Lets Feed Our Teachers During Conferences

Would you please consider bringing some yummies to our teachers during Conferences.  They will be working 10 hour days. Please sign up below.

Wed, March 18 K-4 Conferences, sign up HERE

Thurs, March 19 K-6 Conferences, sign up HERE

Fri, March 20 K-6 Conferences, sign up HERE

Thank you, everyone!

And remember 7 and 8 graders have school on these days.

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Mentors Needed -- Please Read!

Mentors Needed -- Please Read!

We still need 5 more kinder mentors and one 7/8 mentor.

It is never easy to transition to a new school.  We would love it if each new family had a point person to help them understand our events and activities. That is what our mentor program is all about.  A small time-commitment can make a big difference to an incoming family.  We provide a script of important facts/terms/dates for you to share with a new family. We have a fun Meet your Mentor event in August. We need mentors for kindergarten, 1/2 and 6 & 7 grade. Can you help?

Click HERE to express your interest.  If you have questions email hope.nelson-roohr@bvsd.org

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Game Night= Success

Hi all, I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU! 
My take was Game Night went really well. Since this was my 1st time attending I feel like there was a pretty good turnout maybe 15+ families. Nice mix of ages. And the popcorn maker worked great!
Ryan thanks for being there and supplying the speaker to give the space a bit of life as people were trickling in.
Thank you to all the parents that brought games and helped clean up after.
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Our Horizons Middle School team for Destination Imagination won our category, even beating out a Secondary level team, plus we won the DaVinci Award for the whole tournament. We are bringing home a trophy and a bunch of medals. 🙂

Congratulations on all their hard work and dedication go to Brenna Dye, Talia Gartner, Belle Hickok, Tegan Osias, Andesh Trout, and Adrian Vis!!
Appraiser’s notes:
“This new team surprised us with a Shakespearian-like style written completely by a team member and performed with grace and fluidity that blew us away. The writing paired with the beautiful live music and emotional story created for the ages.”
Horizons K-8 5th grade team “The Untitled Document” took 2nd place at Colorado’s regional Destination Imagination tournament over the weekend earning them a trip to the State competition on April 4th! Clay Bell, Leah Brown, Lila Hoaster and Forest Hartman competed in the improvisational challenge “To The Rescue” where they had to perform an improv skit with a villain who has a surprise superpower that has caused a surprise conundrum along with a superhero who has a surprise “underwhelming” superpower. During the improv performance they had to create sound effects for the skit. With the power of amazing teamwork, they put on a very fun performance! In addition, they completed an “Instant Challenge”. These challenges are sometimes a performance, sometimes they have to build something quickly with random materials, or perhaps they come up with a non-verbal communication method in order to complete a task. No matter what it is, it’s always a surprise and this team nailed it! Way to go “The Untitled Document”!
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Cuba Donations

My name is Corinne Johnson and I am in Emmy’s 3/4 class.  Over Spring break, I am going on a church mission trip to Cuba. We are taking lots of donations with us. In the front of the school, there are donation boxes.  Please bring in:

Used clothes
School supplies
Reusable grocery bags
Ziplock bags
Books in Spanish
Old electronics

and everything else listed on the sign.


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Agenda- Horizons Board of Directors March 12, 2020


Board Agenda
March 12. 2020

6 PM
Welcome & Invitation for Public Comment
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes 2/13/19

620 PM
Head of School Report
Hiring Process Update
Charter Contract
Finance Review
Development Committee
Board Recruitment
Assistant Head of School Job Description
Salary Schedule

725 PM
Process Observer

Board meetings are open meetings; all interested parties are invited to attend.

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Choir Announcement

Elementary School Choir Concert:  The Elementary School Choir will have a concert this Wednesday at 6:30 in the Hub.
Middle School Choir Announcement:  The Middle School Choir’s Spring Session will begin in March and run through May.  All 5th – 8th graders are welcome.  We will rehearse on Friday mornings at 7:30 in the Music Room.  Our first rehearsal will be this Friday, March 6th.
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Understanding the Teen Brain

Understanding the Teen Brain: the Science Behind ‘Crazy’ Teen Behavior Free Talk for 2020 Brain Awareness Week

The teen years can be challenging for parents, caregivers, and educators. Previously docile and adorable children has now turned in to someone they don’t quite know or understand.

Join Dr. Marie Banich, co-director of the CU Boulder Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study to learn how adolescent brain development, how influences on brain development, and ways you might improve life with your teens through understanding their brains.

 Thursday, March 12 at 4:30pm to 5:45pm

Meadows Branch Boulder Public Library, Meeting Room 4300 Baseline Road, Boulder CO 80303

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Several Near-Misses Reported!!!

Drop-off and Pick-Up Procedures to Ensure the Safety of Our Children

We encourage car-pooling, alternative transportation and the simple joy of a two-block stroll to school at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Currently, the majority of our students arrive by car, and the parking lot and streets adjacent to the school grounds become congested. Please consider a peaceful morning start by parking a few blocks away and walking with your child.

Please help your child understand your family’s plan for drop-off and pick-up. The office is staffed until 4 PM should you need to call and communicate alternative arrangements.

If you will be driving to school, please review these procedures so everyone can have efficient and safe drop-off and pick-up experiences AND we can be respectful towards our neighbors.

Morning Drop-Off

  • The school’s front doors open at 8:15 AM. We do not provide supervision before this time. Students are marked tardy by their teachers if they arrive after 8:25 AM.
  • Drop off students at the Drive-Thru Lane adjacent to school or on Sioux Drive in front of the school. Horizons students and adults are to enter only through the main doors (closet to the office).
  • Do not let children out of the left side of the car from the Drive-Thru Lane. Make sure you are curbside when dropping off.
  • Children should exit from the right side of the car and parent should not leave vehicle.
  • Never leave your car unattended unless you are parked in one of the diagonal spaces.
  • Please observe all legal laws and regulations if you are parked in the neighborhood (no double parking).
  • Respect our children’s health and never leave your vehicle running and emitting pollution while stopped on or near school grounds.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Please pick up your child promptly after school. If you know you will be more than 10 minutes late, kindly call the office. All students exit from the main doors near the office facing Sioux Drive. Students will stay on the sidewalk area next to the Drive-Thru Lane until their rides arrive. If your child is waiting in the grassy area, their behavior is expected to be school appropriate.

Pick-Up Procedures

  • Monday-Thursday dismissal for kindergarten students is 12:00 pm; dismissal for 1-8 students and Kindergarten Enrichment is 3:30. Friday dismissal is 12:45 for all students.
  • Children can enter cars in the Drive-thru lane from curbside only.
  • Because of inevitable congestion at this time, the Drive-Thru lane moves slowly. Children and moving cars are a dangerous combination. Please be patient as you wait to exit, or consider parking a few blocks away and enjoying a walk
  • If you park on Mohawk Drive, please park on the east side of the road, adjacent to the school grounds. This will help to minimize the number of children crossing a street to get to their car.
  • Please use sidewalks and marked crosswalks in front of the school when walking children to their cars. Please do not cross the parking lot in the middle of moving traffic! Walk your child along the school sidewalk to the parking areas.
  • There are often no crossing guards on Mohawk at the intersection with Sioux, so students and drivers need to be especially careful to stop and look both ways before crossing.
  • Students are not allowed to wait on the East side of the school building or on the playground without parental supervision.
  • Students remaining on school grounds at 3:40 (M-TH) or 12:55 (F) will be taken to the after-school program; cost for this program is $9.00/hr.
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