A note from MO, our new PE Teacher

For PE Class: 

Attire: Please have your child wear comfortable fitting and safe clothing for active play and moving.  Athletic shoes on PE days allow your child to participate fully. Safety and full participation are very important and can be limited without proper clothes and shoes. Boots, shoes with heels, flip flops, open toe shoes/sandals, and crocs are discouraged. As a general rule, toes need to be covered, the shoe needs to be snug to the foot, and has tread for running, skipping, galloping, shuffling, pivoting, jumping, climbing and stopping. 

Participation: ​If a child is in school, it is assumed that they are healthy and capable of participating in all PE activities.  Please send a note or email if your child needs to be excused from PE due to injury or illness so we can have an alternative plan during class time. Please provide a doctor’s note for extended circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact me, moreno.robbins@bvsd.org

To learn more about Mo, and the philosophy top physical ed that he brings to Horizons, Look here

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