Class placement: Is your child transitioning to a new grade level next year?

Dear Horizons Families,

In April and May, our faculty begins a thoughtful and complete class placement process for students who are transitioning to a new grade level for the 2018-19 school year. Teachers gather a variety of information and perspectives to make a placement that offers each child a set of relationships and an environment that helps them to thrive. While we highly value our caring and nurturing classrooms, throughout the year our teachers work together as teams to address the needs of all  students they are serving: inside of their own classrooms, across grade levels, and at a whole school level. Your children will work with a number of our talented teachers, as well as their homeroom teachers. We are grateful to be so thoroughly trusted with this process, and of course, welcome your input regarding your child’s needs. Please note that your child will remain with their teacher for two years at each grade level (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8).

In determining placement, teachers consider a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioral developmental levels and needs. This important work helps us create positive class environments which enable a student to reach their potential.  We consider the following when establishing balanced classroom communities:

  •      A range of academic abilities
  •      A child’s physical and social maturity
  •      Students benefiting from being together or being separated
  •      A balance of leadership skills— academic, social, and other skills
  •      Student friendships
  •      The number of years students have been together
  •      Fair distribution of children with exceptionalities
  •      Gender balance

 Parent requests for specific teachers will not be considered, however, you are welcome to provide a letter addressing your student’s needs  as we engage in placement work. If you have input regarding your child’s needs, please send this information to me in writing no later than April 30th, and I will make sure that it reaches the appropriate teacher teams. Thank you for trusting teachers to help ensure a positive and successful year ahead for your children through a comprehensive process over the course of the next two months.

Lastly, Horizons families will be notified of their individual class placement in the second week of August 2018 via email from homeroom teachers. Once we have received everyone’s permission to publish email addresses, class lists will be available.  All-school class lists will no longer be available publicly via the back to school packet, website or Skylines, as BVSD policy requires that we don’t post class lists publicly. Thanks for understanding — we are not trying to keep information from families, but rather respect privacy policies that we are required to follow.

We are looking forward to helping your children thrive next year!

Best wishes,

Lauren Tracey & the Horizons Faculty

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