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Peace Jam Grand Slam!

The Grand Slam!

By Clara Hassan, Clara Hartman, Clara Gerlitz,

Jillian Truesdale, Leah Wawrzynek, and Kylie Angulo


Over the weekend of March 18th and 19th, four 7th graders, and one 5th grader from our Peacejam group attended a PeaceJam conference at Regis University in Denver. This conference featured Jody WIlliams, Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1997, and was about shaping our democracy beyond the vote. She worked towards banning the use of landmines. The conference was split into two different age groups; the Junior Jammer Conference, which included elementary students (K-5), and a Jam for middle (6-8) through high schoolers.

There were many different activities we participated in over the weekend. One of the activities was doing service projects. A few of us participated in a service project where we melted old crayons down into new crayons to give to refugees who don’t have a way to express themselves. As well, one of us learned about genocide, and drafted letters to a board of education to try to include that more in education.

Another activity we did was workshops. We were all in the same workshop. In this workshop, we learned about building a just community, where resources are available to everyone. We then created models, and came up with conclusions based on other’s ideas. Next, we also learned a lot from Jody Williams. In the Junior Jam, we were “up close and personal” with Jody and presented some of our learning to her.  In the older group, instead of lecturing us, Jody chose to let us speak up about our worries for America, especially with a new presidency underway. Then, on Sunday, she shared her story and what inspires her, and then everyone was invited to share what inspires them. We also presented the service work we have been doing at Horizons directly to Jody Williams (take a look at the photo!).  It was inspiring to see the work happening at other schools.  No matter how small the project, we are all making a difference.  This was a really good way to wrap up the conference.

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Bike To School Day

Thanks, one and all- for a great biking turn-out!!!


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Please Come....

HCG Project Meeting, Friday, April 21, 2017 8:30-9:30 am

 Come join the Horizons Community Group this Friday for a walk to the Bobolink Trail.  Let’s get outdoors and enjoy good company!  Meet in front of the school after drop off, and we’ll start our walk at 8:40.  All are welcome.
Don’t Forget:  Movie Night Friday, 4/21 6:30 pm
This Friday is Family Movie Night!  Come early to picnic or enjoy the BVSD food truck (open 5-7pm).  The movie, My Neighbor Tortoro (rated G), will start at 6:30 in the cafeteria.  Seating is camping style, which is to say, bring your camp chairs, sleeping bags, blankies, whatever you want.  Hope to see you there!
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Horizons 4/20/17 Council Agenda

Horizons K-8 Council Meeting Agenda

April 20, 2017

Hospitality provided by:  Spec. Ed and Literacy Teams

Child care is provided by: None available!

Minutes:  TBD  

Facilitators:  Andrea Foote and John McCluskey

6:30 Introductions

6:35 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes

6:40 Open Forum:  Please come to sign up with any items just before the meeting

6:50 Announcements:

  • Spring parking at drop off and pick up reminders
  • Reminders:
    • May Council:  Thursday, 5-18  Business (Board member voting, approve FY 18 Budget)

7:00  Council Budget Review

7:10  Meet your Board Member Nominees.  Nominees will introduce themselves in lieu of voting in May.  

7:20  Open Enrollment and work session follow up from February.  

8:00  Close

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This Wednesday, 4/19!!!

Please note that this event may have been posted as happening on 4/20- it is actually 4/19!!!

To register: REGISTERBVSD Bike Week_2017_Flyer_FINAL

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Compassionate Communication continues.... Wed 4/19 @ 6 PM

See you on Wednesday, April 19 at 6 PM for the continuation of this dynamic Heart Talk series with Jeff & Traci Bushnell.  Child care IS provided and participants are asked to bring previous materials with them.FullSizeRender (5)

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Horizons Faculty Board Candidates

Peter Hegelbach: I am honored to be considered and be of service to the Horizons community. From the moment I walked through the front doors of this school in 1995, I knew this was a special place and continue to do so.  Over the years, I have taught from fourth to eighth grades and served on numerous committees and boards.  One of my daughters graduated from Horizons last year and the other is an eighth grader. As a board member, I will continue to a careful listener, probing questioner, and a voice that reminds us to stay close to our mission of guiding students to be self-directed learners and community contributors.
Shannon Waugh will begin her 3rd year teaching 1st and 2nd grade at Horizons K-8 in the fall of 2017. She joined Horizons as a long term sub in September 2015 and has continued on as full time teacher since November 2015. She was the 1/2 team representative at Big Picture the first half of this year, and is looking for more ways she can contribute to the Horizons community next year!

Beth Coleman:  As a member of the Horizons community since 1993, I have worn many different hats including those of teacher, parent, paraeducator, substitute, 504 coordinator, A&S coordinator, DAC representative, and more.

