Extended Learning Lunch Opportunity for Students

Our 5th thru 8th graders will have the opportunity to listen and learn from Dr. Mark Olsky.  Dr. Olsky will present at our monthly Learning Lunch on Monday,  March 18th in the afternoon.

Mark Olsky is the grandfather of two students at Horizons. He’s a doctor who still teaches emergency medicine at the University of Wisconsin and elsewhere.

At nearly 74, he is one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. He was born on a train and, as a newborn baby, was marked for death by the Nazis. Mark escaped death narrowly when the war officially ended.  He was two weeks old! His mother, three aunts and an uncle were the only survivors.  He and his family lived for four years in Germany as refugees. No country in the world, including the US, wanted them. They moved to Israel, a country that wasn’t formed legally until 1948. He came to the US at almost age 14, 60 years ago. Due to limited English, he was placed in classes for “slow” students.

Four years ago (2015) a book, “Born Survivors” by Wendy Holden, was published about the birth of three babies, including Mark,  in Nazi captivity. It became an international best seller, translated into 20 languages.

Thanks to the Diversity and Inclusion committee for bringing Dr. Olsky our way.  Please ask your students about their time with Dr. Olsky.

Submitted by our school counselor, Sherry Davis

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