Last Week Fun & Inspirations

On Tuesday, Horizons students participated in our Annual Mini-Marathon.  Students, run, walk, and tag team around Burke park, and cross the finish line in a blaze of glory.  This year our third fastest runner was a 4th grader!  Here we are at the starting line.

And on Wednesday, our amazing 7th graders organized and directed Fun Day. These pictures capture some special moments.

Fun Day whispers: ” The school is letting us chew bubble gum”, “I love being this wet!”, “I want to do this every day”.

We applauded, whooped and hollered for our 8th graders as they ran down the hallway to the all-school assembly

And, Lauren says goodbye to students and families leaving at our all-school assembly.

And…we danced together.  End-of-year movement led by Annie, our 5/6 teacher and students.

We concluded our year together with 8th Grade Graduation.  Volunteer parents set-up an extraordinary space for our grads.

This was a time of joy, reflection, moving forward and cake. One of our graduates offered this insight, ” One of the biggest things that I have learned in the past year, and especially over the 8th grade trip, is that I am privileged. I have been given all of the helping hands that I needed, and more, not just because of things like money, and materialistic privilege, but also the privilege to be cared for”.

Listening to each graduate speak of their personal journey in Horizons was inspirational.                                         

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