Colder Weather Often Means….Lice!

If your student has lice, it is important to report it to the school, and to following these guidelines.

From the BVSD Director of School Nurses:

Evidence-based practice is that school lice checks are not cost efficient or particularly helpful. Parents checking at home, treating effectively at home (using public health or their provider’s advice) is best since we don’t want to get into the business of recommending products or methods.

The large majority of new cases of lice are spread from out-of-school contact. Teachers will be taking measures in the classroom to minimize the chances for the spread of lice at school. Your school’s health paraeducator, your pharmacist or healthcare provider can discuss treatment procedures with you.

It is critical that a proven, medical method of lice removal be followed completely in order for the child to be allowed back at school.

Please notify our health-room if your child is returning to school, following lice treatment.  BVSD requires that students returning after treatment have a health-room lice check prior to joining their classroom communities. It is important that you recheck (pick nits) for a period of time in order to make sure no eggs have hatched.

 If lice are suspected on a child while at school, we will notify you to pick up your child for at-home treatment. The child will need to be treated before they can re-enter school.

Your cooperation in helping prevent the spread of lice in our school is greatly appreciated. Contact the school for more information or if the problem continues.

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