Horizons Parents’ Facebook Page

Do you know we have a Horizons Parent‘s Facebook page? You can find it at HK8 Parents and Families. It’s not run by the school, and the school staff is not responsible for the contents. We are currently using this Facebook page to help direct families to support resources and to share ways that the community can help. 

We follow some rules to make it a safe and friendly place. It’s a private group, so you have to request to be added. We observe our school’s Communication Agreements and don’t post photos of kids without their parent’s permission. It’s not a place for politics or controversy. If you have a problem at school, it is not a place to vent that. Please speak with your classroom teacher or an administrator if you have school concerns. Posts that don’t adhere to our rules will be removed, but we’ll let you know why and help you find the right place to direct your message.

It IS a place to find playdates, after school activities, organize carpools, get reminders about social, educational and service events in or out of school. It’s fine to mention your business or offer services, advertise your garage sale. You’re welcome to mention your friend’s neighbor’s uncle, who is looking for  a home for a pet.

To join, search Facebook for HK8 Parents and Families and request to be added. If you have any trouble joining, send an email to horizonscommunitygroup@gmail.com and we’ll help.
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