One hat I am currently wearing is the that of the Kindergarten Faculty representative of the Council Board. Although I have been interested in serving on the board for quite some time, four years ago I was pleased to be elected by my peers to serve on the Council Board for the first time. I believe it is everyone’s duty and privilege to serve on the Board at some point and was excited for the opportunity to do so.  My experience with the  structure of the Board compels me to continue in this role. I care very deeply about this school and plan to be here for a long time. Being on the Board allows me to contribute to the school in a meaningful way. It is one way for me to give back to a community I care about deeply.

Because of my devotion to helping make Horizons the best that it can be, and in an interest to serve the needs of all of the members of this community, I am eager to continue serving on the Board. Because I have such a diverse view of Horizons, I believe that I can see issues from a variety of perspectives. I can really understand the different views presented and can represent the needs of the faculty while honoring the needs of parents and, above all else, the students. I am able to make decisions based on what is for the greater good of the community. I am excited to have the opportunity to help shape who Horizons will become while honoring the beautiful past of this wonderful place I call home.

Thank you for considering me to serve as a Faculty Board member.

Jim Freund:  Hi – I would like to be considered for Horizons Board for the 2017-18 school year.   My interests in Horizons Board are to do my part in bringing the school forward and helping it grow and flourish while providing a link to the history and foundation of the school.  With the new governance structure, I think it will be very important to help navigate the path Horizons travels during this next year by listening to the community, sifting through great ideas, and being a part of a body sharing many different perspectives.

I have been on the Council Board for many years scattered over the last ten-or-so years including this school year.  I have been a teacher here for the past twenty years and have taught youngers (kindergarten, first, and second grade) as well as olders (fifth through eighth grade) at Horizons, so I have a broad sense of this place.  I have been a member of the Finance Review Committee for many years, so I have a strong sense of where we have been financially and where we are now.  I can provide references upon request, although most of them are between 11 and 14 years old.

I, Emmy Kurtz, am pleased to be joining the Horizons board for the 2017-2018 school year.  As a 3/4 teacher at Horizons, I see this as an opportunity to step into a leadership role and further support our school community as well as learn about the big picture of how our school is run.  As a teacher, I have focused my time and energy empowering students to take pride and ownership of their learning, just as I was taught as a student at Horizons many years ago.  I passionately believe in creating a safe and open environment in which students can connect to one another, share their learning experiences, develop their identities, and blossom into well-rounded, successful individuals.  It is with this lense that I step into this position on the board.


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For the last few weeks, Skylines has posted the following:

Three parent board director seats are opening beginning next school year.

  • Must have been a Horizons parent for two years to be eligible

  • These are two-year terms

  • Board meets monthly August through June.

  • Please send John letter of interest to be posted in Skylines by April 10

  • Plan to introduce yourself in April 20th Council meeting

  • Voting is in May.

The following people have submitted their names and bios:

Hi families. I’m Julie Dye, mom to Ainsley in grade 4 and Brenna in grade 2, wife to David and “au pair lady” about town. I am submitting my name for the Horizons School Board.

For the past 3 years, I’ve worked on the Horizons development committee, helping to simplify fundraising requests and create a consistent voice across Horizons communications. I’ve been an active parent in my daughters’ classrooms, served as a liaison and have organized larger school activities including Elizabeth’s quilts.

Here is a bit about me so you know I will serve the board and school well: For 7 years, I’ve worked with host families and au pairs in the area. I’m known for handling drama well, facilitating discussions with parties of different perspectives and backgrounds and being a voice of reason, calm and information. Prior to au pair life, I worked with local start ups, both internally and as a manager through the City of Boulder’s business incubator. I have assisted a number of Boulder brands in the natural and organic industry to grow and thrive. Our older daughter also attended a different BVSD school prior to Horizons, so I’ve got an outside perspective to offer our community.

As a daughter of educators, I value public education and have received my BA and MBA from public institutions. I believe Horizons has an opportunity to be a pioneering leader in child-directed, teacher-empowered progressive education and I aim to support our non-traditional school and its community in any way I can.

With gratitude & service,


My name is Liza McKenzie and I am a parent of three children who will be students at Horizons in the fall of 2017. Lauren will be going in to 6th grade, Kate into 4th and Cooper will be joining his sisters as a kindergartner. I believe having a child in each kindergarten, elementary and middle school will give me a unique view into the way Horizons helps our children to transition, both academically and emotionally, into young people about to leave the safety of our beloved K-8 and to enter the next chapter of their lives, high school.

