Horizons & The Nutcracker Team Up

 Nutcracker Tickets – 20% of proceeds come back to Horizons!

This year Horizons K-8 has 6 students performing in the Boulder Ballet production of The Nutcracker: Clara Gerlitz, Giada Haskins, Clara Hassan, Evelyn Miller, Violet Schlomberg and Juliette Verson.

From October 9 – November 7, 20% of Horizons ticket sales come back to the school!  If you would like tickets, simply complete the attached form and drop it off (along with a check) in the Nutcracker ticket bin in the office.  I will collect the forms and submit them weekly to Boulder Ballet and they will issue tickets directly. Tickets will be issued in the order they are received and will be distributed the week prior to Thanksgiving break.  Please feel free to share this discount with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  Thanks for supporting our school, our performers and the arts!

…Trish Gerlitz

To access a ticket form, please click HERE.


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