Council- This Thursday 1/16

We will be voting on our revised budget this Thursday.  It is important that we have a quorum for this so please consider attending.

Agenda of the Horizons Council Meeting

Thursday, 1/16/20 630-830 PM

Free childcare provided

Hospitality provided by the 7/8 Team, Julie Alhowik and Julia Haas

Minutes: TBD

Facilitators:  Lucas Ketzer & Paul Martin

6:30 Introductions

6:40 Revised Budget

7:00 Charter Contract Update

7:15 Climate Survey – Extracurricular Activities

7:30 Committee Reports
DAC-Mary Gaylord, DPC- Karla Scornavacco, Diversity- Erica Baruch, FRC- Tyler Currie, Board Report- Lucas Ketzer, HCG- Callie Gartner

8:00 Closing

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