Our 7 & 8 Grade Students Ask An Essential Question....

Students in 7/8 social studies have been investigating the essential question, “What does it mean to remove a people”, and have collaborated to publish an eBook of our learnings called, “Lost & Found: An Investigation of Removal“. We invite you to please spend some time enjoying it and to provide us with your feedback and thoughts by connecting with us through the link within.

Submitted by Teran Sittner

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Conferences at Horizons

This last week, our 7th and 8th-grade students, families, and teachers engaged in conferences.

Student-led conferences are a significant part of a student’s experience here at Horizons as they give each student a chance to begin to integrate what they are learning and to take ownership of their learning. In conference, students have the opportunity to share with others what they value, what they are learning about and an increasing level of self­ awareness about who they are and how they will be of service in the world. Work samples are examined.  Tests are looked at.  There is also discussion of social, emotional learning. Conferences at Horizons are comprehensive, student-led and an integral part of our program.

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Future Polar Scientists

7th/8th graders pay rapt attention during our live video conference with the Polar Scientists from the McMurdo Research Center in Antarctica on Tuesday!

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Wellness Day for Teachers: Looking for Massage Therapists

We would like to host a day of wellness for our teachers on Friday, February 15th.  This is a professional development day for our teachers (no school for students).  Are you a massage therapist who might want to volunteer some time?  We hope to host 15-minute massages for faculty from 10-1 in our conference room.  If you would like to give back to our teachers in this way, please contact Cece at cecilia.davis@bvsd.org or 720-561-3607.  Thank you!

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3/4 students in Dare2Care work to create friendship cards for some residents at Frasier Meadows.

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Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the Diversity and Inclusion Pop Up Library last month. We are excited that this has become a January Horizons tradition and that the books are being well used! If you still have a book or two at home, please return them to the blue basket in the front office this week. We want to make sure the personal library cards of our wonderful parent volunteers are cleared. Thank you!
Submitted by Erica Baruch
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To Stress or Not to Stress? Parenting Gifted and Twice Exceptional Children info session

To Stress or Not to Stress? Parenting Gifted and Twice Exceptional Children

Wednesday February 20th | 7:00pm

Centennial Middle School |

2205 Norwood Ave, Boulder

Please join local psychotherapist Nancy Lee in her presentation in which she’ll offer strategies that parents can use to help their kids manage stress.

Click here to RSVP

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Family Game Night was a huge success!

Family Game Night was a huge success! Many families came together on Friday night to play games, laugh, and meet new friends.

Thank you Horizons Community Group. Submitted by Brooke Bell

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HK8 Interim Head of School Interview Committee

HK8 Interim Head of School Interview Committee:

Dear Parent Community,

 We will be hiring a new Interim Head of School this spring through an relatively quick and efficient process to find a leader that best fits the needs of our school community in the coming year. Our  Board Meeting/Work Session with parents, staff and faculty last night determined a job description and a timeline.

 A vital component of this process will be the efforts, observations and wisdom of the members of the Interview Committee. The Committee is composed of faculty, parents and staff, and involves a time commitment through March. If you are willing to serve the school in this way, please e-mail me at by Tuesday, February 5 at monica.fitzgerald@gmail.com

Once we have our pool of interested parents, three will be chosen at random (as per the Horizons by-laws) by me. Representatives from each teaching team and staff will volunteer. After this, we will inform the parents who will compose the Interview Committee. Thank you for your participation in the process!


Monica Fitzgerald, Horizons K8 Board Chair

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