Middle School First Day Clarification

Please note that the first day of school for Horizons middle school is August 17th, from 1-3:30 PM.  (It was unclear in the back to school packet).   See below.

2016-17 HORIZONS K-8 Schedule of Events


August 13      All School Pre Labor Day Labor Day (Saturday- All School Work Day)  1-4 PM

August 17      Grades 5-8 First Day 1-3:30 PM

August 18     First Full Day for All K-8 Students, 8:30-9:00AM Parent Coffee


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Go shop now...2016-17 School Supply Lists

Please click here:  Supply Lists  to access the 2016-17 School Supply Lists & donations by grade.

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Want to volunteer? Horizons needs you!

Want to volunteer?  Horizons needs you!


Volunteer Opportunities and Service Positions

Please read and see how you can volunteer- we need you!

Liaisons:  A liaison attends a monthly meeting with John and Hope to look at what is happening that month at Horizons.  This information is then disseminated to the classroom parents.  A liaison is a teacher’s helper, often setting up classroom parties, field trips, etc.  Teachers will ongoingly have projects for liaisons but other than attending monthly meetings, the time commitment is not extensive. We are also looking for a Liaison Coordinator.  This person will submit minutes to John and disseminate info to the liaisons to distribute on their classes.

Lost & Found Coordinator: Goes through our school Lost & Found, returning everything labeled, keeping it organized and clean.  2-3 times/year displaying items in preparation for donation.

Council Childcare:  We need one or two folks to provide childcare during our school Council (see school calendar) and other evening events.  Generally this takes about 2 hours of time  (6:30-8:30 PM) and is a paid position.

District Committee Service:  

District Accountability Committee.  The District Accountability Committee, (DAC), is a legally constituted committee of representatives from the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). DAC representation includes at least one person involved in business in the community located within BVSD, and a parent, teacher, or administrator from each school within the district.  DAC meets for a once-a-month evening meeting.

District Parent Council: The Boulder Valley District Parent Council (DPC) provides a monthly forum and lively exchange of ideas for all schools in Boulder Valley School District. 

The DPC is made up of one representative from every school in the district. We meet with the Superintendent of Schools and discuss relevant topics that affect the students and schools of BVSD. DPC meetings are held one Wednesday night of every school month at 6:30 p.m. in the PDC of the BVSD Education Center located at 6500 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80303

District Reps will report meeting highlights to Horizons at the monthly Horizons Council meetings.

Horizons Committees:  please consider volunteering on a Horizons Council Committee.  There is always room for new ideas and energy.  They Include:

Horizons Community Group – to build a social network of parents, to schedule educational opportunities such as parenting talks, book groups, speaker nights, grade level parent’s nights out, carnival, etc.  HCG also serves pizza every Friday at dismissal.  VOLUNTEERS are needed to help with pizza-serving.  Email Callie at callie.gartner@gmail.com

Diversity & Inclusion – to research & recommend /develop inclusive and multi-cultural practices in the school

Green Team:  The Horizons’ Green Team strives to reduce the ecological footprint of the school and promote environmentally-sustainable practices, and in so doing, promote the emotional, academic and physical well-being of the Horizons community, and foster a positive relationship with school neighbors.

Horizons Board Committees:
The Finance Committee

  1. Provides direction for the Board and Council for fiscal responsibility.
  2. Regularly reviews the organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, tax returns, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency.
  3.  The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the oversight of all of Horizons’ financial affairs and of investments made by Horizons and shall verify that investments are made in accordance with the investment policies and guidelines of Horizons.
  4. Prepares the annual budget.  Submits supplemental budget to Council, and full budget to Board for approval.
  5. Serves as the school’s audit committee and commissions the audit.  Creates a subcommittee should the auditor need a point of contact.
  6.  Reviews the management recommendation letter from the auditor and ensures follow up on any issues mentioned.
  7.  Reviews the financial policies annually and recommends any needed changes to the full board.

The Development Committee

  1. The Development Committee shall be responsible for guiding and reviewing the fundraising, marketing and promotion of Horizons and the development of a sound financial base for Horizons’ programs and activities. 
  2.  Reviews policies relating to the Development of long-term financial resources for the school.
  3. Prepares for Council discussion any proposed policies for development of financial resources, including capital campaigns, fundraising for annual operating support, gift acceptance and disposition, non-profit or profit making earned income subsidiaries, planned giving, or special events.
  4.  Reviews policies relating to marketing activities that generate earned income and complement development efforts.
  5.  Develops and monitors annual fundraising plan and timeline per the budgeting timeline.
  6.  Review annual fundraising materials.
  7. Participates in planning, organizing, hosting and/or sponsoring fundraising activities that support fundraising for annual operating purposes.
  8. Oversees and integrates Council fundraising.

Technology Committee

Meets quarterly to support the purchases and direction of our educational technology here at Horizons K-8.  


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Lost Books Needed

Two books that were in the office, on the table of books about Diversity & Inclusion, have not been returned.  The book titles are:

  • The Indian School by Whelan
  • Coretta Scott by Shange

If you borrowed these books, please return them to the library as soon as possible.

