Diplomats’ Book Fair Fundraising Event

The Diplomats Club is a group of 7/8th grade students changing our world through community service, student life and leadership.  This fall we received a request to partner with an elementary school in Denver that is highly econmically impacted. Literacy is so critical for our students and we’d like to enrich their community with new books that they can choose at the book fair.    The students at Fairview Elementary School in Denver, CO. will receive a visit from our Diplomats this spring to share their passion for reading. 

Our dream is to bring a book fair to the school, allowing each and every student the chance to pick out any book they find interesting and be able to take that book or activity home with them.  We hope to provide up to $20.00 for every student at Fairview Elementary.  

The Diplomats have accepted the challenge and is making this wish into reality by offering bakery & book sales:  February 21 & 28 after school AND has even created a GoFundMe page to help with the effort.  

Select the GoFundMe Community Donation Page to participate in the book fair project. 

Thanks so much for your generosity and support for this student-led project. 

Any questions may be directed to Diplomat leads of this project: Anya, June, Sydney, Rheya and Quinnie.


Project sponsors: Gretchen Rech & the Carmel Hill Fund, non-profit focused on connecting kids to books – along with Karen, Ryan and Sherry Co-Advisors to our HK8 Diplomats Club


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