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With everything going on in the world, it was brought to my attention by someone who helps keep me organized, that I had not created an entry here at The Homebase for quite some time.

That reminder made me think once again about how much we depend on one another for so many aspects of our lives.  

We teach students to collaborate with one another and to ask questions when we need help.  This is probably the hardest part of education in this era of zoom meetings and social distancing.  At Horizons we have always been proud of how well we work together as a team. Whether it is teachers working with teachers, kids working with kids or specialists, or families being a part of the daily workings of our school.  These are things that are sorely missed these days.  That human connection of looking at people, seeing their whole face, and knowing that we are all there for the same goal of being a part of the school community of learning.

Even though that has been hard and very different from what we are used to and enjoy, I have seen some amazing things happening in the home learning experience.  Teachers have become experts in navigating virtual learning, setting up teams, and small groups, and adapting best educational practices to the digital world.  I have watched kids play games, take turns, present work, and hold readers workshops all from their own living rooms even though they may be miles away from one another.  

The world keeps changing and we keep changing along with it… and next week, we will change again!

Right after Martin Luther King Day, we will return to in-person learning, following the same hybrid schedule that we used before Thanksgiving. We are so eager to see the (partial)  faces of children and young adults once again, in the hallways, classrooms, tents, and a few still on screens.  With the help and support of our school community, some PPE, patience, and enthusiasm, we are hoping to be back to fully in-person learning as soon as possible.  Maybe even following spring break!  

We can’t do this alone.  We need the collaboration and support of all of our school community members to make it happen.  Just like I needed a reminder to update Homebase (Thank you, Hope!), we will all need to support one another and know that we have kids and our school community at the center of our purpose.  

For now, stay well, stay positive, wear your mask, and air hug a teacher.  See you all in person soon!

Lucas and Karen

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