NEEDED: DAC Representative

Horizons is looking for a parent to volunteer as a District Accountability Committee representative (DAC Rep). The DAC is composed of parents and BVSD leadership and advises the BVSD Board of Education regarding: Unified Improvement Planning, Budget priorities, Parent engagement, Charter School Applications, and various study topics jointly determined with the school board. More information about the DAC can be found here. Please email Lucas at if you have any questions or may be interested.

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NEW COUNCIL DATE & Council Agenda

*****We have moved our upcoming Council Meeting from this Thursday to NEXT Wednesday, Sept 22, 2021, to accommodate those who celebrate Yom Kippur.*****

Horizons Council Agenda

Thursday, 9/22/2021

Minutes: TBD

Facilitators: Lucas Ketzer & Mike Ashmore

6:00 Introductions

6:10 Communication Agreements/Procedures/Concordance/Minutes

6:15 Celebrating Horizons Students – Carol (STEAM)

6:30 Mission, Vision, Values Update

7:00 Committee Reports

  • DAC – still looking for a representative
  • DPC – Gena
  • EDB – Erica
  • HCG – Callie
  • FRC – Lucas
  • Board Report – Mike

7:15 Open Forum – ARTastic is coming!

8:00 Adjourn


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A new set of high-quality masks are being distributed!

Thanks to your fundraising support, we have fulfilled individual requests for new sets of masks for students! They were delivered to classroom teachers on Monday to be distributed this week. Students may get something slightly different from their request – we added a 5th mask to original requests for 4, and we sometimes had to substitute styles — but we hope to have gotten the sizing better this go-around.

If you didn’t request a set of masks for your child, you can still submit a Mask Request Form for the next distribution, which will happen in mid-October. Also, classroom teachers and the office have some extra masks that your child can request. We have asked teachers to estimate how many students still want a set of masks, which will help us make a more accurate distribution in October.

Right now we have enough funds to make an October distribution, then this program will end — unless you want it to continue. To support kids at Horizons receiving free masks, donate to the student mask fundraiser.

Another piece of news is that staff and teachers are now also receiving free masks! Lucas is supporting these through a Horizons fund.

Here’s a recap of information we’ve posted before about the mask program:

  • These masks are reuseable! Please review the Mask Reuse Instructions with your child. Let them rest 3 days between use, and only rinse with water.
  • These masks protect the wearer – when well-fitting, they filter 97+% of particles out of the air.
  • If you have unused KF94 masks (even if opened), please return them to the office, we will redistribute.
  • Once your child picks up new masks, you can discard their old KF94s from August (or use as backups – they are still as good as a cloth mask).
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Lost and Found Will Be Donated Friday

Please take a look and see if you recognize anything. We will be donating items not picked up by Friday afternoon. And a friendly reminder to put your student’s name on their items so we can get them back to who they belong to. 🙂

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How to call the school and leave a message

If your child is going to be late or absent, or if you need to leave a message for any reason call the main # 7205613600. 

When you call the school and start hearing the outgoing message push the # sign. 

That will take you to our personal outgoing message when you can then leave your message

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Reminder Regarding New Process for Immunization Exemption This Year

State law requires all students attending Colorado schools to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless they have a medical or non-medical exemption on file. Information on required vaccines, exemptions and rules are available on the BVSD Health Services website: 


 Under new Colorado law, SB20-163, a student may be exempted from immunizations if they submit a signed medical exemption or complete one of two options for a non-medical exemption. Note, SB20-163 changes the requirements for non-medical exemptions. Information with these updates is available here:

Medical exemption:

Parents and caregivers claiming a medical exemption from vaccination for their child must have a completed certificate of medical exemption with the signature of a healthcare provider. Medical exemptions only need to be submitted once, unless the student’s information or school district changes.

Non-Medical exemption:

If a parent or caregiver chooses not to have their child vaccinated, they may claim a nonmedical exemption in one of two ways:

  • Submit the official Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption with the signature of an immunizing provider (such as a medical doctor, advanced practice nurse, pharmacist, etc.) OR
  • Submit the official Certificate of Non-medical Exemption received upon completion of CDPHE’s Online Immunization Education Module. The module can be found here :

Note:  Non-medical exemptions expire June 30th of each year and must be submitted annually. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact School Nurse Consultant Johanna Heart at (720) 561-878 or

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Parent CoVid Support Group

Covid wearing on you?  Feeling the need to vent, or process all the information, nuance and/or changes it has brought into our lives? Join us on the west lawn Friday mornings after drop off, for support and community around COVID stress.

8:30-9:30 am

Starting Friday, September 17th
West Lawn (near the bike racks)
Hosted by parents for parents

Parents, please feel free to join us on the west lawn Friday mornings after drop off, for an open conversation about how you and your family are coping with the stress of covid.

We will be joined by Kate Leslie, a fellow parent and social worker, and Kimberly Welch, our new school counselor, who will be there as her schedule allows.

Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on.
Looking forward to sharing stories and supporting each other.

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Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for 1-2 parent/guardian volunteers to help organize our Original Works fundraiser this year. More information about Original Works can be found here. Our art teacher, Kara, will support students with creating artwork that can be displayed on mugs, calendars, etc. We are looking for someone to help with the organization and communication with the Original Works team. Please email Lucas at if you are interested.

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Its not too early to Save The Date

Its not too early to Save The Date

We have room for 12 more vendors and we would be especially happy to sign up artists from our own community. 

ARTastic is coming!  And it’s gonna be “in-tents”. Mark your calendars for our premier holiday market. Imagine the tents bedecked with lights and holiday decor.  Baked goods, hot drinks, and handmade items from some of Boulder’s best artisans, potters, and crafters. This year we will sign up the first 35 vendors to apply.

So… if you know a local hand maker or artist please have them email

And…plan to do your holiday shopping; you will find something for everyone on your list!


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STEAM Supplies Needed

I am collecting the following recycled items:
  • small plastic caps like those of milk cartons or squeeze pouches. Please clean them first.
  • shoe boxes or slightly larger sized boxes with sides and no top.
  • toilet paper, paper towel, or wrapping paper rolls
Thanks for collecting!
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