Pizza Friday

There’s been some discussion about adding pizza options, or possibly a gluten-free, dairy-free option.  If you have ideas or suggestions for consideration, email Callie Gartner directly at
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Nominate Horizons Now

This is a cut and paste of a Facebook post.  Lucky’s market is looking for a school to give a percentage of their profits to and we can be that school.  Just go to the link below and copy it into your address line to nominate Horizons!!!

Lucky’s Market South Boulder

Good morning South Boulder!! It’s time to choose who will receive next quarter’s Bags for Change donations, and we think that no one can do that better than you! Please comment on this post before October 9th with the name of your favorite LOCAL nonprofit to nominate them. The three nonprofits with the most votes will be selected as next quarter’s winners. We can’t wait to hear from you! Please visit to review our partnership guidelines.

Here is the direct link-


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Being on time is never as important as being safe.  Please be careful driving in our school neighborhood.  Our neighbors are complaining about fast speeds, particularly in the morning.  We certainly urge our students to be on time but never to sacrifice safe, slow, careful driving- please!

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Coffee Connections

This Thursday, from 8:50-9:30 AM,in the cafeteria,  John will talk about how Horizons uses Giraffe Talk in the lower grades and the “I” Message throughout the school.

Come, have coffee, and connect….


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High School Graduation Requirements

There will be a meeting this Thursday, 10/6 at 6 PM, here- at Horizons to discuss BVSD High School Graduations Requirements.

We will be meeting in the Hub and urge all interested parents to attend!

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Principal's Report


Principal’s Report

September 28th, 2016

  • Back to School Night

Our back to school night event was well attended this year.  Survey responses were very positive, from finger printing on site to time with teachers and teams, parents were pleased with the event and grateful for the time teachers and staff put into making it a very informative evening.  Changes for next year will include space considerations and perhaps a bit more time at each team level.

  • Local Principals to Conduct Instructional Rounds at Horizons K-8

On November 8th, principals from schools across the state will be coming to conduct instructional rounds here at Horizons K-8.  Faculty will be working on developing the focus for these rounds over the next few weeks.  Feedback from principals will help to support our internal conversations about various instructional practices that we are exploring together here at Horizons K-8.

  • What is the Big Picture Team?

People often hear about this group and wonder what it’s role is here at Horizons.  The team was formed three years ago to support and activate authentic shared leadership in a teacher led school.

This group exists to create a systemic level structure to support and enhance teacher leadership and development at Horizons K-8.  With a Big Picture Team, both teachers and administration can move together toward supporting the relevant and needed work of the school that will ultimately impact student learning and allow for a stronger sense of the collective K-8 practices.

  • Team and team meeting representation
  • Planning and facilitation of Friday meetings
  • Professional development workshops
  • Big picture vision keepers
  • Responsive to school data in terms of PD and school-wide goal
  • UIP Committee will be a subgroup of the Big Picture Team
  • Keep an eye on the big picture issues of the school, i.e. culture, climate, curriculum
  • Looks at year long faculty and school wide calendar and sets dates and agenda for staff approval
  • Big Picture team members represent a collective voice and bring individual’s ideas to the group
  • Administrators become an integral part of this group providing the administrative lens to the conversation
  • This is a one year commitment and rotation is encouraged among team members and position could be shared (final meeting of the year will be new members with old members to pass the torch).
  • Meets Wednesday mornings at 7:30-8:15 AM (if there is no faculty meeting, we may skip a weekly meeting)
  • Everyone is encouraged to consider membership in this group at some point in their tenure here at Horizons.

Teacher Leadership and democratic practices require that no one has a right to no opinion on issues that impact the Big Picture of our school.  So the creation of this group does not abdicate responsibility of every individual to stay informed and involved.

  • School Safety

We have begun our routine of monthly drills this year.  Most months include two drills that include fire, lock-down, lockout, evacuation and shelter in place.  We have formed our Emergency Response Team and will have our first meeting in early October.  BVSD has a new format for our Emergency Response Planning and I recently attended a full day training to complete our version of this document.  It is quite comprehensive and covers the many possible scenarios that need to be taken into account while keeping our students safe while here at school and in the field.  We are now in our second full year of conducting “Reasonable and Prudent” meetings prior to every trip that goes outside of the school building.  Please let me know if you would like to review any of our plans or documents. Keeping our students safe so that they can do their best learning is our highest priority.

