Mod Market & Horizons team up to fund-raise

Congratulations! Modern Market Eatery has approved your fundraiser!

Your GroupRaise Meal is officially happening !Meal Details: Modern Market Eatery @ 1600 28th St #1212, Boulder, CO, US 80301 on October 22, 2020 at 5:00pm

Share this link to your GroupRaise Meal (

You can now start promoting your Meal! Share the link above and get as many RSVPs as you can to get close to your Attendance Goal of 50 people. Remember the more people you that commit to eating, the more you will raise! We hope you are having a blast getting the word out!  Mod Market offers take out since in-store eating is prohibitive.

Remember: Have your organization’s tax information handy (examples include: non-profit form, letter of determination or 501(c)3, W-9, or Tax ID number) as some restaurants may ask for a copy of it in order to process your donation. The Restaurant Policies on your Meal Page should indicate whether or not this is required.

Happy GroupRaising!

– Team GroupRaise

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