Horizons Faculty Board Candidates

Peter Hegelbach: I am honored to be considered and be of service to the Horizons community. From the moment I walked through the front doors of this school in 1995, I knew this was a special place and continue to do so.  Over the years, I have taught from fourth to eighth grades and served on numerous committees and boards.  One of my daughters graduated from Horizons last year and the other is an eighth grader. As a board member, I will continue to a careful listener, probing questioner, and a voice that reminds us to stay close to our mission of guiding students to be self-directed learners and community contributors.
Shannon Waugh will begin her 3rd year teaching 1st and 2nd grade at Horizons K-8 in the fall of 2017. She joined Horizons as a long term sub in September 2015 and has continued on as full time teacher since November 2015. She was the 1/2 team representative at Big Picture the first half of this year, and is looking for more ways she can contribute to the Horizons community next year!

Beth Coleman:  As a member of the Horizons community since 1993, I have worn many different hats including those of teacher, parent, paraeducator, substitute, 504 coordinator, A&S coordinator, DAC representative, and more.

One hat I am currently wearing is the that of the Kindergarten Faculty representative of the Council Board. Although I have been interested in serving on the board for quite some time, four years ago I was pleased to be elected by my peers to serve on the Council Board for the first time. I believe it is everyone’s duty and privilege to serve on the Board at some point and was excited for the opportunity to do so.  My experience with the  structure of the Board compels me to continue in this role. I care very deeply about this school and plan to be here for a long time. Being on the Board allows me to contribute to the school in a meaningful way. It is one way for me to give back to a community I care about deeply.

Because of my devotion to helping make Horizons the best that it can be, and in an interest to serve the needs of all of the members of this community, I am eager to continue serving on the Board. Because I have such a diverse view of Horizons, I believe that I can see issues from a variety of perspectives. I can really understand the different views presented and can represent the needs of the faculty while honoring the needs of parents and, above all else, the students. I am able to make decisions based on what is for the greater good of the community. I am excited to have the opportunity to help shape who Horizons will become while honoring the beautiful past of this wonderful place I call home.

Thank you for considering me to serve as a Faculty Board member.

Jim Freund:  Hi – I would like to be considered for Horizons Board for the 2017-18 school year.   My interests in Horizons Board are to do my part in bringing the school forward and helping it grow and flourish while providing a link to the history and foundation of the school.  With the new governance structure, I think it will be very important to help navigate the path Horizons travels during this next year by listening to the community, sifting through great ideas, and being a part of a body sharing many different perspectives.

I have been on the Council Board for many years scattered over the last ten-or-so years including this school year.  I have been a teacher here for the past twenty years and have taught youngers (kindergarten, first, and second grade) as well as olders (fifth through eighth grade) at Horizons, so I have a broad sense of this place.  I have been a member of the Finance Review Committee for many years, so I have a strong sense of where we have been financially and where we are now.  I can provide references upon request, although most of them are between 11 and 14 years old.

I, Emmy Kurtz, am pleased to be joining the Horizons board for the 2017-2018 school year.  As a 3/4 teacher at Horizons, I see this as an opportunity to step into a leadership role and further support our school community as well as learn about the big picture of how our school is run.  As a teacher, I have focused my time and energy empowering students to take pride and ownership of their learning, just as I was taught as a student at Horizons many years ago.  I passionately believe in creating a safe and open environment in which students can connect to one another, share their learning experiences, develop their identities, and blossom into well-rounded, successful individuals.  It is with this lense that I step into this position on the board.


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