  • Superintendent Visits and District Leadership Teams

We were recently visited by Superintendent, Dr. Messenger and Area Superintendent, Marc Schaffer.  Both continue to be very impressed with the quality of instruction here at Horizons K-8 and were effusive with their accolades for our school culture and community that we have collectively built here at Horizons.  They were very appreciative that I have had regular attendance at the district leadership teams at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Our partnership with the school district is distinct and they are clear that they feel confident that my presence at this level has made a difference for our school and for the district as a whole.  I was grateful that I was recently asked to consult with district leaders on their initiative to implement social and emotional learning practices across BVSD.  Horizons is a school to learn from on every level, and it is exciting that they are coming to both see and learn from all that we are doing here.

  • Outdoor Education

As I took my annual drive to multiple outdoor education sites to visit our students and teachers, I was reminded how powerful it is that we invest the time and energy into making these opportunities happen for our students.  So much happens for both our students and our teachers during these experiences and we so appreciate your trust and support for these critical practices here at Horizons.  We can feel confident that we are truly changing lives with these experiences.



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Open Enrollment Information

Open Enrollment Information

2017-18 Open Enrollment

The 2017-18 Open Enrollment window will begin on Nov 7, 2016 and concludes  on January 9, 2017 at 4 PM.

If your child is already enrolled in Horizons K8, you do not need to re-enroll. If you have a sibling coming into Kindergarten or any other grade, you will need to open enroll that child.  Siblings will be prioritized as per our open enrollment guidelines but are not guaranteed a seat, depending on available openings. 

One important change to note this year is the discontinuation of what was called “moved and remained”.  If your family moves out of the Boulder Valley School District, your student will relinquish their seat at Horizons.  You may choose to apply to Open Enroll them back in but they would be subject to the lottery.  If you are currently enrolled and currently are living out of district, your student will remain at Horizons.  If you move or change address within BVSD, there will be no change to your student’s enrollment.

This change in procedure will begin on November 7, when the new Open Enrollment cycle begins.

Horizons will be hosting a number of Enrollment Events.

Event #1:  Weds, Nov. 9 8:45-10:45 AM   K-8 open enrollment presentation

Event #2:  Tuesday, November 29th 1:30-3:15 PM  5th-8th Student Visit Day

Event #3:  Wednesday, December 14th K-8 Evening 6:30-8 PM

Event #4:  January 5th 8:45-10:45 AM K-8 open enrollment presentation



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Kinders Visit the Recycle Center

FullSizeRender (20)

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SAVE THE DATE: December 2nd Horizons Artastic Fair

Save the date now.

On Friday, December 2nd from 11-2 PM, Horizons will be hosting our annual, amazing Artastic Fair.  Many Horizons and Boulder community artists will be selling their goods and a portion of proceeds go back to our school.  This event is surely not to be missed, especially because Horizons is not having an auction this year.  Our gym will be transformed into a holiday bizarre and beautiful arts and crafts will be sold.

Come, and do your holiday shopping.  And, SAVE THE DATE!

If you know any artists who might wish to participate, this is a viable, successful holiday fair.  Have them email Manzy at


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Empowering Kids: Courageous Conversations About Race

Empowering Kids: Courageous Conversations About Race

A Resource from Diversity and Inclusion Committee:
Instructor: Marissa Hallo Tafura
October 22nd Saturday 11:30-1:00pm
Cost: $40 Child Care is Available $3 per child or use your punch card
In this interactive workshop, we’ll practice concrete strategies for talking about race with children. We will learn to intentionally speak to the children in our lives by naming race and discussing racial injustice, while empowering them to challenge racism. (Workshop is geared not only to parents, but for anyone who works with kids or has kids in their life.)
Why should we talk to kids about race?
• Infants are able to nonverbally categorize people by race at 6 months.
• A yearlong study showed that 3-5 year olds use racial categories to include or exclude children from activities and to negotiate power in their social and play networks.
• Research shows that honest conversations about race and injustice helps kids develop anti-bias!
To register:
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