Grocery Cards made Easy

We would like you to help Horizons raise funds by getting reloadable grocery cards.

We will be outside next Fri 8/25 to offer and sell these to you.

Everytime you make a food purchase at your favorite grocery store, Horizons receives a percentage back.

Look for us next Friday.

…..Grocery Committee

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Eclipse Info

Dear Horizons Families,

As you may have heard in the news, Colorado will have a front-row seat to a rare astronomical event next week. On Monday, August 21, a solar eclipse will darken the sun for a period of time, giving our students an excellent opportunity to engage in real-life science by simply stepping outside.

During the event, the moon will slide in front of the sun. At its peak, in the Boulder area, about 93% of the sun will be blocked.

More information about the eclipse is available from NASA at

With the proper precautions, the viewing will be completely safe and a great opportunity for learning. Horizons has a variety of “nasa approved” glasses in part thanks to a generous donation from Phil Mehalko and Ball Corporation. Our teachers have received safety tips from BVSD to ensure a safe experience for all students.

Additionally, some classes may utilize a pinhole projector to see the eclipse’s impact.

Parents may wish to speak to their children about eclipse safety. Simply let them know that it is only safe to look directly at the sun when using the specially designed eclipse glasses, which will be provided.

We expect many of our teachers will take their students outside, knowing that this real-life event will spark learning not only on the day of, but perhaps for days and weeks afterwards.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions.


Lauren Tracey

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Starting the Year Off Right....Communication Agreements

Horizons Communication Agreements

We agree to…

Be direct. Discuss your concern with the person (parent, teacher, etc.) with whom you are having a conflict or a problem

Be clear about your concerns.  Keep the issue specific to your personal experience, trusting you will be received in a nonjudgmental way

Ask for help. All teachers have been trained in communication strategies. Feel free to ask your teacher, other teachers, and administration for communication assistance

Listen without judgment. Make sure to understand the speaker’s message and concerns; paraphrase to ensure and demonstrate accurate understanding

Be respectful. Believe other people’s messages/views are real for them

Maintain a communication structure for the school that is known by all community members

Work together to meet challenges

…in a way that…

    • Builds our relationships through honesty and empathy
    • Works to find win/win outcomes
    • Keeps a disagreement problem-based
    • Is blame-free
    • Keeps the well-being of the children first
    • Supports/upholds the goals and philosophies of Horizons
    • Creates a shared solution

 Horizons Bylaws and the Charter contract can be found on the website

BVSD policies can be found at


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Board Meeting Agenda 8-17-17

August 17, 2017
Our mission is to guide K-8 students to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful and caring learning environment.
Our vision is to share a commitment to educational excellence that supports parents, students, staff, and community members in creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment. At Horizons, students and adults work together to strengthen their skills and maximize potential.

Open meetings

Timekeeper: TBD Process Observer: TBD
6:00 Welcome to board members: C, C, C’s
Welcome to guests
Public Comment: guests, faculty, staff
6:05 Warm-up exercise – getting to know your board members

II. Consent items
6:20 Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes: June 8, 2017
June Minutes
Approval of officers

III. Reports, Actions, Discussion items
6:30 Principal’s report
Board Agreements from August, 2016
Overview of Board work for the year
Board meeting functioning processes
Directors and Officers Liability Policy covered via BVSD self-insurance pool, confirmed
Proposal to amend bylaws regarding faculty members
Compliance with Sunshine Laws; open meeting laws
Board 101 class offered through Colorado League of Charter Schools
Documenting board approved policies
Board committee charters; Board committee jobs
Public commenting sign-ups and limits

Executive Committee:
Co-Chair: Vice-Chair: Faculty-Chair:

Finance Review: Elected Treasurer, one faculty and one parent in addition to Lauren Tracey, Joan and Denise are also members of this committee.
Development: Kelly Garrison, one faculty member, and Lauren Tracey
Compensation: Jim Freund, Frank Bruno, Jill Siegel-Stone, and Lauren Tracey

7:10 Finance Review Report

FY 18 Working Budget
Audit cycle has begun for FY17
Budget Talking Points


Employee Handbook Approval
Board hiring policies
Hiring updates
Recommendation to hire: Bryanna Wehr, PE & Aftercare
Dual role Benefit discussion
Recommendation to hire: Jeff Bushnell, ⅞ Para
Classified hiring update: Sophia Krauth, Kinder Para, Aftercare
Classified hiring update: Lisa Finnigan, Health room para and office support
Seeking ¾ para, Long term Spec. Ed. Elementary Sub, 2nd Aftercare Para, 6-8 Spec. Ed.

Ok action items
Process observer comments
Next regularly scheduled meeting needs to be rescheduled from Sept. 13th due to OE conflict

IV. Executive Session­Personnel CRS Section 24­6­402(4)(f); none planned

V. Adjourn

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Horizons Website & Skylines

All news about Horizons is posted on our website and also is distributed bi-weekly through our newsletter, Skylines.

We have archived the Horizons Facebook page and encourage all to visit:


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Can you be a liaison??????

A liaison is a parent who assists a teacher throughout the year in various activities.  These might include classroom pot lucks, getting the word out about classroom events, helping with field trips, coordinating a classroom auction item, creating your classroom’s master cleaning list.

This year’s liaisons will only meet 5 times: September, December, March, April (to plan teacher luncheon) & May.

Please consider this great volunteer position.  Liaisons really help our school run smoothly.

The following classes need liaisons:  Traci, Wendy, Emmy, Natalie, Pat, Jim, Stacey & Teran.  If you are a parent in one of these classes, please help out.

Interested?  Questions?  Email Rob at



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Crossing Guard Needed

Horizons needs two crossing guards.

We could use you from 820-835 AM, or from 325-345 PM, Mon – Thurs, and on Fridays from 1240-1255 PM.

We will train you, give you a spiffy orange vest and your very own stop/slow sign.  This is an important volunteer opportunity and helps to keep all of our students safe at a busy time of day.

If you are interested, please let Hope know. 


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What August Looks Like.....

Wed, Aug 16 First Day Grades 5-8 1-330 PM

Thu, Aug 17 First Full Day for K-8 8:30 – 3:30 PM

  • 7/8s to Chautauqua Park
  • Parent Coffee 830 AM – please stop by outside for a cup of coffee and a time to meet & greet.  Tissues will be provided for kindergarten parents
  • Fingerprinting at Horizons 330-6 PM – come to The Hub after school and get fingerprinted conveniently. Getting fingerprinted now will serve as a background check for the next 10 years at BVSD

Fri, Aug 18 Back to School Pool Party for Students & Parents 1-4 PM at Colorado Athletic Club (Flatirons)  

Mon & Tues, Aug. 21-22 Kindergarten Assessment Days– individual times scheduled

Tues, Aug 29 Vision & Hearing Screening 8:30-noon (Grades K,1,2,3,5,7)

Wed, Aug 30 Picture Day 8:30 – 1 PM – Individual & Class photos- wear a solid colored top

Thurs, Aug 31 Back To School Night K-8 (in Lieu of Council) 6:30 PM
Sessions will be scheduled for families with multiple children.  Stay tuned

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Vision/Hearing Opt out

If you would like your student to opt-out of Vision & Hearing on August 29 (Grades, K,1,2,3,5,7 and students new to BVSD), please fill out the attached form and return to Lisa, our Health Para.

Monitoring Waiver-Vision Screening

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Save the Date...Back To School Pool Party

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