Got Photos?

After Outdoor Education and a visit from the wonderful Dr. Jane Goodall, we know that many of you have amazing photos to share.  Denise is contributing to a Horizons photo library on Flickr. Please send them to

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Diversity & Inclusion Meeting - 10/13 @ 3:45 PM

You are invited to join the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at our next meeting on Tuesday, October 13 from 3:45pm-5:15pm.  We will meet in The Hub.

The Horizons Diversity and Inclusion Committee promotes diversity and inclusion throughout our school. We recognize, support and explore the benefits diversity brings to the learning environment. We emphasize supporting our educators and community to ensure that all students and families feel valued and that they belong.



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Arts & Sciences Rock the House

Please ask your student about what Arts & Science class they are in.  Students in grades 1-6 are actively participating in Dance, Circus skills, Karate, Biking, Yoga, Flag Football, Courtyard Capers, Soccer, Lawn games, Jump-roping, and more.  The theme of this first session is…you guessed it…movement!

Stay tuned for the date and time of our first Arts & Science sharing of the year…

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Grades 5-8 Parents Night Out

The Community Group is pleased to announce the next Parents Night Out (Grades 5-8) will be on Thursday, October 22 from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. Come enjoy happy hour at the Cheese Course with parents of children in 5th through 8th grades. It’s a great opportunity to meet some new folks and relax with other adults.

The Cheese Course is located at 2525 Arapahoe Ave in The Village Shopping Center (near McGuckins). Get a Groupon for 40% off your happy hour purchases. We hope to see you there.

Parents Night Out is a great way to create and enjoy fellowship with parents of your student’s classmates and friends.   It is a fun evening and we encourage all to come and join us!
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Skylines: Welcome to Our New Website!

We are excited to introduce you to our new website, which will now become your one stop for all things Horizons K-8! We encourage you to dive into this new resource.


We have set up communication as a digest via email newsletter, which will automatically send Skylines news updates throughout the week.  Our community has been subscribed to this digest. As timeliness dictates you may receive emails more than once a week, but we will work to not inundate you with unnecessary emails. Please follow the link at the bottom of the email (Mailchimp) to set your preferences to receive updates more or less frequently.  

The most significant change you will notice as a result of this update is that you will no longer be receiving Skylines as a PDF in your email.

The digest will be latest news posts which are updated throughout the week. The default preference is to receive it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This update will still be called Skylines and there’s no need to wait for the digest, as the most recent news will always be available on the site!  It will be very important for you as a family to get into the habit of both reading your digests and visiting the site for upcoming events, school calendar, and other information.

Please stop by the redesign as there is much more to learn and see as you navigate our new collective, virtual community!

Please send your feedback and ideas to   

Thank you to Sean Hudson and his team at Crow and Raven for their support in helping us create our new web presence as a community.

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Lockdown Drill Thursday, October 8

This month’s “other” drill is a Lockdown.  Although difficult to have to practice these drills, it is important to do so and it keeps us in compliance with local and state mandates.  Please check in with your child’s teacher if the drill experience brings up any questions.  The drill is scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow and Boulder Police Department officers will be joining us to simply walk through as we conduct the drill.

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Trip Tracker Due Friday, October 9

Did your child carpool this past month? (Remember, playdates where kids ride home together count!) Did your child walk, bike, bus or scoot to school, even .25 of a mile?

If you can answer “yes” for even ONE trip to or from school, your child qualifies for Trip Trackers! Trip Trackers is a great program at Horizons where kids are rewarded for each trip made with alternative transportation. They earn “Trip Tracker Dollars” redeemable at many businesses throughout Boulder County.

You have until this Friday, October 9 to register your trips for trip trackers for August/September. Don’t miss the fun!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each month (GO TODAY!) click to this website: Trip Tracker website and log the NUMBER OF TRIPS your child has taken to AND FROM school in the past month where you used alternative transportation (INCLUDING CARPOOLS). You’ll also receive a reminder at the beginning of each month from Peter Hurst to go log your trips.
  2. On the right hand side of the page, register your child for the program if s/he isn’t already registered. Then each month, click on the second button from the top: “Report monthly data.”
  3. You will be prompted to input your child’s BVSD #. If you don’t know that number, ask your child, or email Hope or Marti Matsch ( for the number.
  4. The site will walk you through all the possibilities of alternative transportation that count.
  5. That’s it! Your child will receive trip tracker dollars at school 2-3 weeks later!

What counts as a trip?

ANY trip, to or from school that was a bike, walk (.25 miles or more), bus, scoot, OR CARPOOL.
A carpool is any time your child was in a car, regardless of whose car it was, where there was at least one other child who is not a family member. Alternative transportation not an option? Walk in! Park your car just .25 miles away from the school and walk in together! We will be organizing “ Walk In Wednesdays” for groups to walk in together! Stay tuned.

Where can we spend TT dollars?

Trip tracker dollars are redeemable at many locations throughout Boulder County. Check the website to see which businesses participate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you so much for helping Horizons be a school that cares about our community, our children, and our environment.

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Your student has been given their individual and class photos today.  Please check them out!!!

Photo Retakes

If you would like a retake, or if your student was absent on picture day, retakes will occur on Tues, 10/13 at 8:45 AM. Have your student bring in their “rejected” photo which they will give to the photographer as a “ticket” for a new picture.

If you have any questions about ordering more photo packages than you have already submitted, please email

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School is IN Session on Monday 10/12

In order to meet our “instructional minute” requirements with the state this year, we are not able to follow the same schedule as BVSD on this day.  Thanks for your understanding.  See you on Monday!

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Go Fund Me: Elizabeth's Medical Fund

Go Fund Me: Elizabeth's Medical Fund

Dear Families,

I was informed early this morning (November 17) that our dear Elizabeth has passed. Peacefully, late last night. We will be meeting as a faculty this morning to check in and prepare to support your children as this news rolls out to the community. Please know that your thoughtful support and care as a community has been a strong foundation for us all as we have navigated this very sad experience.

Everyone is invited to remember and celebrate our dear teacher and friend Elizabeth Hershoff on Sunday, December 13 from 2-4 p.m. at Horizons.

Hello friends of Elizabeth Hershoff!

As you likely know, Elizabeth was recently diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor (glioblastoma). She will be starting complex treatments this week. Elizabeth is a single parent. Living expenses and medical costs are going to be substantial during her battle. This page has been setup for those who feel inclined to contribute towards these costs. All proceeds (after the required GoFundMe fees) will go to directly to Elizabeth to help pay for medical expenses and/or help support her and her son, Sam.

If you are not personally familiar with Elizabeth, she is a truly amazing person! She has been teaching for 30 years, with specialties in elementary and special education. Her ability to enthusiastically embrace the uniqueness in each child and teach to their individual strengths has impacted more lives than we can count.

Thank you so much for your support!

Click here to donate via Go Fund Me

Quilt Project

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