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2016-17 Horizons Calendar of Events


August 11, 12, 15, 16, 17Teacher Professional Development Days
August 13           All School Pre Labor Day Labor Day (Saturday- All School Work Day)  1-4 PM
August 15           All faculty professional development, possibly off site
August 16           All HK-8 Employees Welcome Back Breakfast/Mtg 7:45- 10:45 AM  (photo)
August 17            Grades 5-8 First Day 1-3:30 PM
August 18            First Full Day for All K-8 Students
                              8:30-9:00AM Parent Coffee
August 22-23      Kindergarten Assessment Days-individual times scheduled
August 25            Vision/Hearing Screening (8:30-11 AM)
August 30            Individual and Class Photos
August 31             Liaison Meeting 8:30 AM- cafeteria


September 1            Back to School Night 6:30 PM K-8
                                   Sessions will be scheduled for families with multiple children.
September 5            Labor Day – NO SCHOOL
September              Outdoor Education
                                   9/12-9/16 ⅞
                                    9/13-16    5/6
                                   9/14-15   ½
                                   9/27-28  ¾
September 22         All School Carnival 430-615PM
                                   Council Meeting 6:30 PM

October 4                  Retakes AM
October 5                  Walk to School Day
October 13                  Horizons Council 6:30 PM
October 19-21            K-8 Conferences, No Classes, Adventure Days are offered
October 28                Fall Dance

November 11            Veterans Day- NO SCHOOL
November 21-25      Thanksgiving Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL

Dec 19-Jan 2             Winter Break – NO SCHOOL


January 3                Teacher Planning- NO SCHOOL
January 4                Students resume school
January 16             Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL
January 19             Horizons Council 6:30 PM
January 25             BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY (WINTER)

February 15-17       7 & 8 Grade Conferences, (K-5 have classes)
February 16            Horizons Council 6:30 PM
February 20            President’s Day- NO SCHOOL

March 16                 Horizons Council 6:30 PM
March 22-24          K-6 Conferences (⅞ have classes.) Adventure Days are offered.
March 27-31           Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

April 19                     BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY (SPRING)
April 20                    Horizons Council 6:30 PM

May 8                  New Family Orientation 6:30 PM (6-6:30 Hospitality)
May 18                Horizons Last Council 6:30 PM
May 26              Last day of school for all students ending at 12:30 PM
                            Picnic 12:30-1:30
                             8th Grade Graduation 6:30 PM
May 26 & 30      Teacher Professional Development Days
May 29               Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL
May 30 and 31 All Faculty PD days

Liaison Meetings 1st Wednesday of each month at drop off in the Cafeteria

Finance Review Committee: 1st Tuesday monthly at 4 pm, September through May

Horizons Board Meeting: 2nd Thursday monthly at 6 PM, August through June

Horizons Council Meeting:  On a Thursday monthly at 6:30 PM, Sept, Oct, Nov., Jan-May

The Horizons Community Group sponsors Coffee Connections on the first Friday of every month after drop off, in the cafeteria.  Additionally, The Horizons Community Group sponsors a project Meeting on the third Friday of every month after drop off, in the cafeteria.  Check the website calendar and Skylines for updates. 


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2016-17 - Days In & Out of School




August 13                     Pre Labor Day Labor Day (Saturday- All School Work Day) 1-4 PM
August 17                     Grades 5-8 begin 1-3:30 PM
August 18                    First Full Day Grades K-8
August 22-23               Kindergarten Assessment Days-individual times scheduled

September 5                Labor Day – NO SCHOOL
September                   Outdoor Education
                                          9/12-9/16     7/8
                                          9/13-16         5,6
                                          9/14-15          1,2
                                          9/27-28        3,4                              

October 19-21              K-8 Conferences, No Classes, Adventure Days are offered.

November 11                 Veterans Day-NO SCHOOL
November 21-25           Thanksgiving Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL

Dec 19-Jan 2                Winter Break – NO SCHOOL

January 3                     Teacher Professional Development- NO SCHOOL
January 4                     School resumes for all students
January 16                   Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

February 15-17             7th & 8th Grade Conferences Only- K-6 have classes
February 20                 President’s Day- NO SCHOOL

March 22-24                K-6 Conferences, 7 & 8 have classes, Adventure Days will be offered
March 27-31                Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

May 26                         Last day of school for all students
                                       School ends at 12:30 PM, picnic 12:30-1:30
May 29                         Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL
May 30                         Teacher Professional Development Day







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Please be aware that if your child requires medication at school, you will need to fill out a Medication Authorization each year.  So, if you are a current Horizons parent, your Medication Authorization has been shredded and you will need to present a new one for the 16-17 school year on or before the first day of school, August 18, 2016.

If you need a form, please email:  hope.nelson-roohr@bvsd.org




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Horizons Class of 2016


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Rocking out the Close of the School Year


There is such an abundance of music, art & movement taught at Horizons K-8.  Here, the Rock Band, helps to close out the school year,

IMG_0419 IMG_0420 (1)


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7/8 and Ocean First Institute

This video was made by Ocean First Institute, the non-profit we (the 7/8 team)  worked with for the project week on Ocean Exploration and ROVs (remotely Operated Vehicles). During the week, students investigated the following driving questions: Why is ocean exploration an opportunity and a necessity? How do scientists study the ocean? We learned about the importance of ocean exploration (including a trip to the aquarium) and different vessels for exploration, including underwater ROVs. After studying the engineering design process, students built their own working ROVs from scratch and then tested them in the pool at Ocean First to attain neutral buoyancy. The video shows some of the process and the ROV competition that took place on the last day of the project.
To access the video:
You may need to cut and paste into your address line.  Enjoy!


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