In case you missed the auction!

We are so excited to have raised funds to support our new maker culture as it grows and evolves during the coming years! The money raised at the auction on Saturday night will complement the Innovation funds that are a part of our Bond monies. We are also excited to be hiring a full time STEAM and innovation coordinator! If you haven’t had a chance to donate and become a part of our new maker movement, it’s not too late!!

If you’d like to learn more about creating a maker space at Horizons, spend a few minutes enjoying this short vimeo, and see Horizons’ kids in action — tinkering, inventing, and entertaining their imaginations. We are dreaming big, and we want you to be a part of it! Thank you to all of the Horizons parents who contributed to our paddle raiser! If you’re inspired too, here’s a link to RevTrak! Make your donation and be a part of the Maker Movement at Horizons.

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