One of the priorities that emerged from Council meetings in January-May 2016 was to use parent-raised monies to increase the budget for professional development for our teachers, staff, and administration. In addition, we are launching the Longview Fund to further bolster this important component that we feel has the ability to transform teaching and learning. Below are many of the courses and trainings we have attended and subsequently have shared with our colleagues. We are grateful for your support and are inspired to continue to modeling lifelong and self directed learning for our students.

16-17 Professional Development

Name Title of Course Content Date Organization How do you intend to use it at Horizons? HK-8 funded?
Peter Lauren Lynn Rachel Creating Cultures of Thinking:Learning to Leverage the 8 Forces that Shape the Culture of Groups, Classrooms, and Schools School Culture/Diversity 9-12/16 Harvard University Graduate School of Education Why and how can schools become places where thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted? How do environments bring out the best in people, take learning to the next level, allow for great discoveries, and propel both the individual and the group forward into a lifetime of learning? HK8
All Faculty Curriculum Alignment School Culture/Diversity 6/16 Horizons K-8 The full faculty came together to continue our work on aligning our curriculum K-8. HK8
Colorado Council International Reading Conference Literacy 2/16 Colorado Council International Reading Conference Workshops to help us further meet needs of students and their reading and writing needs. HK8
Rachel SMART 1 Social Emotional Learning 1-4/16 SMART via BVSD The program involves experiential activities in mindfulness including:meditation,emotional awareness, and movement.
Rachel Creating Engaged Classrooms Social Emotional Learning 1/16 Passageworks Practices and principles that foster students’ social, emotional, and academic development and also support teachers to develop and sustain an intentional teaching practice. HK8
BoysTown Well Managed Schools School Culture/Diversity 10/16 BVSD–Boys Town Implementing school-wide approach that fosters respectful and caring staff-student interactions by fundamentally changing the way schools address discipline and student behavior BVSD
Gretchen Dyslexia Hack Special Education 11/16 SpEd teacher with dyslexia Presentations on brain research and changing the way we understand and embrace dyslexia BVSD
International Society for Technology in Education Conference Technology 6/16 ISTE Harnessing the power of technology to advance learning and teaching to support student learning. BVSD
Stacey STEM Forum and Expo Technology 7/16 National Science Teachers Association Brought together educators who are interested in successful implementation of STEM education into our schools and communities. HK8
NCTM Algebra Conference Math 7/16 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Focused on problem based learning of mathematics, deep discussions between students, students presenting their thinking and listening to the understanding of others. HK8
Courage to Risk Conference Special Education 1/17 Courage to Risk Conference Presented and attended workshops on education for students with diverse learning needs HK8
Emmy English Language Development and Acquisition Literacy 14-16 CU-Denver Courses dedicated to providing teachers with tools and resources to work with non-native English speakers, increase cultural awareness and practice, academic language, and conversation. DPS
Kate Sparking STEM Technology 2/16 Growing Scientists Promoted hands-on science education. Use of the 5 E’s (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate) Adams 12
Consensus/Shared Decision Making 3/16 Finding New Ground/Bob Chadwick/BVSD Exposure to new models of shared decision making for Horizons K-8 BVSD
John K-8 Administrator Cadre School Culture/Diversity 14-16 Colorado BOCES Support with K-8 configuration, scheduling, discipline, unified improvement plan, and the uniqueness of the K-8 model. HK8
Orton Gillingham Literacy 8/16 Orton Gillingham Phonics-based approach to reading, writing and spelling using visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic teaching techniques HK8
CCIRA Literacy 2/17 Colorado Council of Independent Readers Association Focused on reading and writing strategies. HK8
Beth Math – Differentiation & Innovation in K-12 Mathematics Math 9/16- 5/17 BVSD More ideas for how to differentiate in both directions for math instruction. BVSD
Wendy Teaching in the Digital Age Technology 10/16 BVSD 21 Century learning and how to use it to engage your students in a blended classroom. BVSD
Google Apps for Education Technology 11/16 G-Suite For use in our classrooms and planning. Stacey presented the different uses of Google Apps to the entire staff.
Katie National Conference for the Teaching of English Annual Convention Literacy 11/16 National Conference for the Teaching of English As a presenter, I taught ELA teachers about the Engaged Humanities using our project weeks as an example of how students can apply ELA and SS skills to enact empathy. As an attendee, I learned relevant trends and processes in writing instruction and reading comprehension. HK8 sub
Katie CLAS Conference Literacy 10/16 Colorado Language Arts Society As a presenter, I taught ELA teachers about the Engaged Humanities using our project weeks as an example of how students can apply ELA and SS skills to enact empathy. As an attendee, I learned relevant trends and processes in writing instruction and reading comprehension.
Katie Jostens 5280 Summer Workshop yearbook 6/16 Jostens How to use new yearbook building resources and became familiar with connecting CCSS standards to journalism instruction. HK8
Katie Art & Instruction: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art Literacy 4/16 The Museum of Modern Art I learned new techniques for incorporating the visual arts into literacy instruction. No cost
Katie Hyperdocs Bootcamp Technology 10/16 EdTechTeam I learned the pedagogy behind creating hyperdocs. This allows me to differentiate learning and build opportunity for students to be digital creators and collaborators in a self-paced, self-directed online learning forum. HK8
Karen Reading in the Rockies: Dyslexia Conference Literacy 10/16 Reading in the Rockies International Dyslexia Association Workshops provided a deeper understanding in identifying warning signs of dyslexia in oral language, reading and writing. In addition I learned several resources to access for teachers and families and classroom accommodations for students with dyslexia. yes
Christy Teachers of Color and Allies Summit School Culture/Diversity 10/15 CU Boulder Conference brings new ideas about how to support students as individuals while acknowledging how their membership in groups, cultures, families impact their experiences and understanding. HK8
Christy Teachers of Color and Allies Summit School Culture/Diversity 10/11/16 CU Boulder Looking at what students are “invisible” in my classroom/group. Strategies to look at participation rates for all students. Equity work conversations with BVSD teachers. HK8