A Letter from Lisa

Dear Families,

I want to let you know that I am planning to retire from full time teaching at the end of this school year.  This past year with your children has been an incredible experience for me as a teacher.  I have seen our students build a supportive community in a classroom and become self-directed and passionate learners. I have loved being a part of the joyous learning opportunities we have created. Horizons is a very special place.
The unexpected end of the school year and the new challenges surrounding this time have caused me to reflect on what is next for me and my family. I am looking forward to my next phase and will continue to be there to support your children with our online learning for the next month and do everything I can to make the transition to a new teacher as easy as possible for the 5/6 team and most importantly your children.
With love and gratitude for all of you,

Lisa Kihn
5th/6th grade teacher
Horizons K-8
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Lunch Bunch

9 people joined in the 1/2 lunch bunch social time this Tuesday, May 5, 2020.  We received updates about root beer floats, lunchtime menus and virtual tours of our spaces at home.
YOU’RE INVITED TO JOIN  the 1/2 Lunch Bunch each Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. – 12:20 p.m. with this LINK
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Pick Up Schedule

Did your student leave any important items at Horizons that you need?  If so we have created a schedule to pick them up.  Have a look HERE. 

Pick up is on Tues, May 19.

  • We ask parents to come to school only if there are items to be picked up. If you do not know, please check in with your child’s teacher. 
  • Administrative personnel will go into the school to get your supplies and deliver them to your car. 
  • Students and parents are to stay in their cars to avoid social interaction.  
  • If you have ordered a yearbook, you may pick it up at this time.  If you have not ordered a yearbook, we will not have extras. If you do not know if you ordered a yearbook, please check with Jostens.com.  You may go to Jostens.com to see if you can order a yearbook through them.
  • This schedule is created by your last name.  Pick up is by your oldest child’s grade (for siblings). Please pick up only at your allotted time
  • Teachers will not be on the premises.
  • Awesome to drop off any milk caps for moooola you may have been saving
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Friday morning 7/8 met online for Bingo! It was the first time we have gotten this many of us together since school closed and while there were some tech problems, it sure was amazing to see so many smiling faces at the same time! Lots of fun was had and some incredible, unforgettable prizes were won! As far as an opportunity to stay connected…we say…BINGO!

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Share Your Music

SHARE YOUR MUSIC:   Alice is compiling a video slideshow for our friends and neighbors at the Frasier Meadows Retirement Community.  If you’d like to share a short musical video, playing an instrument or singing a song, please send your musical clip to Alice’s e-mail:  alice.hartman@bvsd.org.  If possible, begin your video by telling your name and your grade.  Thank you everyone.  It will brighten their day!

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Important Links from BVSD IT

If you are unable to pay a wifi bill due to loss of employment, etc., please check this link.
For any info regarding use of technology during this time of home-learning, check this link:
If your student’s chromebook is in need of repair, BVSD IT will come to your house and pick it up outside, and leave you another disinfected, read-to-use- chromebook.  So, use this link if a repair is needed
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Special Board Meeting Thursday, April 30 6 PM

Board Agenda
April 30. 2020

6 PM
Welcome & Invitation for Public Comment
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes 4/16/20

620 PM
End of School Year Update
Finance Review

710 PM
Process Observer

Board meetings are open meetings; all interested parties are invited to attend. If you would like to attend the Board Meeting, please email lucas.ketzer@bvsd.org.

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Burritos & Support

Hi everyone,
Some of you may not know that our parents, the Turanos have owned a really cool restaurant in Denver called Sunny’s . This is a letter from Jessica Turano. Let’s support this wonderful family and eat delicious burritos!
Hello, Ryan and I have had our Denver restaurant, Sunny’s, closed down. We are able to do Togo’s but have had to let go of most of our amazing staff 🙁 We hope that is temporary!) In an effort to weather this storm we will be doing a food delivery service out of Sunny’s serving breakfast burritos weekday am’s in Boulder.
Rough Details: -Heat & serve breakfast burritos served in a local 12” tort (GF burrito bowls w/corn torts on side available) -delivery to your doorstep between 6-7:30 am weekdays -payment accepted Thru Venmo friends & family, PayPal friends & family or a credit card sent to our email address.
Thanks regardless.  This is crazy! Warmly, Jess Turano
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Rough Notes from Council 4/23/20

Horizons Council Meeting 4/23/20 6 PM Zoom

Need 20 for a quorum. 37 present

Communication Agreements:  Jim Speak from Heart, NVC


  • Received correspondence from BVSD – will allow all students to keep Chromebooks over summer; anticipation that we may not be back in Fall
  • Working to coordinate pick-up of kid’s belongings at Horizons week of May 18; stagger times by teacher
  • Working w/ BVSD & CLCS (Tyler, Paul) to come up with budget forecasts; will discuss with faculty this and next week
  • Three Board openings, elections in Council meeting in May; bio to Lucas by April 30
  • Last day of school for Horizons is May 28; Lucas will talk with faculty about options
  • If we end a week early, Board has to approve; will try and inform sooner rather than later

Charter Renewal/Contract

  • While in negotiations and ironing out final details, school closed
  • BVSD recommends we extend contract for one year; they passed it 4/14/20
  • Our Board passed resolution on 4/16/20
  • Here is a link to the resolution we will be discussing this evening: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Qm6sn0zJwY7w6mb-7lBN115NxweqiwHX
  • Council needs to concord on Horizons resolution
  • Ultimately we would like a longer-term contract with long term stability but had we accepted the contract where we left it, it would not have been in our best financial interests.
  • Motion to approve- Tyler; Lucas second; concorded

Home-Learning Discussion

  • We need to be prepared to not come back in the Fall; possible second wave; continuing to extend school closures
    • Possible staggered grades; hybrid of in-person and home learning
    • Tech refresh scheduled for next year
    • Also need to look at budgets
  • Appreciation to teachers expressed
  • Lots of extra time taken by teachers
  • Julie shared story of Oregon Trail learning
  • Home learning cannot replace touch
  • Extend thanks to student support team
  • Other opportunities: Breakfast Club, Lunch Bunch
  • Let teachers know if students need extra attention
  • Commend parents & teachers for flexibility- some parents want more work, some want less- teachers accommodating
  • Parents wanting to know how we are handling end of year transitions and events
  • Fri, May 1 faculty will be planning end of year traditions
  • Allyson adding home learning pages to yearbook

Question- if at end of year if there is no growth, how do they catch up?

Karen & Lucas: this will be every kid in the US, this will be figured out as we come in; how will we spend first few weeks of school, every educator is thinking about this.  We will have to collect data when we return.  Kids will come in lower when they return but parents have to strike a balance now. In the grand scheme, we will make up any deficits.

Teran: have you heard direct evidence that HS and other schools are also looking at flexibility for incoming students?  Karen: not just us.  Lucas- BVSD has not shared concrete plans to address this

Home Learning is an equity issue.  We will see disparities play out. Be mindful; work together. Encourage communication.

Council Meeting May 21

  • Elections- will need to come up with a way to vote.  Received interest from 6 people
  • Budget conversation
  • Bylaws state voting members elect parent board chair. Interested parties can indicate what positions they might wish to have on the Board. A new board member can be the parent co-chair. 
  • Allison: second year member should probably be board co-chair. Paul M agrees.


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