PARCC Results Available

We have received last year’s PARCC test results.  If you would like to obtain your student’s results, they are available from their current teacher.

Please click on the following link for more details:

PARCCResultsLetterHometoParents2015-16 (3)

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Trip Tracker

Log your trips for Trip Trackers
If your child is participating in the Trip Tracker, program, you have until this Sunday,  January 10 to register your child’s trips for December.
To log your child’s carpool/biking/walking/busing trips to and/or from school, simply visit the Trip Tracker website and click on “Report monthly data.” You have until MIDNIGHT on the 10th.
Not participating in Trip Trackers yet? Register your child for the New Year!
You know you’ve been meaning to do it. You can register your child today and get credit for trips taken in December! Your child qualifies if s/he takes even ONE trip a month TO OR FROM school in a carpool (think playdates!), or comes or goes using any other form of alternative transportation. You can also register if your child goes even .25 mile of the way to school using “green” transportation.
It’s easy to participate. Here’s how it works: 
1. Go TODAY to the Trip Tracker website to first register your child (it takes seconds).
2. Each month (including today for the month of December), visit the site and on the right hand side of the page, click on the second button from the top:  “Report monthly data.”  You’ll also receive a reminder at the beginning of each month from Peter Hurst prompting you to go log your trips.
3. You will be asked to input your child’s BVSD #. Don’t know it? Ask your child (they use it often), email Peter Hurst at for the number, or enter all 1’s.
4.  The site will walk you through all the possibilities of alternative transportation that count, and you simply log the number of “green” trips your child took in the past month.
5. Reap the rewards! Your child will receive trip tracker dollars at school 2-3 weeks laterTrip tracker dollars are redeemable at many locations throughout Boulder County. Check the website to see which businesses participate.
That’s it! Don’t miss out on the fun! If you have any questions, email Horizons, or Peter Hurst at
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Summer Camp is Happening!

2016 Summer Camp Information Meeting January 11th at 3:45

Do you have a creative idea or an industry specific skill you’d like to teach for a one or two-week summer camp? Past ideas include: Build Your Own Website, Printmaking, Archery, Volunteerism, Filmmaking, and more. Instructors are paid $20/hr, with free camp tuition for their age/grade qualified children. Join us on January 11, 2016 at 3:45 in the Conference Room. Any questions? Contact Anne Hudson at or Xandra Coombs at
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5th grade ski pass

If your student needs a 5th grade ski pass, please let Hope know.  The Infinite Campus BVSD enrollment page is sufficient, includes their full time status as a fifth grader, where they attend and their birth-date.  Easy peasy!

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News from Horizons Community Group


Coffee Connections this Friday, Jan. 8th

8:30 a.m. in the Cafeteria

Please come to the Cafeteria after drop off and join our community for a cup of coffee or tea.  It’s a great opportunity to say “hello” to each other after our winter break.  Let’s exchange stories and re-connect.  

Never made it to a Coffee Connections before?  Come for the first time and check off your new year’s resolution to try something new; everyone is welcome.

We will NOT have a Coffee and Conversations with John following Coffee Connections this Friday.

Horizons Community Group’s bulletin board

We want to thank Jen Chatel Rose for refreshing our bulletin board, which is located in the hallway across from the entrance to the Cafeteria.  Check out the new photos from events this year!  A paper calendar will be there to reference events for the current month.

Thank you Jen!

Horizons Community Group

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Horizons 5-8 Grade Showcase

Parents and students who will be attending/considering Horizons next year for grades 5-8 are very welcome to join us for our showcase this Wednesday, 1/6/16 at 6:30 PM.  Please come learn about our unique program, how it differs from traditional middle schools and how our students are extremely well-prepared for high school.   We hope to see you there!

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Making Beautiful Misic

Thank you to Denny & Gaylene, our after school music teachers and Ellen and Alice, our wonderful choir directors.  We have made beautiful music!IMG_7968 IMG_7971

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Thank You All, with much Love

Thank You All, with much Love

Although it was with heavy hearts that we gathered last weekend to memorialize Elizabeth, it was also heart-warming to realize how our community rallied to support her and show our love for an amazing Horizons teacher.

On behalf of the entire Horizons community, we would like to offer one final thank you. Although there is no way to include everyone who touched Elizabeth’s life these past few months, please know that Elizabeth’s family and close friends are grateful and profoundly changed by all that you did for Elizabeth and her son Sam.

As a community, we’d like to thank…

  • Cheri Felix, who did a wonderful job designing and organizing the memorial service and managing the many volunteers who offered their time and help.
  • The sweet children who sang at the service, and musicians Alice Hartman, Tiffany O’Meara, Pat Smalley, Jesse Manno, and Holly Berman.
  • Peter Hegelbach, Pat Smalley, and all those who offered personal tributes that moved us to both tears and laughter.
  • Ben Wilkinson, for putting together a wonderful slideshow of Elizabeth’s life.
  • The many people without whom it would have been impossible to hold a memorial service and reception. Thank you to all those who helped plan a very personal memorial service. Thank you to Shelly Bruno, who designed and printed the program, and to Sarah Garrison for providing the beautiful flowers. Thank you to D and Zach and all who set-up for the memorial service. Thank you to Sheeri Handler for coordinating the food for the reception, as well as all the people who brought food to share. Thank you to those who stayed to clean up afterwards. Your help was invaluable and much appreciated.
  • Karen Wilkinson for setting up the Gofundme page.
  • Everyone who donated to the Gofundme campaigns.
  • All of the people who provided the many delicious dinners.
  • Paige Austin for doing the Zumba fundraiser.
  • Julie Dye for the idea and for organizing the quilters who made the quilts that brought Elizabeth warmth. Also, the work and art that was provided by the students and teachers is noted with deep gratitude.
  • Ami Dayan for performing the magnificent play “A Tale of a Tiger” to benefit Elizabeth.
  • Julie Layne and her family for the Christmas tree fundraiser.
  • Cheri Felix for the bike ride fundraiser.
  • Jill and Eric Skokan for their very kind labor of love in the food they provided for the memorial.
  • John McCluskey for his thoughtful communications to the community and for his support as we navigated through a difficult time.
  • Lisa Leftakes for stepping in to assist Elizabeth’s class when she had to leave.
  • Shannon Waugh for continuing to guide and teach Elizabeth’s class.
  • The children, for the amazing and never ending flow of cards, drawings and photos. They were treasured by Elizabeth.
  • The numerous friends who took care of Elizabeth. We can’t express how this tremendous effort touched not only Elizabeth but also her family.

Thank you all, with much love.

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Arts & Sciences

John enjoying our last Arts & Science sharing of the year.  Students performed gymnastics, circus skills, jump-roping and karate.  Many other classes have art work showing around the school. Enjoy!IMG_0629

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