Board Meeting Agenda- 10-12-17

Horizons K-8 Board Meeting Agenda

October 12, 2017

Our mission is to guide K-8 students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful and caring learning environment. Our vision is to share a commitment to educational excellence that supports parents, students, staff, and community members in creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment. At Horizons, students and adults work together to strengthen their skills and maximize potential.

Timekeeper: Kelly Garrison Process Observer: TBD Secretary/minutes: Julie Dye
6:00 Welcome to board members: C, C, C’s
Welcome to guests
Process observer invites Public Comment: guests, faculty, staff x 2 minutes speaking per guest

II. Consent items
6:10 (2) Approval of agenda
(5) Approval of minutes: September 7, 2017

III. Reports, Actions, Discussion items
6:17 Principal’s report – prior reading: questions from board
7:00 (24) – Finance Review Report –
(4) Proposal- Paul Martin as FRC member
(10) Discussion – Bylaws treasurer description antiquated.

(10) FY 18 Working Budget

Audit cycle has begun

(5) Board 101 Training update
(10) Moolah and Auction update
(1) Principal Evaluation committee report
(5) Update TAG students
(5) Proposal Employee Handbook update – review by committee
(5) Charter renewal team & BVSD Board policy waivers
(5) Compensation Committee recommendations to policy & practices
(2) Hiring updates
Hired: Dana Levin as ⅞ Para; Diane Diesh as part-time health room para
(5) Ok action items
(5) Process observer comments
Board training scheduled for TBD – Frank to schedule
Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 9.

8:13 Adjourn

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