Dress for Recess

Every day at recess we have many students huddling near the door, too cold to enjoy their time outside.  The majority of these students are not dressed for the weather.  We constantly hear, “I didn’t know it was going to be THIS cold”.

This is a great time for a learning moment in preparing/planning for the day.  Check the forecast before your student leaves for school.  What will the temperature be at 10:15 (morning recess)? What will the temperature be at lunchtime? If they have after-school sports outside, what will the temperature be at that time?  What type of clothing will I need at each of these times? Do I need to bring a pair of sweats for recess, a warm coat for the morning, or a lighter coat? Together, you can ensure your student is as ready as we can be in Colorado, for having fun at recess!
Submitted by Kateri Saeks, Para
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