The Mini Marathon

On May 19, Horizons students ran, walked, jogged and a couple biked the .71 mile course we call the Mini Marathon.  This is a tradition at Horizons and we were not going to let the Corona Virus get us down.  Students completed the course in their own neighborhoods.  Congrats to these kids for participating:

Edie Coddington   Kavi Naik   Keya Naik   Gia   Abbott  serayan   Willa   Adalynn   juliette
Francesca Verson   Tischer Bauer   Jack Forbes   Violet Forbes   Lylah Janke   Judah
Syler Knappe-Butler   Siana Knappe-Butler   Vivian Glosband   Niko Escobar
Graham Shaepherd   Kaeli   Violet Coressel   Violet   Jackson   Claire   Bea Hoops
Asher Hoops   Lisa Kihn   Talia Gartner   Finley   Belle   Will Lutt   Brynlee   Amelia
Faolan   Kara Dougherty   Lilah Baruch   Zeke Akos   sage ann akos   Clara Currie
Margot   Banneker Hall   Elias Severns   Kate Nelson   Jacob Buckley   Dylan Sambur
Sydney Sambur   Anders Coddington   Corablle Bargo   Madeleine Gillespie   Elsa Twetten
Theo Parady   ruby   Andesh Trout   Ken Tilton   Wylie Mackey-Casson   Lila Storch
Liam FOLLINGSTAD-Hyde   Elliot Mackey-Casson   Leah   Anora   Adrian Vis
Leonard Rivers   Leo Vogeli   Edan Pieper   Kieran Pieper   Forest   Sawyer
Now for some times:
The fastest elementary students were Serayan Knappe-Butler and Reuven Gitter coming in at a flat 5 minutes.
The fastest MS student was Andesh Trout coming in at 4 minutes and 2 seconds.
And, the fastest kindergartner was Clara Currie crossing the finish line at 6 minutes and 56 seconds. WOW!
The Horizons record remains at 3 minutes and 38 seconds.
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Aperture Night 2020

Aperture Night 20 5/20 and time 6:00 PM

A Showcase of 8th Grade Self-Directed Learning

Let’s celebrate our 8th Graders and their Aperture projects. Aperture videos will be made available Tuesday night at 6 pm and there will be a Live Aperture Celebration and Q&A session Wednesday evening at 6 pm. Please take some time to watch the Aperture videos and then join us Wednesday night to celebrate the students. Invite, program, and links will be made available Tuesday.  For further information email Pat or Teran.
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What is a Learning Challenge? Ask a 7th Grader

In spite of all that has happened the past few months, our 7th graders have persisted and persevered and seen their Learning Challenge projects through to completion! Please join us in celebrating their journeys of self-directed learning by viewing their presentations at this link and leaving celebratory comments here. Bravo 7th Graders!

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Parent Board Elections Coming Up Come to Council 4/21

The Horizons Board of Directors is comprised of teachers, administrators, and parents.  There are three open seats for parents on next year’s Board.  Lucas sent out an invitation to all parents interested in being on the board.  We have four candidates.

Board elections will take place at our next and last council meeting of the year.  It is an important one and we hope you will join us via zoom on Thursday, March 21 at 6 PM. The entire agenda will be sent out at a later date.  If you are able to join us, please email for the zoom link.

Here are our candidates:

Karla Scornavacco

Karla Scornavacco is a parent and research faculty at the School of Education at CU Boulder. For the past ten years, she has led multiple district partnerships with CU for project-based learning and reading instruction and recently branched into mathematics with a study promoting effective classroom discourse strategies in elementary and secondary math classrooms.

A continuous learner, Karla began her teaching in a Montessori school, helped found a program for students who dropped out or were expelled from school and taught at a boarding school. She earned her Masters at Harvard and her doctorate at CU Boulder. She has a deep appreciation for Horizons and would love to support the school as a Board member.

For the past two years, she served as the school’s District Accountability Committee (DAC) rep. Her youngest is a 4th grader at HK8.

