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Update to the Horizons Community re: reopening plans

Horizons Community,

We hope you are safe, healthy, and enjoying the wonderful Colorado summer! As you are aware, the decision about how to return to school safely is one that is weighing heavily on this community. Within the last few days, we convened the Horizons Council to gather community input. We also surveyed families and teachers to hear their thoughts about returning to Horizons under different phases. The Horizons Board met on Wednesday evening to synthesize all of this data and information and has directed the Horizons reopening committee to formulate a plan that best meets the needs of our community. As a charter school, we have the opportunity to deviate from the school district with respect to our back to school plan. Because we would like to further mitigate the risk of COVID exposure to our families, students, and staff, our plan may be somewhat more restrictive than the Phase 3 reopening plan that the Boulder Valley School District has communicated. This plan may be a slower start, more like a Phase 2 reopening, and will provide opportunities for small groups of students to meet with teachers, as well as a home learning component. The committee is tasked with presenting the plan to the Horizons Board at the next Board meeting, which is scheduled for August 6th from 6-7:30. This meeting, as with all Horizons Board meetings, is open to the public. 

In addition, we know that families have been receiving communication and surveys from BVSD. These surveys help the district plan for different scenarios in a Phase 3 reopening, so we would encourage you to fill them out, although because Horizons is a charter, the information you submit is not binding.  Given that our reopening plan may look somewhat different from the districts’, the surveys and communication may not be relevant to our community, We want to assure our community that the responses that you may have already provided to BVSD regarding opting in or out of online learning will not bind you to a choice at Horizons.  We are planning to send out a Horizons survey to our families once our reopening plan is finalized to gauge which of our families will opt to participate in home learning or in-person learning with Horizons. 

Finally, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the official start date to school has been pushed back one week to August 24th. Stay tuned for an updated version of the Horizons calendar. 

Thank you all so much for your support, flexibility, and dedication to our wonderful community!


The Horizons Board of Directors


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