Kick2Build Soccer at Horizons K8 This Spring

My 1st and 3rd grader attended this same program in the fall and LOVED it. There are so many reasons why we found this experience so valuable for our family. If you are at all interested please read on or reach out to me, Katie, for more information (

Wednesday’s practice is engaging, fun and collaborative. The kids learn some amazing soccer skills but in a relaxed easy going environment that encourages everyone to do whatever they are comfortable with. My kids are not huge fans of organized sports but this program is just the right mix of sport and fun. Friday games are SO MUCH FUN, the parents get to play too. It is such an amazing opportunity for parents to model behavior, treating people with kindness even in a competitive environment, finding the fun in the game even if you are not an expert player and enjoying some exercise outdoors.

Kick2Build is an amazing organization with so much to offer beyond just soccer. The rich cultural experience and diversity of the group are not to be missed. It is an absolute highlight of our week, we all leave with a sense of community and deep appreciation for expanding our knowledge of the world around us.

Thanks for reading and we hope you come join us at least one day! They do allow drop-ins, $20 per session if you want to just try it out a few times. I hope you join us this spring!

 2 session a week

  • Wednesday’s for basic Foot-skills development session
  • Friday’s for in-house games, adults side games included
  • Cultural, Drumming, Singing and Dance atmosphere

Register at this link¬†⤵️

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