Feeding Families! Can you help?

Once again, students in Peter’s homeroom are partnering with Mt. View United Methodist Church’s social justice program (across the street) to assist those in need. With summer vacation less than a month away, some students and their families in Boulder County need some food assistance when the school free and reduced food programs are closed.

We would like to support the Feeding Families program through Community Food Share and create booster boxes for kids so that they have snacks during the summer months. Specifically, they are requesting items like:
-whole grain granola bars (Cascade Farms is a good brand)
-fruit leather strips made with real fruits
-healthy cereals
-pretzel/peanut butter or pretzel/hummus pack combos
-seaweed snacks
-applesauce packs (low or no sugar added- like the “Gogo squeeze” packs)
-Honest brand juice boxes
-Sunchips multigrain
-dried fruit, apple chips, etc.
-whole grain rice cakes
-boxes of raisins
-cuties oranges
Non-food items:
-band-aids and first-aid ointment cream
-bug spray

If you would like to donate, please have your child bring in these items before May 15 and place them in a box outside Peter’s classroom. Thanks so much and hope you can give.
Submitted by: Peter Hegelbach
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