2019-20 Important Information

  • To see schedule of events, and important dates for the 2019-20 school year, click here.
    We hope that by having this information now, you will be able to schedule family travel during the 189 days we are not in school.  Family travel taken during curricular days is unexcused.
  • To access our Daily Schedule, which, by the way, is not published publicly, look here.
  • To access The 2019-20 School Supply List and Budgeting Info, click here.

Many students require medication as well as inhalers and EpiPens. If your student needs to keep medications on the school premises this form needs to be returned with the medicines.  We encourage you to have this ready to go when we begin school.  All of our students leave on outdoor education experiences in September and it is important to have medications ready to go.

Lastly, class lists.  Horizons concurs with BVSD’s schedule of when class lists should be distributed.  However, this year, due to our late start, you will be receiving an email with your child’s class placement on August 13, in the afternoon.  Thanks for your patience!

Have a wonderful summer relaxing and adventuring with your family!


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Saturday, August 17th 1-4 PM

Join us we beautify and organize our school environment.  

Children are welcome to help out.

Teachers need assistance in classrooms. There will also be lists of tasks posted at the school, both inside & outside jobs.   

Bring cleaning and gardening tools if you have them.

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Kinder Playdates

 Hello, fellow Kinder families! We will be having a few playdates

over the summer to allow the kids to get acquainted. Please come to all or 1, whatever your summer allows.

Kinder play dates are
June 15 10-12 Waneka Lake
July 13 10-12 East Boulder Rec
August 3 10-12 North Boulder Park
August 18 10-12 location TBA (tentatively at Horizons playground if construction permits)
Please feel free to bring a picnic, as there will be a picnic area, or just drop in for a few. See you there!
Allyson and Andrea
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Volunteering at Horizons

Horizons relies on parents to bring their creative thoughts and energies to our school- to help, to teach, to assist and to add to our wonderful learning community.  There are a number of ways to volunteer and we encourage you to think about how you might best offer your time and talent.  In order to volunteer, you have to be background checked.  There are two ways to do this.  Click here.

We use a website called helpatschool.org to sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Check it out!

Horizons Community Group, our version of the parent arm of a PTA, plans parent-bonding and parent-education events.  The HCG meets twice a month; once with an informative speaker and once to share in projects that support events in the school.  If you are interested in learning more about HCG, please email callie.gartner@gmail.com.  Classroom Liaisons are part of HCG. Their job is to communicate teacher needs to classroom parents and assist teachers with classroom needs.  Liaisons meet once a month to discuss and support school and classroom events.  Ideally, each classroom has two liaisons.  If you are interested in assisting your child’s teacher by being a liaison, please email Rob at rhoransky@gmail.com.

We have a Development Committee, which explores ways to raise money for our school.  Our biggest fundraising event is our annual auction. To assist with fundraising, please email julie.dye303@gmail.com.

Events that require volunteers are our Annual Artastic Market in December, the Pancake Breakfast in January, and the Auction in March/April.  All of these events build community and are fun and a super great way to meet people.

Other committees are Yearbook, Diversity & Inclusion, and The Green Team.  In many schools, faculty take on these tasks.  By volunteering, we give teachers more opportunity to focus on teaching our kids.

You are invited to attend Council, which is our governance model. You and I are council members and have an opportunity to vote and bring topics to be discussed. Some school-wide decisions are made at Council and it’s an excellent way to learn about Horizons and to have a voice.  You meet fellow parents and get a glimpse into the workings of the school and student learning. The Council calendar is on the all school events calendar so you can plan in advance.

Please take a moment and volunteer in a way that speaks to you. All are welcome!!

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8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation

CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2019! You truly are incredibly powerful young people and I cannot wait to see how you use that power as you move onto the adventures ahead! Thank you for all you have taught me in our time together! ❤️…Teran Sittner, 8th-grade teacher



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Staff Farewell Brunch

Horizons staff enjoyed a farewell brunch today.  Join us as we bid farewell to our wonderful colleagues and friends.

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End of Year Clap out & Assembly

On the last day of school for 8th graders, we all stand in the hallway and cheer each grade as they walk into our end-of-year assembly.  Then, Lauren celebrated the achievements and rite of passage of each grade.  We were regaled by the choir as we said goodbye to a number of cherished staff.

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Ending the Year with an Indoor Fun Day

Snow?  That’s okay- we know how to rally!

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Visions of the Mini Marathon

Running to the finish line, and to the end of the school year.

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Community Input: Governance

We are happy to welcome input on the following three items for the fall of 2019.

The three documents are available for review for fall 2019 consideration by the Horizons Council which include two Bylaws revisions and the Articles of Incorporation. We are seeking community input via this Google form and responses will be made available to Council members.

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