Celebrating Lynn! Impact Awards 2018

Our very own, Lynn Dobransky Pence, was honored last week at the Impact Awards! The Impact Awards celebration recognizes individuals in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) who have an extraordinary impact on student learning through innovative teaching skills, exception job dedication, and inspirational leadership. Starting in 2018, Impact on Education is proud to recognize one individual from every BVSD school. This year, we are also introducing the Blake Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award, which acknowledges a member of the BVSD community who has demonstrated commitment to the success of BVSD students and to building a brighter future for BVSD schools.

Lynn takes pride in creating learning environments that help students challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone, in the academic, social, and critical realms of thinking- she believes that all students are capable of accomplishing great things. 



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No Pizza Friday 3/23

Friendly reminder, due to spring conferences, pizza Friday will be cancelled on March 23, 2018. Enjoy Spring Break!


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5/6 Arts Sharing Monday 3/19- 6:30

Come and celebrate the learning our 5th/6th graders have been doing in their Art, Movement, Music, and Technology Rotation classes at a sharing on Monday 3/19 from 6:30-8:00PM in the Horizons gym. Be dazzled by the prowess of circus artists, groove to the music of the marimbas, be moved by the handbell players, choir performers, and dancers. Be inspired by the innovative projects from our STEAM class. All are welcome!


Submitted by Lynn Dobransky Pence

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Notes From Coffee Connections

Lauren joined us for Coffee Connections last Friday to give parents insight into how our children are learning math at Horizons.  The approach to math instruction today is so different from how many in our parent community learned in school, so many of us are left scratching our heads when kids show us how they are learning math.  A few parents commented that even in lower grades, helping kids with math by showing them what we learned seemed to do more harm than good, leaving both parents and   students frustrated.  But with a little background on the ideas behind the approach, everyone attending agreed, it makes a lot of sense.  We also discussed some strategies for helping even if you don’t have much background in how they are learning concepts.

Kids today are learning to understand math concepts in a very concrete way before being asked to abstract to written equations to solve math problems.  In the past, mathematics instruction moved very quickly to the abstraction, or in many cases, just started with pencil-on-paper problem solving.  Lauren demonstrated a variety of tools/toys our teachers use to help students visualize and literally put their hands on math concepts.  As kids develop a concrete understanding of things like arithmetic, place value, fractions, percentage and math operations, they move first towards pictorial representation and then develop the ability to solve problems on paper, and mentally in a more abstract way.

Here are some ideas for helping kids with math at home:

Ask your child to teach you how they’re learning.  If they get stuck, help them formulate specific questions to take back to their teacher to help with the next step.

Be sure that your child understands that there are many correct ways to solve a math problem.  The school is teaching a variety of strategies because some will resonate better with an individual, and some will be better suited to solve a certain sort of problem.  The idea is to provide the student and multiple tools to approach math.

Know that the school is using objects (like tape diagrams and blocks) and other techniques (like number lines and “friendly numbers”) to help kids understand math in a concrete way.  If you want to demonstrate a math concept to your child, approach it visually rather than using equations.  Kids aren’t learning the algorithm method (what most of us learned, lining numbers up in columns by place value) until they’ve mastered concepts, modeling, and flexible thinking. 

If you have concerns about being able to help with your child’s math, address it with your classroom teacher.  That way you can focus on where your child is stuck and formulate a plan for how you can help most effectively at home.

Submitted by Callie Gartner
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Prescription Glasses Found

These glasses were turned into the main office, they were found in the boy’s bathroom on Friday 3/16.

Please email horizonsk8.office@bvsd.org and we’ll put your name on them!

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Horizons Happenings

5/6 Marimba

3/4 at History Colorado

5/6 Explorer Notebook Presentations

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Parents Needed For Hiring Committees

At Horizons K-8 we value the diversity of our hiring committees, including parent participation and input. At this time we are seeking interested parents who would like to donate some time by joining a hiring committee. We are only in the name gathering stages. Our hiring season typically begins in May and can continue through summer into August. Interested parents may be called upon for one hiring committee in that window. Please don’t be concerned about vacation plans, we will work with people’s availability.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Lauren Tracey by email with the subject line, Parent Hiring Committee.

Thank you for your interest in serving our school.





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Horizons Water Bottle Filling Stations

Over winter break, Horizons was outfitted with two water bottle filling stations! The stations provide filtered water and aim to reduce the number of disposable plastic water bottles we rely upon. The filling stations are cleverly disguised right in with the drinking fountains. One can be found near the gymnasium and the second is installed outside the computer lab. Please encourage your child to refill at our stations and even share with you the number of water bottles we have helped eliminate by reusing our own water bottles! We are currently at 3,888 at the refill station outside the computer lab and 2,295 outside the gym. I wonder how many more we can refill before summer arrives!



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The Auction Is Around The Corner- 4/14/18

Join us for the Horizons K-8 biennial auction and gala at E-Town Hall on Saturday April 14th ! There will fun games, food, drinks, and our very own fabulous school band The Rents. The auction committee is starting to update the bulletin board outside the cafeteria, so keep an eye out for cool items you can win!  We are looking forward to spending a festive evening together with our community, let’s make it the best year yet!

Tickets go on sale in March!

Please contact Barb with any donation related inquiries you may have.


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What's Happening Around Horizons?

Classrooms are brimming with arts, music, technology, and movement!

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