Board Meeting Agenda: November 9, 2017

Board Meeting Agenda

November 9, 2017

Our mission is to guide K-8 students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful and caring learning environment.

Our vision is to share a commitment to educational excellence that supports parents, students, staff, and community members in creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment. At Horizons, students and adults work together to strengthen their skills and maximize potential.

Timekeeper: Kelly Garrison  Process Observer: TBD Secretary/minutes: Julie Dye



6:00 Welcome to board members:  C, C, C’s

           Welcome to guests

           Process observer invites Public Comment: guests, faculty, staff x 2 minutes speaking per guest

 Consent items

6:10 (2) Approval of agenda

           (5) Approval of minutes:  October 12, 2017      

  Reports, Actions, Discussion items

6:17 (10) Principal’s report – prior reading; questions from the board


           (10) Finance Review Committee – PERA Impacts & Audit

           (5)   Open Enrollment Committee for open house events

           (10) Development Committee – Auction update

           (5)   TAG update

           (5)   Principal Evaluation team

           (5)   Board 101 training update Nov. 13th 4-7:15


7:20     (5)   Teacher-led Leadership structure update

           (10)  Bee hive proposal

           (5)    Upcoming Charter school leader meeting 11/29/17


7:45     (10) Strategic planning, bond, innovation


7:55      Adjourn


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