Communication Agreements

Horizons Communication Agreements, which are posted in every classroom, guide interpersonal communication at our school for adults and students. These guidelines were developed by the Horizons Council and reflect the values of parents, teachers, and students. We agree to…

Be direct. Discuss your concern with the person (parent, teacher, etc.) with whom you are having a conflict or a problem

Be clear about your concerns.  Keep the issue specific to your personal experience, trusting you will be received in a nonjudgmental way

Ask for help. All teachers have been trained in communication strategies. Feel free to ask your teacher, other teachers, and administration for communication assistance

Listen without judgment. Make sure to understand the speaker’s message and concerns; paraphrase to ensure and demonstrate accurate understanding

Be respectful. Believe other people’s messages/views are real for them


Maintain a communication structure for the school that is known by all community members

Work together to meet challenges 

…in a way that…

  • Builds our relationships through honesty and empathy
  • Works to find win/win outcomes
  • Keeps a disagreement problem-based
  • Is blame-free
  • Keeps the well-being of the children first
  • Supports/upholds the goals and philosophies of Horizons
  • Creates a shared solution
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