An End of Year Message from Lucas & Karen

Welcome to the end of a school year that started off a little late and ended up stranger than fiction.  

When Lucas and Karen started last summer, the building was still under construction and we couldn’t really see what it truly looked like.  We held our offices in a different school and learned to work remotely.  (Who knew that those skills would serve us so well in the end.) Gradually the school opened up and the school year began.  It became clear to us how wonderful Horizons K8 truly was.  

Having teachers and students in the building made it light up.  We watched as students began their thinking and learning and you could almost hear the hum.  It was magical!

Students and teachers, unconfined to desks and rooms, learned all over the place.  On the floor, in the halls, the nook, the playground, the park….

Then, one day the world just seemed to change.  We went home, and home we stayed.  This was our new place to learn and the way we did it changed too.  We wondered, will this change the way that students learn and teachers teach?

Thankfully, at Horizons we teach students to think differently;  way outside of the box, to always ask questions, and how to refine the art of problem solving.  In order to do that, our master problem solvers – our teachers -got to work and found ways to bring a love of learning to our students that might not have been the same, but were still engaging and meaningful. Although we might be remote,  we are never far from the heart of our community.

Although our youngest students often look up to us as all-knowing (a feeling that tends to wear off as they grow as tall as we are), just like you we don’t know what the future will hold.  What we do know, is that no matter what, we will be back at school in one way or another in the fall.  There will be more joy, more learning, more laughter, and more adventure ahead of us, here at Horizons K8.  

Have a wonderful summer.  Stay safe.  Be well.  See you all soon! 

Lucas and Karen

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