Moolah funds wonderful experiences! (& there’s a prize drawing on Monday!)

You’ve seen the Moolah flags in front of the school, as well as our goal thermometer in the window, but I wonder if everyone is aware of what the Moolah campaign funds at our school? As a charter school we receive funding from the state and from local revenues, and then we pay part of those funds back to BVSD for a variety of services. This leaves us with less money than some neighborhood schools, and we still do remarkable things. We use our dollars creatively to support small class sizes which provide caring nurturing environments. We work toward increasing student agency through choice, and increased student voice and provide excellent academic experiences.

Moolah funds support our ability to fund our core structures, and provide the icing on our cake! Moolah funds arts, music and movement experiences for students including: Aerial dance, drumming, marimba classes, circus skills, artsfest weeks, trips to Snow Mountain Ranch and Eldora, parkour, ice skating, trips to farms & service opportunities, maker space classes full of building and imagination, dance classes and so much more.

It’s only possible because of parent support. If you haven’t yet had a chance to contribute to Moolah, help us raise our participation rates. We only have about 50% of families contributing, and while we love receiving a full contribution of $350 for kids, we really love knowing we’re all in this together — supporting great education and experiences that help kids feel excited to come to school and give their best efforts. Every contribution counts, and more importantly shows your support for what we believe about quality education.

Make your contribution today ($5, $50, $5,000?) and count yourself as a proponent for progressive education. Peek your head into classrooms engaged in remarkable learning and know that you’ve made it possible.

As a bonus, be entered into Monday’s Moolah drawing.

Thanks for your support. We believe in your kids.




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