brand)
-fruit leather strips made with real fruits
-healthy cereals
-pretzel/peanut butter or pretzel/hummus pack combos
-seaweed snacks
-applesauce packs (low or no sugar added- like the “Gogo squeeze” packs)
-Honest brand juice boxes
-Sunchips multigrain
-dried fruit, apple chips, etc.
-whole grain rice cakes
-boxes of raisins
-cuties oranges
Non-food items:
-band-aids and first-aid ointment cream
-bug spray

If you would like to donate, please have your child bring in these items before May 15 and place them in a box outside Peter’s classroom. Thanks so much and hope you can give.
Submitted by: Peter Hegelbach
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Order Now & Avoid the Rush!!

Fund-raise for Horizons while you shop….

2018-2019 Monthly Grocery/Gift Card Order Form

Horizons K-8 Grocery Fundraiser

Name:  ___________________________________________    Phone:  ______________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________   Zip:  ____________

Email:  ___________________________________  Student Name(s)_______________________

I would like to buy the following grocery certificates from Horizons K-8 school on or about the first Friday of each month beginning September 2018 to May 2019:

$_________           Vitamin Cottage ($25 or $100 increments)   5% Rebate to Horizons K-8

$_________          Glacier ($5 increments)  25% Rebate to Horizons K-8

$_________          Sprouts/Sunflower ($25, $50 or $100 increments)  5% Rebate to Horizons K-8
$_________          Whole Foods **CHECKS ONLY  ($25 or $100 increments) 3% Rebate to Horizons

$_________          OZO Coffeehouse ($20 increments)  15% Rebate to Horizons K-8

$_________          TOTAL MONTHLY AMOUNT


Authorization for Check Billing: (Preferred method! Horizons will receive more of the rebates this way. Thanks!) Attached are 9 postdated checks payable to Horizons K-8 School. I agree to purchase $_____________ in grocery certificates each month from September 2018 through May 2019. I understand that the appropriate check will be deposited each month. I also understand that I may change or cancel my order at any time.

Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

 Authorization for Credit Card Billing: I hereby authorize Horizons K-8 School to charge $_____________ each month in grocery certificates to the following Visa or Mastercard account. Please charge my account each month from September 2018 through May 2019. I understand that I may change or cancel my order at any time. This information is kept in a safe and treated as confidential.

Card No (Include dashes): ____________________________________________________________________

Exp Date: (MM/YYYY):     ______/__________

Cardholder’s Signature: ________________________________________________  Date: ________________

 Any questions contact us at or Sarah Brown at 303-960-6586

2018-2019 Reloadable Grocery Order Form

Horizons K-8 Grocery Fundraiser

 Name:  _________________________________________________________________________

Phone:  ( _____ ) ________ – _______________

Email:  __________________________________________________________________________

Student Name(s)_________________________________________________________________

I would like the following reloadable grocery card from Horizons K-8 school

Quantity _________   King Soopers ($2.50 preloaded – Horizons receives 3% rebate)

Quantity _________   Safeway($5 preloaded – Horizons receives 3% rebate)

Quantity _________   Lucky’s Market ($5 preloaded – Horizons receives 7% rebate)

__________Pickup:  I will pickup my grocery card at the front office

__________Box:  (Teacher/staff) Please put my certificates in my box

Any questions contact us at or Sarah Brown at 303-960-6586 or



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Green Star School Winner!

Zero Waste-Green Star Schools® Grant Winners

 Eco-Cycle is pleased to announce that Horizons K-8 is a recipient of this year’s Zero Waste-Green Star Schools Grant.

The winning schools were selected on the basis of their participation in the Green Star Schools program and their commitment to furthering Zero Waste activities in their building.

 Horizons K-8 – will receive $200 to purchase durable tableware for 7th & 8th grade potlucks

 Congratulations on your dedication to the environment through your demonstration of Zero Waste principles!

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Welcoming New life

First & second graders welcome newborn chicks.

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Board Meeting Agenda- Wednesday May 9, 2018


May 9, 2018


Timekeeper: TBD  Process Observer:  Secretary/minutes:  Facilitator:

  1. Preliminaries

6:00 Welcome to board members:  C, C, C’s

           Welcome to guests

           Process observer invites Public Comment: guests, faculty, staff x 2 minutes speaking per guest

   II.     Consent items

6:10 (2) Approval of agenda

           (5) Approval of minutes:  April 12, 2017 (send to webmaster for posting)

  III.    Reports, Actions, Discussion items

6:17 (10) Principal’s report – prior reading; questions from the board

6:27     (10) Development committee report

6:37     (10) Finance Review report & HB 1375 update (PPR increase, pending legislation, moving funds from

                   Council to Fund 11)

6:47     (10) Bond update

6:57     (15) Recommendation to hire & debrief interview process

  • Assistant principal

  • 6-8 Special Educator

  • MTSS/Literacy interventionist

  • STEAM/Innovation coordinator

  • Counselor

7:12 (5) Hiring updates:

  • Posting for long term sub

  • 2nd shift custodial

  • Paraeducators (¾ x 2, ⅚, Special Ed K-4)

7:17   IV. Executive Session­Personnel CRS Section 24­6­402(4)(f)

(15) Principal evaluaton


7:32    (15) Faculty board members next year; Incoming board – training for new year; outgoing board                                                                                         celebration & accomplishments

 7:47   (5) Open enrollment update

 7:52     Adjourn


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K/1 Transition Picnic

K/1 Transition Picnic

Friday, May 11th 
Afterschool 12:451:45
Meet outside in the outdoor classroom.  This is a time for Kinder and First-grade parents and kids to connect.
Please sign in, grab a name tag, a Popsicle, and play with new friends.
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1/2 Parents Night Out at the Rayback!  May 14, 4:30-6:30pm

Come enjoy friends, food, and drinks at the Rayback on May 14th, 4:30-6:30pm!
We’ll be gathering outside – hopefully the weather will cooperate 🙂
There will be food trucks starting at 5pm.
For information about food options, go to:
We won’t have a reserved spot so no need to RSVP.
See you there!
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Seed and Plant Sale

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Can you be a liaison?

A liaison is a parent who assists a teacher throughout the year in various activities.  These might include classroom pot lucks, getting the word out about classroom events, helping with field trips,  creating your classroom’s master cleaning list.

Liaisons meet approximately five times a year at drop-off and enjoy snacks while discussing how to assist teachers and the community with classroom communications

Please consider this great volunteer position.  Liaisons really help our school run smoothly.

Interested?  Questions?  Email Rob at

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