Go Fund Me: Elizabeth's Medical Fund

Go Fund Me: Elizabeth's Medical Fund

Dear Families,

I was informed early this morning (November 17) that our dear Elizabeth has passed. Peacefully, late last night. We will be meeting as a faculty this morning to check in and prepare to support your children as this news rolls out to the community. Please know that your thoughtful support and care as a community has been a strong foundation for us all as we have navigated this very sad experience.

Everyone is invited to remember and celebrate our dear teacher and friend Elizabeth Hershoff on Sunday, December 13 from 2-4 p.m. at Horizons.

Hello friends of Elizabeth Hershoff!

As you likely know, Elizabeth was recently diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor (glioblastoma). She will be starting complex treatments this week. Elizabeth is a single parent. Living expenses and medical costs are going to be substantial during her battle. This page has been setup for those who feel inclined to contribute towards these costs. All proceeds (after the required GoFundMe fees) will go to directly to Elizabeth to help pay for medical expenses and/or help support her and her son, Sam.

If you are not personally familiar with Elizabeth, she is a truly amazing person! She has been teaching for 30 years, with specialties in elementary and special education. Her ability to enthusiastically embrace the uniqueness in each child and teach to their individual strengths has impacted more lives than we can count.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Jane Goodall Event!

Jane Goodall Event!

Dear Horizons Community,

As you may have heard, we are excited to announce that Dr. Jane Goodall, world renown primatologist, activitist, and U.N. Messenger of Peace, will be visiting Horizons K-8 School on Thursday, October 1, from 11:00 AM -1:00 PM.  We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Brad and Teresa McLain (Kai McLain’s parents) for making this event possible.

This is an incredible occasion for our students.  Much of Jane’s current work is focused on her international Roots and Shoots movement — a service learning program that empowers students to become powerful agents of positive change to the benefit of animals, people, and the environment in their local communities.  This event is designed as a Roots and Shoots rally and we are proud to announce that Horizons will be launching several Roots & Shoots groups as part of this event.  Learn more about this extraordinary program and how YOU can get involved at: www.rootsandshoots.org

This opportunity will also serve as the dedication of “Boulder’s Gombe Grove,” adjacent to our very own outdoor basketball court.  In addition to hearing stories from Dr. Jane, we will also be hosting Roots & Shoots leaders from around Colorado and will be planting 10 trees, each one dedicated to a chimpanzee near and dear to Jane’s heart from her studies in Tanzania.  More details can be found here: http://www.xsci.org/gombe-grove/

We will close the event by sharing a gift of song. See a video of the kids practicing their song.


This is designed to be a private, child-centered, educational, motivational, and inspirational event.  Jane will be working and interacting with the students. We would like to keep the scale small and intimate so that the children can get the most out of this amazing opportunity. We ask that you support our intentions in maintaining this unique and precious opportunity for your children.

We also encourage you to attend Jane’s lecture at CU Boulder later in the evening on Oct. 1st at Coors Event Center.


Objective: To commemorate Jane Goodall’s visit to Boulder, to dedicate “Boulder’s Gombe grove” as a Roots & Shoots Rally point, and to celebrate the 55th anniversary of her historic research program at Gombe.

Context: Dr. Goodall celebrated her 81st birthday this past spring and the 55th anniversary of her chimpanzee research in the forests of Gombe, Tanzania. Dr. Goodall’s unique research methods for studying animal behavior ultimately ushered in a paradigm shift in the sciences of anthropology and ethology — transforming our understanding of what makes us human and what links us to all other life on Earth. In the years since her initial seminal discoveries, she has gone on to become a U.N Peace Messenger and outspoken champion for animal rights. She also founded the program known as Roots & Shoots — now operating in 139 countries — to empower youth as positive change makers for people, animals, and the environment in their communities, together effecting international impacts. www.janegoodall.org       www.rootsandshoots.org

WHEN: Oct. 1st, 2015, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

WHAT: A Roots & Shoots rally in which Colorado children gather to:

    • Meet Jane & share stories of their efforts to make the world a better place
    • Plant 10 trees – each one dedicated to a chimpanzee near and dear to Jane’s heart and critical to her research
    • Hear Jane’s dedication stories

WHO: Jane Goodall, Colorado Roots & Shoots clubs of Colorado, Horizons K-8 Students

WHERE: Horizons K8 School in Boulder, adjacent to the outdoor basketball court, rain or shine.

HOW: Dr. Brad McLain and Teresa McLain co-direct XSci (the Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative) at the Center for STEM Learning, CU Boulder.  Teresa McLain is the event founder and organizer, in partnership with our sponsors and Horizon’s wonderful staff!.  Brad McLain also serves on the board of directors for the Jane Goodall Institute and serves on the Roots & Shoots national committee, in addition to teaching a CU-hosted MOOC for JGI.

WHY: Roots & Shoots is Jane’s legacy and a call to action for the youth of the world to become positive change makers.

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Picture Day is September 1

Picture Day is September 1

Parents should have received order forms for student pictures. Our photographer, Mike Oliver will be here on Tuesday to take both individual and class photos. Even if you do not wish to order photos, your child’s pic- ture will appear in the yearbook. Mike will take two class pictures, a serious pose and a silly pose. The order form allows you to order one or both of these. Order forms do not need to arrive prior to picture day and should be given to your child’s teacher on Sept. 1. We have extras in the office. Thanks for your cooperation and remember to Say Cheese!

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Lani Guinier Redefines Diversity, Re-evaluates Merit

In the following brief interview, Harvard Law Professor Lani Guinier, the first tenured woman of color at the law school, discusses the challenges of relying heavily on test scores and the value of collaborative learning, especially among those with different skill sets and experiences.

Read the full interview on The New York Times website.

It is interesting to compare her comments with the Traditional vs. 21st Century Learner chart created by the 7/8 team (below) and to note how well Horizons reflects some of her beliefs.  We might also ask ourselves to what degree Horizons brings together individuals with a mix of “skills, backgrounds, and ways of thinking.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.52.52 PM

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