HK8 Parent-Led Pods Questionnaire

Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in learning more about HK8 Parent-Led Pods. Horizons Community Group has put together a questionnaire to help us understand our community’s needs and identify possible small groups for distance learning days.  Even if you are not interested, please fill out the first question of the questionnaire to opt-out of future communications about pods. You can fill out the online questionnaire here:
>> The questionnaire will be closed at midnight on Friday August 7th. If you’ve missed the deadline, please email  <<
This questionnaire will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Our parent community has expressed a variety of needs and a desire for details as soon as possible, so please bear with both the length of the questionnaire and the deadline. The 8/7 deadline will allow us time to process the data and contact families with possible pairings in advance of our 8/24 start date.
In an effort to reach all Horizons families, we are sending this URL via Skylines, Facebook and a mailing list of families expressing an interest in pods. As with any close-knit community, the very best way to reach every person is by word of mouth. Please mention this questionnaire to any Horizons family you think might not have heard about it. If you know of someone who has a barrier to accessing the questionnaire, encourage them to email us at to get help.
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