For the past twelve years I’ve been lucky to stay home with my children and therefore, I do not have an impressive resumé. I do however, have a Resu-Mom of which I am very proud. I’ve written and published several children’s books, and I’ve worked for several years as a professional blogger for three different companies: Colorado-based company Thirsties Cloth Diapers, Pampers and a Health and Wellness website for which I wrote a blog called Rainbow and Hurricanes. For the first two companies I wrote about childbirth,  parenting young children and “green” living and for the last company, I wrote about my experiences parenting girls with ADHD.  As the mother of children who are “out-of the box” learners, as well as a child with an IEP for dyslexia, I love nothing more than to spread awareness, share our experiences and to network with and support others who are facing the same challenges. I also have experience running a non-profit that helps low-income men, from teens to adults, to find shoes in sizes that are almost impossible to find. Founding a nonprofit provided me with a chance to work diligently at fundraising in creative and successful ways, to get involved with and to get to know people from all walks of life and to appreciate the compassion and potential that exists within the hearts of so many living in abject poverty in this state as well as this country. It also proves my deep commitment to working hard on the behalf of others who have different needs from my own.

For these reasons, I will be a strong voice for not only maintaining the elements of our school that already make it an excellent place for all types of learners to thrive but to re-evaluate with passion  how the school can continue on it’s path as an exceptional school for every child who walks through it’s doors despite changes going on within the school, the district and the nation that will potentially affect public education. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to many more years as a parent at this amazing school.


I’m writing to express my interest in the parent position on the Horizons’ Board of Directors.  My name is Jaime Schlomberg, and I’m the mother of three children all of whom attend Horizons.  Alec, 10, is currently in 4th grade.  Violet, 8, is currently in 2nd grade.  Ava Grace, 6, is currently in Kindergarten.  I would be a great fit for the position because of my knowledge, experience, and involvement as a parent at Horizons over the past five years and, also, because of my desire to provide engaged, high quality service to Horizons by contributing my voice to keeping the school moving in a positive direction.

During my time as a parent at Horizons, my husband and I have made a great effort to support the school financially and through volunteer service as we view the school as an important, critical, and meaningful part of our lives.  Since my children have been at Horizons, I’ve been a class liaison for several years, volunteered on a weekly basis in the children’s classrooms each year, and I’m currently co-leading the Horizon’s Community Group.  I’ve volunteered my time in many other ways as well including supporting teachers on field trips, volunteering for events, and mentoring new families to the school.

Personally, I grew up in Windsor, Colorado, and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and Finance.  After graduation, I worked for a mid-size public accounting firm and in the accounting field after that.  I’m a CPA licensed in the State of Colorado since 2002.  Since 2007, I’ve stayed home with my three children, maintained various side accounting jobs, and volunteered in the Boulder community and the children’s schools.  My hobbies include running, hiking, crochet, needlework, camping, skiing, gardening, baking and spending time socially with friends and family.

As a parent, I’m always looking for the best way to support my children and their school.  This position would offer me the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way with Horizons as I have many years ahead as a parent and have a trove of quality experience and time already invested in the school.  Thank you for considering my interest in serving on the Horizons’ Board of Directors.


Jaime Schlomberg


I am Todd Cassan and I am the father of Wyatt, Sam and Beckett, and we have been part of the Horizons community since 2014.  Professionally, I trained as an electrical engineer and have spent the last 20+ years in the financial services/investment management industry. I believe that my background in finance will add a valuable perspective to the board. I believe deeply in the core values of Horizons: creating self-directed learners, respect for the individual qualities of each child, acceptance of diversity and learning differences, and the pursuit of educational excellence.  It would be honor to serve on the Horizon’s board.

Thank you.


My name is Paul Ramer.
I am officially submitting my name to be considered as a candidate for one of the open board positions.
I have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. They have thrived at Horizons and I want to be a part of not only their continued learning experience, but also help create a great environment for students in the years to come.
Horizons K-8 is the type of school that I wish I had been able to attend as a kid myself.
I am level headed, calm, rational to a fault sometimes (ask my wife-it drives her nuts sometimes!) and I can usually be a level headed sort of bloke even when things get a bit heated.
I value the environment that Horizons has to offer.  And I would like to be a part of continuing that legacy by being a board member.
Thank you,
Paul Ramer
Monica Fitzgerald Bio:
I would be honored to serve our school community as a member on the Horizons K-8 Board.  Our school is an inspiring, nurturing environment for children to learn, thrive, and grow as unique individuals. The strong relationships between students, teachers, and staff stands out to me at our school. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and senior research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am involved in community based research focusing on comprehensive approaches to creating positive, safe school environments and connecting children and families with supports they need in their communities.  I am a child and family trauma specialist, and as such train and support clinical professionals across the state, nationally and internationally in learning effective family treatments for childhood traumatic stress and programs for preventing family violence. I also co-developed a program called Let’s Connect that focuses on building adult and child socioemotional skills and emotion focused communication to enhance adult-child relationships and promote resiliency and health.  I have experience with evaluation and grant writing and have served on other professional boards and community efforts. Thank you for considering me as a potential Board member.
Warmly, Monica Fitzgerald


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Moolah Drawing

We are so pleased to announce that the winners of the MooLah drawing are:

Japanese Massage:  Julia Haas

Dog Toys:  Ami Deventer


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