Volunteers Needed….

It is so much fun to assist and cashier at Artastic. It’s a hoot!  A group of friends can sign up together and just take in the winter wonderland where all your holiday shopping can be done. Setting up is easy and quick. To volunteer, please click here.

A R T A S T I C  H O L I D A Y  M A R K E T is a school fundraiser event, held in our gym and for the benefit of our school. In previous years, Horizons K-8 School has organized close to 40 vendors and hosted anywhere from 150 to 250 people who’ve purchased pottery, photography, art, crafts, clothes, jewelry, baked goods, handmade soaps, paintings, handmade cards, eclectic fiber art, and everything in-between.   We’ve decided to extend our hours by one full hour. You’ll notice that all of our marketing lists A R T A S T I C hours from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This is due to the crowd increase towards the end of the market.

If you are a handmaker, artisan or crafter please email horizonsartastic@gmail.com.  We would love to showcase your art.

And we need volunteers.

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