Our Philosophy

Kindergarten is a magical time in a child’s life. We endeavor to capture this moment and sustain the joy of childhood. We recognize that play is the primary learning medium of childhood, and therefore the Enrichment program is based around friendship and imagination. Enrichment days revolve around art, building, movement, music and free play. Our focus in the first few months is helping the children adjust to Kindergarten and getting to know each other.

We delight in providing a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities for the children. Special activities have included painting, sewing, building & setting off volcanoes, and walking trips to Keewaydin Meadows Park.

Our Afternoons

We will spend our afternoons in the children’s Kindergarten classroom. A typical afternoon begins by eating lunch together in the cafeteria. As children finish eating, they begin limited choice time. We then go out to recess. The length of recess is dependent on the weather – we enjoy spending as much time as possible outside playing in the sandbox, with water, playing games and traditional recess time. After recess, we have quiet time in the classroom with pillows, read aloud and quiet reading. When quiet time is over the children can choose to do a project that is offered or have choice time. As much as possible, projects are child directed. Puppet shows and volcanoes are just a couple of activities that were initiated because of a child’s suggestion.

 Once per week, we will have activities facilitated by Brian, our 1st-8th grade STEAM educator or Rani, our 1st-8th grade Spanish teacher. We try to provide students with a variety of fun, play-based activities. No new kindergarten curriculum is introduced during kindergarten enrichment.


Kindergarten Enrichment is an optional, fee-based program offered at Horizons. Enrichment hours are Monday-Thursday 12:00-3:30 pm. Children begin their day in their regular Kindergarten classroom then stay in the same room for Kindergarten Enrichment.

There is a 2 day per week minimum. Financial assistance is available and is based on need. Colorado Childcare Assistance Program administered through Boulder County is also accepted. Fees for the 2018-19 school year will be:

Full time-  $500/month

3 days- $395/month

2 days- $270/month

HKE Registration 19-20

HKE Payment Agreement 19-20

HKE Parent Waiver 19-20

Please email nicoleta.simon@bvsd.org with any questions about our program.

Kindergarten Enrichment Parent Handbook