Grocery Card Fundraiser- Join the Profits!

Local grocery stores are participating in a program where they donate money to Horizons K-8 on your behalf just by you doing your normal grocery shopping. By using the grocery card tied to Horizons K-8 to do your shopping, the grocery store will give a percentage (3%-25%) to Horizons. It’s an easy no-cost way to earn money for the school. Forms are available at the front office. Email with questions.
Please get your grocery cards and effortlessly make money for Horizons!
Reloadable Grocery Cards (all done at checkout, no need to go to customer service!)
Lucky’s Market: 7% rebate
King Soopers: 5% rebate
Safeway: 3% rebate
Prepaid Grocery Cards (pay via check or credit card at Horizons, pick up at front desk):
Glacier Ice Cream: 25% rebate
OZO Coffee: 15% rebate
Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts: 5% rebate
Whole Foods: 3% rebate (check only)
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