Making a Difference with a Bake Sale

We are proud and happy to announce that these efforts on the part of a few 7th grade students raised $240.95!!!!

Every week, the ⅞ students have two hours to do what they want to help make a difference in the 17 global goals. We chose to deal with water sanitation around the world. Part of our project is to make a difference. We are hosting a bake sale after school on September the 20th, a Friday. We are raising money to donate to Charity Water, an organization that helps bring clean water to people in need. We are posting this on Skylines to raise awareness about our bake sale. We will be accepting donations. We would be grateful if you buy something from our bake sale!


Lucia Keller-Otto, Edie Coddington, and Mallory Austin (7th graders)

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