Michael Ashmore

Mike is a British National who moved to Colorado 6 years ago for work.  He is a father of two children in Horizons (1st grade and kindergarten).

Professionally, Mike is a Director of Product Management for the SyncSort (formerly Pitney Bowes Software).  He is responsible for an $80 million-dollar product line of products that operationalize physical addresses, clean and validate them, locate them, and add information to them.  In this capacity, he directs product strategy for a 50-man global development team, manages contracts with over 30 data suppliers and outsourced development organizations, has oversight of major customers that includes 45 of the largest 50 insurance companies, 3 of the 5 largest telco’s, Visa & Mastercard, FreddieMac & FannieMae together with a large number of software companies such as Salesforce and Amazon.

The relevance of his professional life to the school board is his discipline in balancing competing investment choices, making pragmatic choices to achieve desired outcomes and he is practiced in working in partnership with accountants, lawyers, and myriad stakeholders.

Academically, Mike is a graduate of The University of Essex in England with a BSc majoring in Technology with double minors in Accountancy and Law.

As a father of bi-racial children, Mike is keen to promote equal treatment and opportunities for all.  He believes in creating a school environment focused on happiness, personal progress, and excellence.

Rachel Buckley

Like all of you, in the course of a day, I play many roles–mom, wife, employee, boss, volunteer, friend, aunt, daughter, sister and athlete. The common thread for me in all these roles is that I am always the camp counselor, bringing people together via a zest for fun and adventure, preserving traditions of where we’ve been, and continuously seeking improvement as a leader. I’m running for a position on the Horizons Board because I see this opportunity as so fitting for me: offering my leadership skills, building a sense of community, and honoring the path of how our amazing school came to be. I’m confident that this balanced perspective can help ensure Horizons’ future success.

At my core, I’m a fun-loving camp counselor. I grew up in Connecticut playing team sports, spent my summers as a camper and counselor on a lake in New Hampshire, worked hard and played hard to suit the motto at Colgate University, moved to Vail to be a kids’ ski instructor and camp counselor, then ended up in Boulder 20 years ago to try to save the world through energy efficiency in my work at E Source and at CU for grad school. All of that has stayed with me in my current daily roles, and somehow I still skied 40 days this season.

I bring my camp counselor and team sports spirit to work, overseeing 25 product managers and analysts that function well as a cohesive team. As a member of our leadership team, I make sure we celebrate our wins internally and help position our company as thought-leaders and as extremely engaging for our customers. Even after working at E Source for nearly 20 years, I thrive on new challenges and on developing solutions to meet stakeholder’s needs.

When it comes to Horizons, ever since Jacob (4th grade) and Hanna (1st grade) enrolled for Fall 2019, I’ve jumped head-first into getting involved. You’ve likely seen me trying to build community as a classroom liaison, understanding the curriculum and supporting the teachers as a classroom volunteer, mentoring incoming families, learning more about Horizons social-emotional methodologies and even going back to my camp counselor roots by sleeping in cabins with kids on outdoor ed trips and as a field trip chaperone. I’ve been a dedicated Council meeting attendee and social event participant. I’ve offered my time, organizational skills, ideas, and smile wherever I can to Horizons.

Our family is so grateful to have been part of the Horizons community for the past two years. Even after two years, we still literally feel like we won the lottery due to the style of learning and community that suits our children so well. I’m ready to take my contributions to the next level by joining the Board and I hope you’ll consider me–the camp counselor–for the position.

