2019-20 Important Information

  • To see schedule of events, and important dates for the 2019-20 school year, click here.
    We hope that by having this information now, you will be able to schedule family travel during the 189 days we are not in school.  Family travel taken during curricular days is unexcused.
  • To access our Daily Schedule, which, by the way, is not published publicly, look here.
  • To access The 2019-20 School Supply List and Budgeting Info, click here.

Many students require medication as well as inhalers and EpiPens. If your student needs to keep medications on the school premises this form needs to be returned with the medicines.  We encourage you to have this ready to go when we begin school.  All of our students leave on outdoor education experiences in September and it is important to have medications ready to go.

Lastly, class lists.  Horizons concurs with BVSD’s schedule of when class lists should be distributed.  However, this year, due to our late start, you will be receiving an email with your child’s class placement on August 12, in the afternoon.  Thanks for your patience!

Have a wonderful summer relaxing and adventuring with your family!


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