A Thanksgiving Gift

Enjoy the sound:  KINDERVOICES


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Minutes of the 11/16 Horizons Council Meeting

Minutes, Council, November 16, 2017

  1. Introductions
  2. Activity: Expressing and Sharing Gratitude
  3. Concordance
  4. Open Forum:
    1. African Community Center-Refugee First Thanksgiving, Monday, 11/20, 5-9pm
    2. Upcoming Artastic Fair Dec 8 11-2 PM  Come and shop and support Horizons
  5. Open Enrollment Preference Committee
    1. History
    2. Survey Upcoming
    3. TImeline-Hopefully have a decision by last council
    4. Questions
  6. UIP (Unified Improvement Plan)
    1. As a charter school, we can create our own goals
    2. Goals need to be measurable and acceptable by CDE
    3. Identify root cause
    4. UIP Goals
      1. Assessment Communication
      2. Measurable Literacy Goal
      3. MTSS: CDE Diagram, January 8 PD, Targeted Instruction
      4. Curriculum Alignment K-8
      5. Formative Assessment: How do we collect data every day in class to inform instructions
  7. Arts, Movement, Music
    1. History and Background
    2. Discussion
    3. Arts, Movement, Music through the Grades
      1. Reasons and Rationale
      2. Questions
  8. Board Business (Frank Bruno)
    1. Bond-$1,159.000 (capital improvements, mainly deferred maintenance), $600.000 (innovation grants, more directly affect students)
    2. Policies-Review our policies and analyze side by side with BVSD policies
    3. Board Training-Assisted board members with responsibilities and recommendations for Horizons
    4. Charter Renewal and Strategic Planning Effort begins in 2018
  9. DAC: Recommendations for budget for BVSD, Survey upcoming to present in front of board, priorities: SEL, Closing the Achievement Gap
  10. Development-Moolah Letters on their way, December 5 Colorado Gives Day, Auction-April 14th @ E-Town Hall, December 8-Artastic
  11. Diversity-Diversity Lunches, Matine Strikes First-Youth Activist, Invest (CU social and environmental justice), Reading to End Racism (January 11), Pop-Up Library (January 10-End of January, Asking for book donations), Community Service Project-Signs for MLK marches.
  12. FRC-Audit is completed, three year budget projection planned

Adjourned 8:34 pm

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7/8 Project Week: Global Refugee Crisis

During 7/8 Project Week, one group has explored the Global Refugee Crisis by researching, meeting with experts, and working with refugee students at the Mango House in Denver. Our week culminated with students forming projects to use our voices to bring awareness and raise support for our refugee neighbors around the world. Through this week, we were able to deepen our understanding of the refugee crisis, the roots of it, and ways we can help. We have learned that this isn’t an unsolvable problem. If we break it down into doable steps, we can find multiple different solutions and ways to help refugees.

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Kindergarten Feast

Our kindergarten classes enjoyed their annual Feast which includes kinder-voices singing about gratitude, and happy parents and teachers enjoying a festive meal.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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7/8 Project Week- Compost Class

Pat’s 7/8 Compost class have built a composter and are installing it in our garden area.    

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Every year, at this time, Horizons participates with the SHARE-A-GIFT program.

Please have a look through closets and drawers for those gently used toys and games.  Better yet, have your kiddos select toys they haven’t enjoyed for a while.  Some one else would just love them.

The donation box is in the front of the school.  Thank you in advance, for your generosity.

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Pizza Volunteer Signup Now on Help At School

New signup forms are now on Help At School for servers and cashiers for Pizza Friday.  This is a fun opportunity to work with other parents and interact with students at all levels.  If you haven’t participated before in Pizza Friday, consider lending a hand.  You can signup here:  PIZZA.
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Longmont Dairy Caps

Thank you to all the parents who have brought in dairy caps.  We are able to return these and receive a small profit for Horizons.  Just a note of clarity- we can only accept LONGMONT Dairy caps.

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More volunteers are needed! Go to helpatschool.org - Artastic Fair needs you!

Sign up to help HERE

The Artastic Fair is one of our premiere community-building and fundraising events and is not to be missed! 

We need volunteers to assist with a pre-event committee, making posters and signs to advertise the fair.  Please help.  And, if you can, sign up by THIS Thursday, 11/16!

We also need bakers/buyers to assist with our Peace Jam Bake Sale.  Please sign up- gluten & non-gluten options appreciated. 

A fundraising basket will be raffled off at the fair. If you know of anyone with connections to a restaurant, an artisan, a special place to visit or spend a night, please have them contact Hope.

This event requires volunteers and it is FUN!  If you enjoy art, if you can count ;-), if you just want to be with a lot of very friendly and wonderful people, please look HERE.






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HCG Project Meeting - Friday, 11/17 8:30-9:30

Join Horizons’ Community Group’s Project Meeting this Friday, 11/17 after dropoff in the cafeteria.  We’ll be making decorations and signs for the upcoming and amazing Artastic Fair.  We look forward to seeing you!
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