Paul Ramer

I am officially submitting my name to be considered as a candidate for one of the open board positions. I have an 8th grader and a 5th grader at Horizons this year.   My son Cole started at Horizons in kindergarten so we have been a part of this community for quite some time.  Both boys have thrived at Horizons and I want to be a part of not only their continued learning experience but also help create a great environment for students in the years to come.  This is an important time for us as a school due to the charter renewal process and the challenges of distance learning among other things.
Horizons K-8 is the type of school that I wish I had been able to attend as a kid myself.   For instance, I didn’t discover mind maps until college, but at Horizons my son Caleb started using them in 2nd grade.
I am level headed, calm, rational to a fault sometimes (ask my wife-it drives her nuts sometimes!) and I can usually be a level headed sort of bloke even when things get a bit heated.
I value the environment that Horizons has to offer, and I would like to be a part of continuing that legacy by being a board member.
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Horizons 8th Grade Virtual Baby Board

These beautiful little beings are our 8th-grade graduates.

Can you name that baby?  See below photos for the answer key.

  1. Amelia Fey
  2. Ethan Hunt 
  3. June Hartman
  4. Briac Le Huerou
  5. Stanley Chen
  6. Drew Washburn
  7. Emerson Bell 
  8. Caitlyn Grindell
  9. Cole Ramer 
  10. Emily Clemson 
  11. Adelaide Obert 
  12. Sydney Clayton
  13. Iain Dow
  14. Adam Medeiros 
  15. Kyle Demmon
  16. Nichols Gore
  17. Piper Handley
  18. Anson Elliott
  19. Oscar Cohen
  20. Chloe Wozniak 
  21. Amedeo Claudia 
  22. Josh Richford 
  23. Laurel Brown 
  24. Lauren McKenzie
  25. Liam Findley
  26. Luca Svolos 
  27. Lydia Fey
  28. Mackenzie Olson 
  29. Maddy Lavelle
  30. Max Logan
  31. Sara Garber
  32. Mila Hagan 
  33. Monty Snow
  34. Quinn Merrill 
  35. Reba Hoaster
  36. Riley Waite
  37. Anya Hoth
  38. Clara Gerlitz 
  39. Willa Balgooyen
  40. Avery Dion
  41. Cate Sarinopoulos 
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A note from Ecocycle

Sustainable Summer for Green Star Schools! is attached.

Eco-Cycle’s Green Star Schools Sustainable Summer companion video is available to watch in the newsletter and at this shareable link:

Finally, to support waste reduction and reuse as students and families recover belonging and supplies, the Classroom and Locker Cleanout video is available to watch in the newsletter and at this shareable link:

Please contact me any time with questions or for Green Star Schools support at or call 303-444-6634 ext. 118. I am grateful for your partnership and innovative, inspiring ideas!

Wishing the Green Star Schools community a restful summer full of sunshine and smiles!

Green Star Schools Program Manager

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The Mini Marathon is Happening!

Every year, in May, Horizons students take to the streets and run a course totaling 1150 (.71 miles) meters.  They run around Pawnee, all the way around the park, back up Mohawk, and across the finish line in the schoolyard.

This year we ask all students to participate from their homes.  On Tuesday, May 19, at a convenient time – run, walk, jog, skip or hop for 1150 meters (parents will need to help) and then record your participation on this form.

Enjoy your run, and remember to observe social distancing and mask-wearing.  Go Team Horizons!

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Agenda- Virtual Board Meeting 5/14/20

Board Agenda
May 14. 2020

6 PM
Welcome & Invitation for Public Comment
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes 4/30/20

620 PM
End of School Year Report
Beginning of 20-21 School Year Report
Finance Review/Budgets

730 PM
Process Observer – reflect & next steps

Board meetings are open meetings; all interested parties are invited to attend. If you would like to attend the Board Meeting, please email

In addition, if you would like to make a public comment, let Lucas know so that he can create adequate time.

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farewell, we will miss you!

farewell, we will miss you!

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Staff Appreciation This Week!

Staff Appreciation Week is this week, May 4-8th. Our teachers, paras, administrators, office staff and custodians always give our students so much, but never more than this year. Watch for a message from your Classroom Liaison about plans for showing our gratitude to everyone that shows up for our kids and makes Horizons so special. Check out Help At School ( for information about ways to thank our wonderful staff, and don’t forget about the Specials Teachers and Office and Administration staff that complete the picture.
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