We miss you, Teran's Class!

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The Diplomats Team is hosting our first-ever VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK during April 6-10, 2020.  Feel free to show your spirit by participating as you like:
SPIRIT WEEK THEMES beginning Monday, April 6th:
Monday:  PJ day
Tuesday:  Hilarious Hair/Silly Socks day
Wednesday:  Wild, Wild, West day
Thursday:  Horizons Spirit Day (wear Horizons gear/colors or your favorite team jersey)
Friday:  Hawaiian/Beach Day
You may want to send Hope your picture each day for our special Skylines Editions that follow.  Thanks!
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This just in!

Belisha News

By: Elisha Stephens, Grade 5

This just in! 

The house has been quarantined. Sources tell us we will not be able to go anywhere for the foreseeable future. We do not have much information yet because I am a child who is reporting to you about the immense changes the Coronavirus has spread among people of all ages.

Though the coronavirus has not killed many children yet it has drastically affected our lives. So for the sake of keeping you all healthy I would like you to:

Self isolate- do not have any visitors, monitor your health, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and lastly please please wash your hands. I know it is hard to convince young folk like yourselves to wash your hands I would know it’s hard for me too. But for the sake of yourself and your family- please wash your hands. 

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Need A Mask?

Are you looking for a mask to keep you or your loved ones safe from toching your face? Or, thinking you would like something to help protect you while a loved one may be sick during this stay at home order? Well, I got you!!
Hi! I’m Allyson, a parent at Horizons. I am making masks. My salon had to close due to the order to close non-essential businesses. I know! I was like hair??! Non-essential?? Not on your life!! I’m just kidding of course. 😉 Anyway, I also love to sew and as I was researching and making masks for my family, I thought maybe I could supplement my income and help others with this.
The masks are made from 3 layers of fabric. A tightly woven cotton, polypropylene, and flannel next to your face. Polypropylene is a non-woven material found in a N95 mask. These 3 layers, along with a blend of the folded surgical mask and contoured mask design, gives you good protection. As much protection as you are going to get out of a handmade mask. I am selling these for $25. I have adult and child sizing. Please let me know if you are interested. allyson.desart@gmail.com Thank you and stay safe and know that we are all in this together. Sending so much love!
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Can You Help?

As you can imagine, we have many families struggling at this time; some without income.  Would you consider a donation so that we can purchase food gift cards for families in need?  It would help so much.


This is not a live link.  Copy and paste it into your browser.  Thank you!

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I am sure your students will want to see their friends working at home.

Who are these beautiful learners? Do you see your friends? And for an extra challenge, can your students find our hard at work, at-home teacher? How about a hard at work Head of School? One more- how about an assistant at-home working??

Parents- feel free to send in photos if you have yet to do so. Volume 2 is forthcoming.



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Date Change of Board Meeting

The April Board Meeting will be held virtually on April 16 rather than the previously scheduled April 9th.  Keep a look-out for the agenda. The date of our next Council meeting is yet to be determined.  Stay tuned!

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Humongous Love

Hey everyone
I feel compelled to tell you all how much I miss and value each of you.  This is has been a brutal adjustment and I am sure we are all experiencing various degrees of brain-dead.  I am sure you have all read many things and may only have the bandwidth for what you are constantly proving for your families.
I found this short article very comforting, balanced and grounded.  I hope it speaks to you in a helpful way.
Humongous Love,  Hope
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Counseling Connections

Be sure to check out Counseling Connections on our website: http://horizonsk8school.org/about/counseling-connections/

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