Helping our Community

Hello Horizons Community,

It has been a rollercoaster start to 2022! Thank you so much for your patience. It’s been so touching to see our community come together, as everyone has been eager to hear how we can help families impacted by the events of the past week.

We know this is going to be a marathon not a sprint. We are working to find ways to balance the outpouring of support for families suffering losses and traumas big and small with families’ need for privacy and their bandwidth to accept and assess what they really need now and as we continue to rebuild our daily lives.

We have collected some information below that we hope will help both people wanting to support families and for families needing assistance.

Horizons Community Group

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Covid Hates Pancakes!

You might have seen on our calendar that we were supposed to have our annual pancake breakfast on January 28th. Well, unfortunately, we can’t do that this year. BUT! Covid can’t stop us from wearing our PJs to school!

So January 28th is an official Horizons PJ Day!

Come one, come all, come comfy!

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COVID Testing is now available WEEKLY at Horizons K8!

We are thrilled to let our school community know that we will now be holding our mobile testing every week!

Upcoming Dates Are:


  • Tuesday 18th
  • Wednesday 26th


  • Tuesday 1st
  • Wednesday 9th
  • Tuesday 15th
  • Wednesday 23rd

Please sign your student up using this link and stay well!

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We Are Restarting Our Mask Fundraiser!

We are restarting our fundraiser to provide all HK8 kids with free, reusable high filtration masks. 

With the fundraiser, we hope to raise $7500 to provide high filtration masks school-wide for the spring. 

We hope every family will contribute what is reasonable for them. Masks cost about $2 a piece and one child’s mask needs for a semester runs about $32. Please consider donating more to provide masks for more children.

HK8 Mask donations link

If you would like your student to receive masks, please fill out a Mask Request Form. If you have ordered before, you can change your order or put in a new order. We will be ordering KF94s and earloop-style N95s; they perform very similarly when well fitted.

If you want to order masks, links to suppliers are in this Mask Info Spreadsheet. We have used,, and to place mask orders. All of these sites have good prices and products.

Reminder that vaccines and Covid testing continue to be important; community transmission is high. Find a vaccine or booster. BVSD offers free testing. Test often to keep your loved ones and community safe!


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Some of our kindergarteners chose to shovel the swing area as a community service project while others were doing their Covid testing and serving their community that way! We are so proud of them!

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STEAM Club is Full

Thanks for your interest!

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Board Meeting Thursday, January 13, 2022

Board Agenda

6 PM
Welcome & Invitation for Public Comment
Approval of Consent Agenda Including Minutes 12/9/21

625 PM
Head of School Updates

  • HOS Goals

Finance Review Committee

  • Update

Mission, Vision, Values Update & Discussion

Strategic Planning Update & Discussion

7:55 Process Observer

8 PM
End Meeting

Board Meetings are open meetings. 

Join Zoom Meeting

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Equity, Diversity, & Belonging Meeting Jan 18

Please join us!

5:30 -7pm

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Horizons Parents' Facebook Page

Do you know we have a Horizons Parent‘s Facebook page? You can find it at HK8 Parents and Families. It’s not run by the school, and the school staff is not responsible for the contents. We are currently using this Facebook page to help direct families to support resources and to share ways that the community can help. 

We follow some rules to make it a safe and friendly place. It’s a private group, so you have to request to be added. We observe our school’s Communication Agreements and don’t post photos of kids without their parent’s permission. It’s not a place for politics or controversy. If you have a problem at school, it is not a place to vent that. Please speak with your classroom teacher or an administrator if you have school concerns. Posts that don’t adhere to our rules will be removed, but we’ll let you know why and help you find the right place to direct your message.

It IS a place to find playdates, after school activities, organize carpools, get reminders about social, educational and service events in or out of school. It’s fine to mention your business or offer services, advertise your garage sale. You’re welcome to mention your friend’s neighbor’s uncle, who is looking for  a home for a pet.

To join, search Facebook for HK8 Parents and Families and request to be added. If you have any trouble joining, send an email to and we’ll help.
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BVSD Closure and Delays

As a reminder, Horizons always follows BVSD closures and delays.

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