17-18 Horizons Calendar of Events

Many parents are requesting our 17-18 calendar, specifically inquiring about start/end/holidays/conference dates.

Please link HERE for the 17-18 calendar.  A number of events are still to be determined and sometimes dates change, so always be sure to stay current with Skylines.


Thank you!

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If your child has any health conditions.......

If your child has any health conditions that will require him or her to take medications during the 2017/18 school year: Please fill out the necessary medication authorization and/or emergency care plans by your healthcare provider, sign and date the relevant forms, and return documents to me at the beginning of the next school year.  This includes all daily or as needed medication whether prescription or over-the-counter.  BVSD policy prohibits students to self-carry medications without authorized documents, see http://www.bvsd.org/health/parents/Pages/Health-Service-Forms.aspx for more information and forms.

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Jane Goodall/Roots & Shoots- please read and enjoy!

Here is a link to a video of Jane Goodall’s visit to Horizons last year… Finally! I had hoped to put something out LAST year of course, but life moves pretty fast and it took a little longer. It’s an informal video edit for sharing with friends and family (no video or audio polish, official credits or anything). John McCluskey, Hope Nelson-Roohr, Julie Cohen, and Nel Woller were instrumental in making the whole thing possible at Horizons.  Also many thanks to Nan’s daughter Elizabeth and her film crew who captured the footage.  Enjoy — and please share widely! — I do not have access to wider emails or groups.
ALSO — We are going to be doing a Roots & Shoots club this summer, meeting at Gombe Grove in the park adjacent to the Horizons school playground, every other Wednesday evening at 6:00PM, starting June 7th.
It is completely FREE, of course, and we will be following the Roots & Shoots model, of:
1. Learning about Jane and her work
2. Creating needs maps of our community
3. Devising a campaign (or 2) that benefits people, animals, or the environment in our community
4. Celebrating our efforts as we all learn to become more compassionate leaders
Although R&S clubs typically include kids 8 to 14 years old, there is no age restriction, especially for this summertime group —  and we encourage families to participate together.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please reply to this email and I’ll get you set up on our Basecamp project site to coordinate.  And please spread the word (or this email message) to anyone else you think may be interested — this is not a Horizons school group or in any way officially affiliated with the school — it’s just a fun summer club that works to make a positive difference in the world.
Teresa and I currently serve on the United States Roots & Shoots leadership committee for the Jane Goodall Institute Board of Directors, so we are intimately familiar with the program and will do our very best to facilitate and maybe even bring in some special elements.
Finally — and very importantly — to make it all work with inevitable summer travel and schedules, we also need some parents to help share leadership now and then.  It’s not a heavy lift, and once you come to the first visit you’ll see how it all flows as a student-led program.
Have a great memorial day weekend and a wonderful summer everyone!
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Thank you Natalie's Class

for cleaning us up!!!!

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Pizza WILL be served at the All School Picnic

Pizza WILL be served at the All School Picnic
We’re looking forward to seeing everyone after school on Friday!  Make lunch easy – Pizza will be served for $2.50 a slice in the outdoor courtyard.
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Our 8th graders guess who is who on our 16-17 Baby Board.

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The Parent Portal and the ADU

Yesterday I emailed parents who have yet to set up a parent portal and update their data for this current school year (16-17) on Infinite Campus.  It is also important that all parents of students who will be at Horizons in the 17-18 school year go into their parent portal and complete what is called the ADU (Annual Data Update).

If you need help, please let me know.  The district is requesting that this be done now.  Most of you will simply look at it and make no changes but some of you will have changes to make and now is the time to do it.  So, even if you have no changes, please go into your parent portal and check off that it is current.

Thank you!  Hope

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The 3/4 Extravaganza...

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Background Checks

If you have not been fingerprinted and received a background check and know that you wish to volunteer next year at Horizons, you have three opportunities.

  1.  Go to www.horizonsk8school.org and link to VOLUNTEERS.  Obtain a background check through tclogiq.  The cost of this is approximately $17 and expires after one school year.
  2. Go to www.horizonsk8school.org and link to VOLUNTEERS.  Go through the fingerprinting process as outlined on this page. the cost of this is approximately $40 and lasts for the time your student is enrolled in a BVSD school.
  3. On August 17, 2017 from 330 PM – 6 PM, Horizons will host fingerprinting services in the Horizons Hub.  This is a quick and easy way to get fingerprinted right at Horizons.  the cost is approximately $40 and you do not have to reserve a time.  Just show up after school on our first day back.


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Summer Reading?

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