Glacier Gift Card Sale! Wednesday 3:20-3:40

If you have any plans to enjoy a scrumptious after-school treat at Glacier, please come by our table out front on Wednesday at pickup to stock up for the summer! Glacier gift cards also make a wonderful graduation gift or classroom/teacher gift. Horizons will receive 25% of the total purchase. 

If you aren’t available Wednesday at pickup, you can purchase them from Hope in the office or contact Sarah directly:

sarah (at) grokers (dot) net

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At Horizons We Dare To Dream

From home made drums, to raising chickens.  From building goal posts to building catapults.  Our 3 & 4 graders have finished out the year with a display of their Dream Homework.  Students learned and demonstrated new skills. By following their interests and passions, students learned how to direct their own learning and navigate the steps in pursuing large scale projects.   At the Dream Homework Museum, they proudly displayed their creations and their creative process.  Below are students who made chocolate, studied their genealogy, created abstract art, sewed a leotard, made & flipped homemade pancakes and wrote a horror novel.




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Horizons 1/2 Parent and Kid Night Out at the Rayback!  May 23, 4:30-6:30pm

Come enjoy friends, food, and drinks at the Rayback on May 23rd, 4:30-6:30pm!
Bring the family to celebrate the end of the year!  We’ll be gathering outside – hopefully the weather will cooperate 🙂
There will be food trucks starting at 5pm.
For information about food options, go to:
We won’t have a reserved spot so no need to RSVP.
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When Life Gives You Lemons

Today two of our classes were scheduled to go on a field trip, and due to a bus glitch, they were unable to go.

So, the morning included a visit to the library, playing on the anchor in the park and enjoying lemonade popsicles.

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Lost & Found- Treasures Abound

We will display the contents of the Lost & Found from Mon, 5/21 – Thurs, 5/24.

Please come and retrieve lost items.

Leftover items will be donated on Fri, 5/25

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What a way to end the year. We hope you will join us!

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Medication Pick Up at Horizons

If your child has medication in the health room, please pick it up by May 23rd.  Any medications left at school will be discarded.

Submitted by Lisa Finnigan, Health Room Para

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Save the date and time!

Our 8th graders are headed “Up, up, and away!”
Please join us in celebrating our 8th graders at Horizons’ Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, May 24th from 6:30 to 8:30.
The ceremony will take place in the gym, followed by a reception in the cafeteria. Please join us! 
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Learning Without Walls

For my 5/6 grade Learning without Walls project, I decided to research the situation the Syrian refugees are in and the ways that I can help them. A few days ago, I presented my learning and understanding to my class as the civil war in Syria enters its seventh year of conflict.  Your support and understanding about what is happening is needed more than ever. More than half of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, and the Syrians need somewhere to go.

The hospitals treating the wounded have been bombed and destroyed and thousands of innocent citizens have been killed from this war. Sending money to the IRC will help Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

The money you give will help people like Sabah, her husband and their six, soon to be seven children, including a young son with autism, find a new place to live.

Donate now and help the people of Syria. I set up an online fundraiser so that people can donate money to the IRC, (International Rescue Committee) and my goal is to raise $1,000.The money that the IRC receives goes to help Syrian refugees.

If you are interested in donating to my online fundraising campaign go to
Submitted by Liam Deaver
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Aperture Night- Where 8th Graders Shine

Last night, the soon-to-graduate eighth graders had Aperture Night. Aperture is a year long project where eighth graders choose to focus on a topic they are interested in.  During Aperture Night, they had the opportunity to share a presentation of their learning to the community. Thanks to everyone who came out to support this amazing learning opportunity!

Submitted by Georgia Nelson

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