Compassionate Communication -“Walk-ins” are Welcome!

Have you heard about Giraffe/Heart Talk?  Do you know that your children are well-versed in Giraffe/Heart Talk?  This is a communication tool taught to our students in classrooms.

How about you?  Care to “keep it going” at home?

“Walk-ins” at $20/Workshop are Welcome!

Compassionate Communication/Heart Talk classes with Horizons own teacher, Jeff Bushnell will be held beginning in January at Horizons! 

Please come! Open to the public! Invite family and friends!

For Full-Series Registrants (8 discounted sessions):  Registration Form

* Compassionate Communication in the Home

Achieve the Quality of Connection You Would Like with Your Children and Others with Jeff Bushnell

Learn the communication and problem solving process (aka, Heart Talk and Giraffe Talk) that is part of the Horizons K-8 culture. Learn a way of communicating that integrates thought, language, and presence, helping us to first connect with our true compassionate nature and then to connect at a heart level with our family and friends. Examine “triggers,” emotional balancing, developing empathy for ourselves and for others in a safe, supportive learning environment.

Learn how to listen with empathy and how to deliver the four important parts in a language of compassion through which everyone’s needs can be met to the greatest extent possible from a place of natural giving, rather than from a place of fear, shame, guilt, obligation, or hope for a reward.

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